1. Celtics:

  • You could say the Celtics couldn’t play worse and only lost by one point
  • Crazy stereotyping by announcers when white Kyle Korver beat Jared Sullinger in a jump ball – they were shocked
  • Tommy Heinsohn must have been going nuts with 34% of the shots 3 pointers
  • As a result of all the jump shooting Atlanta 35 free throws to 19 in a one point game
  • Avery Bradley injury is not a series changer

2. Red Sox:

  • So far I have been wrong about Kimbrel – he is looking unhittable
  • What a treat to see Christian Vazquez pick off his first runner of the year
  • Red Sox realized Daniel Murphy prior to the season. He is leading baseball in hitting right now with a .432 average

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1. Celtics vs. Hawks:

* Tree Rollins bites Danny Ainge

* Bird drops 60 points on them and Hawks players get fined for celebrating Bird’s shooting

* Bird – Dominique duel

2. Bruins:

I don’t have a huge problem with Clode staying this is on Chiarelli then Sweeney Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Panda Belt, Rask Tummy, Old Beatles »

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  1. Bruins

* I’m truly sorry Bruins fans for your loss but I was right about Rask – the literal no show on Saturday in conjunction with the ooh my arm against Russia tells me all I need to know about him – move him under all circumstances

* Bruins fans you might not believe me but I hate that they lost – they robbed us of the greatest of all sports viewing – NHL playoffs

* If I’m Rask, I donate Saturday’s $91,463 day’s pay to a local charity

* Rask finished 25th in goals against / 27th in save percentage ($7,500,000 doesn’t get you what it used to)

* Bruins top 4 defense – 15 goals on 508 shots (not counting the times they missed the net) 2.9% shooting

* Bruins finished 17-18 at home

* How painful was the shirt off my back promotion after being booed off the ice (lucky a fan didn’t take out lighter fluid and burn Rask’s shirt on center ice)

* Clode, it’s not all your fault but its time (might be the worst roster in 20 years)

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Bruins logo

1. Red Sox:

* Red Sox are on pace for 81-81 record and 162 rain outs

* Big Papi on pace for 162 home runs

* Buchholz more effective on DL

* Hanley 28-90 over the last two Aprils – .311

* What about Noe Ramirez’s 4.15 ERA out of the pen last year impressed Sox brass to bring him back?

* I need me some Christian Vazquez pick-offs

2. Celtics and three pointers:

* They have taken more three pointers than free throws – think about that (2,062 to 1,816)

* 30% of their field goal attempts this year are three pointers (in 1986 it was 5% and that worked out alright)

3. Bruins:

* Hats off for a big win by the Bruins making them 17-17 at home this year Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Win… No, Really! »

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1. Baseball preview:

* Spring is here – baseball starts!

* Ichiro needs 65 hits for 3,000

* Most hits by someone under age 30 – Justin Upton 1,175

* With 35 home runs – Ortiz can jump over Eddie Murray, Sheffield, Ott, Matthews, Banks, Williams, Thomas, McCovey, Foxx, Mantle

* World Series by Yankees, Dodgers and Braves since 2000 – 1

* John Farrell is 15th in winning % for active managers at .494

2. Biggest collapse of a local player destined for great things:

* Nomar Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Opening Day is Here! »

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1. Red Sox preview:

* It’s going to be painful watching the Ortiz farewell tour

* Predictions Buchholz doesn’t go 140 innings / Price 14-11 / Kimbrel 10 plus blown saves / Rusney Castillo crashes a $100,000 car on Storrow Drive / John Farrell marries Natalie Jacobson

* Pre Pink Hat – Sandoval would get destroyed during opening day introductions

* Vegas win total 85.5 – I go under. Worst corner infielders in Red Sox history

* Ortiz in mid-season form with a 27 second home run trot Thursday

* Bryce Brentz twelve strike outs in sixteen at bats

* Combining Porcello’s summer and spring training with the Red Sox he has given up 29 home runs in 189 innings

2. Amazing offseason for Patriots:

* Traded “Mr. September” Chandler Jones and got a first round pick Jon Cooper, second round pick. Then took the extra money and got first round pick Chris Long and second round pick Martellus Bennett Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Back from Cynic’s Rehab »

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Joe Mahoney/Associated Press

After eight years with the Patriots, combined 803 tackles, two Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl ring Jerod Mayo is reportedly calling it quits. Injuries have plagued Mayo over the last three seasons after an illustrious start to his career in which he was drafted with the 10th overall selection and named NFL defensive rookie of the year in 2008. Mayo amassed over 100 combined tackles in four of his first five seasons missing the mark by just five tackles in 2011.

The linebacker announced his likely retirement in an social media post titled “Retiring a Patriot” which read as follows: “After a lot of thought [Mayo’s wife] Chantel and I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for what we consider a life changing event…..that of becoming a New England Patriot for the past 8 years. We are extremely grateful to ‘Thundercat’ [Patriots owner Robert Kraft], [Patriots president] Jonathan [Kraft], the Kraft family, Coach [Bill] Belichick, the Pats organization, and the most amazing fans in contributing to these pages of our lives. As my family and I prepare for the future be sure that the Pats memories will always hold a special place in our hearts. #51 JMayo.”

It seemed that due to the financial burden of his contract Mayo was unlikely to be kept on with the organization. Mayo was originally set to earn $3.25 million in 2016 and then $6.75 million in 2017 before hitting free agency on top of a roster bonus set for next month.

Mayo was named a team captain for seasons 2009-2015 and was considered the leader of the linebacker core for most of his time in Foxborough. He ended the last three seasons on injured reserve playing only six games in each of the 2013 and 2014 seasons while playing all sixteen regular season games this year before getting hurt in the divisional round game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Number fifty-one leaves behind a solid legacy of great leadership at the linebacker position and leaves New England in the capable hands of Dont’a Hightower, Jamie Collins and Jonathan Freeny.

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