1. Red Sox –  Post hitting streaks:

* Jackie Bradley  6-33 = .182

* X.  Bogaerts 5-17 = .294

2. Active Players that are Top Ten at their position – all time:

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1. Red Sox:

* 10-10 last 20 games

* Now every non knuckling starting pitcher has an ERA over 4.00

* Ortiz, Bogaerts and Bradley all hitting over .350 at home

* Hanley .256 at home / .315 on road

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1. Red Sox:

* Should have traded Joe Kelly after three quality starts last September

* Mookie Betts showed me something Wednesday – he got buzzed over his head and came back and hit a home run – just like Yaz used to do.

* Bogaerts has a chance for 35 games with his simple swing

* Jackie Bradley will never have a streak over 13 games the rest of his career

* Red Sox in big trouble with their rotation

2. Longtime QBs:

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1. Red Sox:

* Price has only got into the eighth inning twice – we are approaching June

* I bet these were Vazquez’s worst back-to-back games defensively in his life

* Amazing how catchers’ visits to the mounds slow a game

* 4:07 minutes

* I don’t remember Price throwing from the set all game

* I said last week that Bogaerts would be fighting for battle title – when he adds 20-HR power he will be an MVP candidate

2. ’85 Lakers:

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1. Red Sox:

* Sad JBJ lost the streak with two balls to the wall

* Has a team ever had two hitters with a 29-game hit streak and a 19-game hit streak at the same time?

* Red Sox scoring at least 8 runs in a game 15 times

* Red Sox have six of the top 18 hitters – Bradley, Xander, Ortiz, Pedroia, Hanley, Shaw

2. Since July 4th of last year – Buchholz vs. Jake Arrieta:

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1. Red Sox:

* Jackie Bradley hit streak now 27 games and a decent hand from the home crowd

* Red Sox have stolen 31 bases and only been caught 3 times

* Red Sox only have three sacrifice bunts this year

* Wright is on pace for 7 complete games

* in 44 games the Red Sox have only allowed 12 unearned runs

2. Ichiro:

Ichiro had four hits Saturday making his 46 shy of 3,000. Who led major leagues in four hit games:

* Rose….73 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bradley, Quint and 4-6-3 »

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1. Red Sox:

* The David Ortiz retirement scam goes up there with the Frank Abagnale from Catch Me if You Can – the PR campaign to start the $25mm discussion next year is absolutely brilliant. The media is falling over them selfs to convince Red Sox nation this is a good thing. Pathetic!

* Jackie Bradley 24 game hit streak – just think last year at this time other teams could have had the best outfielder in baseball for virtually nothing

* Amazing he has progressed so fast but Bogaerts will win a battle title in the next two years

* Christian Vazquez in 20 games – stolen bases against 5 caught 4

2. Patriots QBs:

Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady have 19 of the top 20 passing years in Patriot history. Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Ortiz Scam, Rich Hill and Russia Kicking Sand in our Face »

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