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Connelly’s Top Ten: Posse!

By on November 18, 2016 at 9:49pm

1. Patriots vs. 49ers:

· Belichick 230 wins vs. Bill Walsh 92 wins

· Gronk 69 touchdowns to Dwight Clark’s 48

· Brady 22 playoff wins to Montana 16 playoff wins

· QB’s on the active roster this week – their draft position: Gabbert – 10 / Kapernick – 36 | Garappollo 62 / Brady 199

2. Around the NFL:

If I’m a player in Mexico City I don’t – Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Posse! »

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1. Patriots vs. Seattle:


· There was a bad feel to this game from the second drive on – disjointed – It was a frustrating game all night

· Tough to watch passive defense and unimaginative play calling

· I would bet that Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins were texting each other watching Russell Wilson do what he wants

· Cy Jones another fumble

· Patriots lucky they didn’t get a flag for coordinated celebration when Devlin joined Blount with the Minutemen


· Was average Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Edelman Lays Eggs (so did the coordinators) »

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1. Patriots vs. Seattle:

· Seattle has beaten one team with a winning record this year

· Games away from home last 15 games – record 7-7-1

· Jimmy Graham and Gronk have 125 TD’s between them

· Wilson 16 sacks

· Richard Sherman hasn’t been seen since he was at a loss for words when Malcom Butler stole his Super Bowl

· Pete the poodle back in town where he single handedly dismantled the champion team Bill Parcells built

· Look out for Wagner – insane and relentless

· Lucky no Bennett

· Only thing keeping Patriots from Super Bowl is Brady standing upright

· Is the who did you vote for to Brady the most absurd story – none of your f-ing business

· Cliff Avril and Frank Clark have 15.5 sacks – suit up Bruce Armstrong

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Alexander Gordon Lyle – Gloucester – 1918 – French front rushed to the front in middle bombardment to administer and save comrade

2. How amazing has the Patriots run been?

· Over the last 96 games – they have only lost THREE games by more than one score – think Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten – Thank You Veterans! »

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1. Patriots Fun Facts during the bye:

· Five Patriots are on pace for 500 yards in receiving – Gronk, White, Edelman, Hogan, Bennett

· Butler is on pace to deflect 22 passes

· The top three tacklers are from the secondary – Chung, Ryan, McCourty

· 2011-2016 first round picks projected to dress next Sunday – Malcom Brown, Solder

(Collins and Chandler Jones traded, Easley cut, Cy Jones – doghouse) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: We Survived the Bye Week! »

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1. Patriots vs. Bills:


· That was a Chamber of Commerce day for Buffalo – cold rain is as good as it gets

· Is it me or is Dan Fouts rooting for the Bills – couldn’t get off the Hightower late hit non-call / he called a pick play on Buffalo “well designed” / was laughing when Gronk got stood up by four guys calling him a “mere mortal”


· Treasure every game Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Ryans are Clowns, Gronk and the Beatles »

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1. Patriots vs. Bills:

· Who would be insane enough go up to Buffalo with a Patriots shirt?

· Bills have lost three games by a combined 15 points

· Taylor is sacked every 11.2 attempts / Brady every 25.25 attempts

· Tight end Charles Clay is a Patriots killer

· Gostkowski missed two field goals in pre-season (he is just squeezing some inside the right post

· Some guy named Lorenzo Alexander from Buffalo is on pace for 21 sacks – yikes Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Krug Misfires, Gostkowski Thinking About it, Jeremy Lin Run »

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1. Steelers vs Patriots:


· Gostkowski – are you worried yet

· Is Matthew Slater not the same special teams player this year


· Ran for three first downs

· Amazing seam pass to Gronk

· I hate when the other team is more physical

· Brady wasn’t pleased with Malcom Mitchell giving up on fly route late in game Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Stink and Win »