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Football players of all experience levels are encouraged to attend the annual Sports International Football Camp in Massachusetts this summer.

The camp, featuring members of the Super Bowl champion Patriots, will be held July 9-12 at UMass Lowell in Lowell, Mass.

Athletes will be able to learn from veteran college and high school coaches chosen specifically for their ability to teach the game of football. Over the last five years, the camp has had more than 350 current and former players and coaches instruct at the programs, more than any other camp in the U.S.

The camp is in its 34th year of instruction. More than 103,000 athletes have graduated the program over the years.

Overnight and commuter options are available. Discounts, meanwhile, are featured for teams!

For more information, visit http://footballcamps.com/.

Other camps being offered include the Max Lane/Jarvis Green Lineman Football Academy (July 8-9, 2017), the Quarterback, Wide Receiver, DB Academy (July 7-9, 2017) and the Kicking, Punting, and Long Snapping Camp (July 9, 2017).

  1. Patriots
  • How amazing is Brady – I guarantee that if you put a stop watch on his 15 yard run in the Super Bowl it was faster than his 60 time at the combine 18 years ago – he wills himself to win
  • With one armed tied behind their back – Here’s how good this victory was – Patriots spotted them 25 points, didn’t take their first round pick, decided to just give away their best defensive player in the middle of the year, played without one of the greatest offensive weapons in NFL history – and won
  • Shirts blue they are 2-2 / White 3-0 – 2002 – blue – win / 2004 – blue – win / 2005 – white – win / 2008 – blue – loss / 2011 blue – loss / 2014 – white – win / 2017 – white – win
  • Brady’s first nine playoff games – 9-0 / last eight 7-1
  • Chris Long did a huge favor for Patriots – veteran free agents who want a ring for 30% their value suddenly look at Foxboro as a destination – hmmm – Julius Peppers, DeMarcus Ware
  • I love Matt Patricia’s Goodell’s clown shirt but he will not get a head coaching job now – he will be black balled by the other owners
  • Imagine if you left the Super Bowl down 25 points – Check out the brake lights when Kirk Gibson HR goes in the bleachers – dopes (sa)
  • Brady after deflategate update – 29-6
  • Has a team ever won a Super Bowl in a year that they have had three different quarterbacks win games?
  • Brady ran through the playoffs with only one player who had even been to a Pro Bowl – Bennett went to one
  • Brady, Brown, Taylor, Rice, Montana – in that order

2. Joe Montana won’t concede Tom Brady is greatest ever? Joe here are some things that you still have over Tom Brady:

* Played with more offensive weapons – Pro Bowls – Rice, Taylor, Clark, Craig, Okoye, Allen 22 / Brady – Welker, Gronk, Moss, Troy Brown – 11

* Had more playoff losses his last five playoff games 2-3 than Brady 4-1

* More marriages 3 to 1

* More January’s off than Brady (7 Super Bowls Brady to Montana 4 – almost double)

* More Interceptions from age 37 on – Montana 29 in 25 games versus Brady 19 in 44 games

* More cheesy commercials


3.Bruins first round picks with most career goals:













  1. Greatest Defensive plays in Boston history

* Malcom Butler interception

* Larry Bird steal against Detroit

* Dante Hightower sack and strip of Matt Ryan

* Dante Hightower tackle of Marshawn Lynch on first down

* Dwight Evans catch against Reds in Game 6

* Gerald Henderson steal against Lakers

* Tim Thomas diving save on Tampa’s Steve Downie

* Brandon Mitchell blocks Steelers 34 yard FG in Pittsburgh AFC Championship – TD Troy Brown great pick up and lateral to Antwan Harris


  1. Tom Brady has thrown for more yards in the playoffs 9,094 than Robert Griffin has thrown in his career 8,983


  1. Mount Rushmore of plays that convinced me that the Patriots couldn’t come back – Coleman TD to go up by 25 with 8:31 left in the third quarter / Julio Jones catch / Didn’t recover onside kick / Freeman getting loose for 39 yard long reception


  1. OLD SCHOOL – 1956 NBA Draft talk in the Boston Globe:


Rochester Royals owner, Les Harrison deciding whether to take Bill Russell or not “Harrison has a problem, Russell will demand a big salary of $15,000 for a rookie.” Rochester passed and took Si Green who never made an All Star team – St. Louis Hawks took Russell and traded him to Boston.
8.AMAZING STAT – – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely, Ortiz stat – Over the last four years Tom Brady has averaged 2.03 TD’s and 280 yards passing a game – that means he will own the two big passing records when:


  • Most passing yards – Manning 71,940 / Brady 61,582 = 37 more games
  • Most TD passes – Manning 539 / Brady 456 = 41 more games


  1. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – Patriots have six win streaks of at least 10 games – insane


10 – 2016–current – including playoffs

10 –  2010–2011 – regular season games

12 –  2001-2002 – including playoffs

13 – 2014-2015 – including playoffs

18 – 2003–2004 – regular season games

22 – 2006-2008 – regular season games



* Isn’t the UConn women’s basketball roll ruining their sport?

* Great piece on the CBS Morning Show about one of the hottest country song writers in America – and she’s a mother of four from Stoughton – she is up for four Grammy’s this year

* Ron Borges should do a Fonzi – I was wr-wr-wr-wrong article about Belichick and the Patriots

* OK – you guys need a break from the typo’s, the Tom Brady worship, Chicago murder updates, my thoughts on three pointers ruining basketball – I will see you at the end of March for Fighting Farrell’s pre-season predictions, NFL draft! Thanks for reading

* Lastly – you got 15 minutes? Here is a really well done Brady piece


1.Brady’s last drives in five of the seven Super Bowls (not including when he clocked the ball or threw it away)


Vs Rams – Own 17.…….1:21 left / 6-6 for 53 yards / FG

Vs. Carolina – Own 40 …2:51 left / 5-6 for 67 yards / FG

Vs Giants – Own 20.…….7:54 left / 8-11 for 71 yards / TD

Vs Seattle – Own 36……..6:56 left / 9-9 / 71 yards / TD

Vs Atlanta – Own 25… Start of OT / 6-7 / 60 yards / TD run


That’s – 34-39 (87%) / 322 yards / 2 TD


  1. More Super Bowl stuff (can’t get enough of on TV)

* Atlanta’s top TWO receivers’ salaries $21.3mm / Patriots top FOUR receivers salaries $17mm

* In retrospect – knowing that your defense is gassed and Brady will kill you in these situations – shouldn’t Atlanta of on-side kicked to start overtime?

* Watching James White do his thing – I think JR Redmond from the first Super Bowl is underappreciated (Jermaine Wiggins also)

* I love receiver Gabriel telling Sanu – they got Tom Brady

* On Atlanta’s last drive, Freeman got loose for a pass out of the backfield – Elandron Roberts blew the coverage – but if he doesn’t run him down – it’s a touchdown

* Great job by Slater calling heads

* The sound from NFL films gives you an idea of who the leaders are – Hightower is a leader

* Love Edelman coming out for the second half and saying – “this is going to be a hell of a story”

* Watching Blank devastated on the sideline – is it possible to have sympathy for a billionaire?

* Pats might have been too business like in the first half – more emotion in the second half

* Patriots truly believed they could win that game

* Love Atlanta talking about the brotherhood – two days later they fire their defensive coaches

* Tom Brady cap hit $14mm / Matt Ryan $23.7mm

* Gronk a little over the top at parade and rallies – he walks a fine line between fun and clown


  1. Celtics – Bruins


* I hope someone told Jae Crowder that Paul Pierce used to play for the Celtics – I know he’s not a big fan of the home fans cheering for a player from the other team

* Love Brady texting Isaiah – now it’s your turn.

* Julien got screwed – I hated his boring system but this is not a coach thing this is a roster thing

* Sidenote – Cassidy was a first round draft pick that only played 36 NHL games – that’s a failure


  1. Speaking of Paul Pierce – how about local numbers that are retired that shouldn’t be:

Celtics – Don Nelson, Satch Sanders, Dennis Johnson, Jim Loscutoff, Reggie Lewis, Jo Jo White, Ed Macauley, Cedric Maxwell, Bruce Armstrong, Mike Haynes (I don’t know about Bob Dee and Jim Lee Hunt), Lionel Hitchman, and the last one is tough but if Terry O’Reilly’s number is retired then Troy Brown’s has to be

  1. Rank the ten championships:


  1. 2017 – Super Bowl – Falcons – who would have thought that was possible
  2. 2002 – Super Bowl – Rams – got it all started
  3. 2015 – Super Bowl – Seattle – What you got to say now Richard Sherman
  4. 2011 – Bruins Vancouver – Tim Thomas leading the way in a pure Game 7
  5. 2004 – Super Bowl – Carolina – out of secondary members walk off kick
  6. 2008 – Celtics – Lakers – Big Three II
  7. 2004 – Red Sox vs. Cardinals – it was huge but anti-climactic after Yankee comeback
  8. 2013 – Red Sox vs. Cardinals – Unexpected championship
  9. 2006 – Patriots vs. Eagles – Love Rodney Harrison flapping his wings at the end
  10. 2007 – Red Sox vs. Rockies – ho hum just another championship


  1. Mount Rushmore of local sports (one more time) – Tom Brady, Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, Ted Williams (I am sick to my stomach keeping Bird off this)

7.OLD SCHOOL – Elway’s drive vs Cleveland / Brady’s to tie up Falcons


* Elway from own two-yard line – 5:02 / 15 plays / 6 of 9 / 78 yards passing

* Brady from own nine-yard line – 3:58 / 10 plays / 6 of 9 / 90 yards passing


8.AMAZING STAT – – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely, Ortiz stat – Time between first and most recent championship:


  • Brady – 2002 – 2017
  • Russell – 1957-1969
  • Ortiz – 2004 – 2013
  • Orr – 1970 – 1972
  • Bird – 1981 – 1986


  1. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – I had a visceral out of body reaction to James White’s touchdown – other sports moments that made me stand up:
  • Bobby Orr hat trick and 100th point (I think up in Toronto)
  • Brady pass to Moss for 50th TD pass
  • Micky Ward Gatti round 9
  • Tebucky Jones 97 yard fumble return against Rams 2001 (called back for penalty)
  • Reggie Bush goes off against Fresno State
  • Bruins comeback against Toronto
  • Walk off Goals by Ratelle, Brad Park, Schmautz and Horton



* If you get a chance to read SI article on Patriots long snapper Brian Kinchen from the Carolina Super Bowl it was amazing – signed two weeks before the end of the season. Got the yips and couldn’t snap. Tried to quit during playoffs but couldn’t because he was their only long snapper / cut his snapping hand with steak knife just hours before the game – Vinatieri and Walters both approached the game winning kick assuming that he couldn’t snap the ball – and he threw a strike! http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2017/02/03/nfl-super-bowl-38-xxxviii-brian-kinchen-new-england-patriots

* Watched the Gleason documentary on Saints player with ALS – went to bed depressed – painful to watch – heartbreaking

* I watch quarterbacks coming over to shake Brady’s hands after every game but not one of his peers supported him through the deflategate and the suspension (other than Brees)

* Heard Vegas got crushed because Patriot fans loaded up on the Patriots for the second half at halftime (jw)

* I had so much fun watching Atlanta Falcon fans reactions – check out the tweets from halftime at the end of the video


Claude Julien

“Get the Duck Boats ready!”

It was part of an amazing call by Boston Bruins play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher in 2011, with the B’s clinching their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. The irony then, of today’s announcement of the firing of the head coach that lead them to that championship moment, Claude Julien, is apropos of a larger institutional issue with the franchise.

The symbology of yet another championship parade marching through the streets of Boston, with the aforementioned Duck Boats in service, while the Bruins deciding that of all days, smack-dab in the middle of the ACTUAL PARADE to fire Julien, is damning. Continue reading Black and Gold Bruins Turn Yellow On Parade Day »

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1. Last July when the Brady suspension was official – the collective hope of a devastated Patriot nation was the following:


·         I hope he comes back pissed off

·         I hope his teammates rally around him

·         I hope Jimmy G shows well

·         I hope he leads the team on the Revenge Tour right to Houston

·         I hope he wins his 5th Super Bowl and is known throughout the land as the greatest quarterback of all time

·         I hope he wins MVP of the Super Bowl and that weasel Goodell who used to get stuffed in lockers in high school has to hand him the MVP trophy


It all happened!


2. Brady is a winner!


Postseason – 25-9  ——– .735%

Super Bowl – 5-2 ———- .714%

Regular Season 183-54—.772%

Indoors – 16-4—————.800%

Home – 101-17—————.856%

Road (ROAD!) – 82-37—–.689%

Non Sunday Games -31-7 -.815%

NFC – 46-14——————–.766%

AFC East – 71-19————–.789%

Non AFC East 112-35——–.762%

December 54-10 ————-.844%


3. Brady after the third quarter of the last two Super Bowls


·         34-42 (81%) / 380 yards / 3 TD’s – 0 INT


4. Patriots were down a combined 29 points in the 4th quarter of the last two Super Bowls and won both


5. IF – Assante intercepts the ball, Reche Caldwell doesn’t go deer in headlights, if Welker holds ball, if Patriots beat Dolphins in Miami last year – the Patriots have NINE Super Bowls in 15 years


6. Brady won a Super Bowl with Lee Johnson who was born in 1961 and Elandron Roberts who was born in 1994


7. The Greatest athletes of all time now – no order:


·         Tom Brady

·         Ali

·         Jesse Owens

·         Michael Jordan

·         Willie Mays

·         Babe Ruth

·         Michael Phelps

·         Jim Brown


8. Great comebacks


·         Patriots down 25 points in Super Bowl (they were 3rd and ten on their own 9 yard line with 3 minutes to go needing a TD and a two point conversion)

·         Bruins come back against Toronto Blue Jays

·         Red Sox come back against Yankees 2004


9. If the Patriots get a first round pick for Jimmy G:


·         They have two first round picks / second / two thirds / fourth / fifth / seventh —- and you get back Gronk and Vollmer


10. Misc


·         Gronk playing caveman only got $250,000 – not worth it

·         When you re-watch the game – watch as Brady is walking to the sideline for the two-minute warning – he winks at one of the Falcons (the Falcon must have said Oh shi*!)

·         That was a tough catch by James White on the snap for the two-point conversion

·         How does a billion dollar organization allow someone in the locker room that would steal a $500,000 shirt – no video with all those media outlets?

·         I loved the Good Will Hunting spoof – How You Like Those Apples (Goodell)

·         Patriots hater’s backlash – Belichick doesn’t win Executive of the Year / Belichick doesn’t win Coach of the Year / Brady doesn’t win MVP / Law doesn’t get in the Hall of Fame

Super Bowl 51

TOP TEN – AFTER THREE QUARTERS (I paused the TV and wrote the following)


* L. Blount meet B. Buckner – fumble changed the whole game
* McDaniels and Patricia – and Bill – got their asses kicked (a bunch of NFL teams are glad they didn’t hire those two)
* Bad plays that indicated this might not be – Blount can’t get three inches on first drive, Edelman fields punt inside five, Lewis brings kickout of the back of the end zone and tackled on 15, punter kicks short and sets up Atlanta in field position
* I guess people can stop the Dante worship – Atlanta was dominating the line of scrimmage with just four line man – pressure and stopped the run
* Gronk being injured gave him an opportunity to make serious coin on commercials
* Falcon defensive line man piled drive Blount then Lewis – no response
* One of the biggest no show games since the Yankees spanked the Red Sox in 2004 19-8

* Let me preface this with – he is the greatest QB of all time – with that said this playoff run of TD to INT hasn’t been great
* I hate to say this – but I hated Brady’s body language
* Missed a wide open Edelman left to right which could have been a TD
* Looked like Tony Eason at times
* How many times have I said – Brady is too cute at the end of the first half – ran out of time and had to settle for field goal


* You have two weeks to prepare and you came up with Brady throwing pop ups down the sideline and hand off to Blount
* Last time Brady threw pop ups was against Denver last year when he kept doing the wheel route to James White
* I have said this for years – McDaniel is an average play caller at best who looks better because he has Brady at the helm
* Again Brady has no time to throw – in now groove and McDaniel refuses to go to hurry up in first half
* The next tackle that James White breaks will be his first one
* Hey Shaq Mason meet Max Lane – he got Matrixed into Brady
* Holding on Bennett on the screen at end of first half was lazy
* Down 25 points and you are trying to establish the run game and you are huddling up – you acting like McNabb in the Philly Super Bowl
* Drops – UGGGH!
* I see that wheel route one more time – I’m calling social services for myself
* Gostkowski better hope that missed extra point doesn’t come back and burn them
* Come out for the second half and Hogan and Edelman have big drops!#


* Patricia dude – whats the plan
* Is someone gonna set the edge – Ok student body left three times and then Freeman started cut back after Patricia over compensated
* Ninkovich covering Freeman on the flat is almost bullying by Falcons
* Oh crap – Butler just got his ankles broken by Gabriel


* Blue wind breaker – one cool cat
* Kraft sighting 8:31 of the third quarter


* Hats off to coaching staff – took Bill and staff’s lunch money
* Matt Ryan – Had it going on
* Arthur Blank – Gonna have to watch him dance – ugh
* Mack and his broken leg is dominating Brown and Branch


* Buck and Aikman did fine – vanilla
* Tide spent a lot of money
* Halftime Show – Good job by Lady Gaga just singing (I have a feeling after Janet Jackson performers have to put up a bond that says they won’t do anything controversial


* The late hit out of bounds not called was insane (started the process of Falcons punching you in the face and taking it)
* Not only did Hooper not get called for pass interference on his TD – they threw a flag on Chung
* The block of the extra point on McClellan was legal – he timed it up and was off his side shoulder of the center not over the center
* On the Freeman run into the end zone – Flowers got held


* Brady has never scored in the first quarter of seven Super Bowls – yikes
* Teams are 13-0 in the Super Bowl when they return an interception (make that 12-1 now)



* I haven’t jumped that high in a long time!
* I’m not being greedy but the waiting for the replay of White’s game winner make it just an ounce anti-climatic
* Literally Jamie Collins cried – he had to (so didn’t Roger, Montana, the rest of the country, Suggs, Lewis, Rex Ryan………)
* Imagine if you bet the under and Atlanta and you lost both! Wow – some guy bet $1,000,000 on Atlanta and was up by 28 points
* Give Bill credit for dressing Amendola and Mitchell over Floyd (Amendola picked less money to be part of something great)
* Can’t wait to hear the NFL Films sound from this
* Loved the booing Roger
* They won without Gronk
* They are favored already in Vegas to win Super Bowl
* Kickers were terrible – Ryan Allen worst game, Gostkowski bad missed extra point and terrible onside kick


* Oh My God!
* He made Goodell replace his Depends
* Pass to Amendola on the sideline was amazing
* Real dangerous pass to Bennett to win it in OT in the corner of the end zone – that could have been intercepted and returned 105 yards
* Amazing thing about Brady’s accomplishments is that the argument has now shifted from who is best quarterback (that’s over) to “is he the greatest football player” and now starting to compare him with other sport’s athletes – Jordan.


* Edelman catch defied physics
* Nice game by Mitchell – but insane when he was untouched and put the ball down on the ground
* How many big plays has Amendola made?
* Like that sneaky play at the end of regulation (hope Lewis didn’t get hurt)
* James White goes down in Boston sports history (I wanted to take his shirt from him in the first half)


* Hightower great sack – strip
* Trey Flowers 2.5 sacks


* Still blue windbreaker – and still a cool cat
* 5:56 left in the 4th quarter
* 5:53 left in the 4th quarter
* OK the cameo’s are coming too fast –
* His speech at the end was great while Goodell slipped off the stage


* Dan Quinn – As bad as Pete Carroll throwing the ball – was Atlanta ready to seal the game with a field goal
* Arthur Blank – Dude you and Morticia came down too early and jinxed your team
* The Julio Jones catch simply amazing – put in there with Kearse, Manningham, Tyree catches
* Alford strutting in end zone with pick six was like – make pretend you have played in big games


* I saw a commercial where Cam Newton throws a TD in Pop Warner game – that’s the first time he’s made a play on Super Bowl Sunday
* Nice job by Bradshaw with postgame – although he called White – Lewis by mistake
* Halftime Show – Good job by Lady Gaga just singing (I have a feeling after Janet Jackson performers have to put up a bond that says they won’t do anything controversial


* Had to call the interference
* Had to call the holding on Long


* Patriots 93 plays / Falcons 41 plays
* Patriots 37 first downs / 17 Falcons
* 10 sacks in the game
* Blount’s last six games 241 yards on 86 rushes / 2.80 a carry
* Patriots 18-0 when Lewis plays
* How did both teams run for 104 yards – seemed like Atlanta would have dominated the category
* Possession 40:31 Patriots / 23:27 Falcons


In forty-four and a half states across the country, people don’t live – they exist. Five days a week – for fifty weeks a year – for forty years of their being, they are prisoners of their own life. Every morning, they get in their car, or squeeze onto a packed bus or stand on some stalled train only to look in the reflection of the window or their mirror and see George Bailey staring back at them. From work to soccer practices to Stouffer frozen dinners, they drag themselves through their gray lives only to do it all over again the very next day………..
BUT not here in New England. Every day is a blessing. We are special. We are the fans of the greatest football team known to mankind. Our team with the flying Elvis on their helmet have so enriched our community that we are the ENVY of people from San Francisco to New York and everywhere in between. Our quarterback and coach have no match nor does the Patriot Dynasty…….

From July to February, the Patriots represent our region by validating the power of people working together in a selfless pursuit toward a collective purpose. It’s here in New England that we have traveled back in time to a period when people respected authority, cared about each other and with pride rolled up their sleeves and “DID THEIR JOB!” ……………

To the Patriots – I say thank you. You have made us proud to be New Englanders because you’ve made all of us Champions!

1.Patriots vs. Atlanta – 51st Super Bowl

*   If Brady wins Super Bowl MVP they will have to name the award after him

  •  AFC East is weak is a weak argument – the Patriots are 9-1 outside of the division – that’s pretty good right?
  • Weak Schedule? Really the league took away money, draft picks, their quarterback – they did everything possible to bring the Patriots back to the league and they lost 2 games – one on the one inch line and the other with their third string quarterback with a broken thumb
  • Against like opponents – Falcons 5-1 / Patriots 4-1
  • Troy Aikman is calling the game and called Brady a cheater – eat his dust Troy
  • Small note – Brady has fumbled twice on recent quarterback sneaks – last week and Seattle – just something to watch
  • I would have Gronk come out for the coin toss
  • My guess is that a very private Brady mentioned his mother’s illness because people could see a physical change in her on Sunday
  • The great thing about being a Patriots fan – by midnight on Sunday they will already be favorites to win the AFC the following year
  • Matt Ryan – Falcons are 13-18 when he throws multiple interceptions / 52-28 when he throws multiple touchdowns / Watch him with his feet – has run for over 20 yards 11 times / He did get sacked 37 times
  • Matt Bryant can hit a field goal from 70 yards (long of 62 in career) / Punter Bosher only one touchback all year
  • I said three weeks ago that Atlanta had the best team in the NFL – weapons on offense and a fast defense now making plays – but I can’t go against Patriots 38-20


  1. Jonathan Kraft said this on Felger and Mazz Thursday and he is 100% right – the trade his father made for Bill Belichick is the greatest trade in sports history. With that said – an excuse to list why we are so spoiled:

* Greatest sports coach of all time………….Bill Belichick

* Greatest basketball coach of all time………Red Auerbach

* Greatest clutch shooter of all time…………Larry Bird

* Greatest football player of all time………..Tom Brady

* Greatest pitcher of all time………………..Pedro

* Greatest basketball defender………………Bill Russell

* Greatest team athlete of all time…………..Bill Russell

* Greatest hitter of all time…………………Ted Williams

* Greatest low post player of all time………Kevin McHale

* Greatest clutch hitter of all time…………..Ortiz

* Greatest tight end of all time………………Gronk

* Greatest NBA game of all time……………Celtics – Suns 1976

* Greatest baseball game of all time…………Red Sox – Reds 1975

* Greatest Super Bowl of all time……………Patriots – Seahawks 2015

* Greatest College Football game of all time…BC – Miami 1984

* Greatest Golf Tournament………………….1999 Ryder Cup

* Greatest Two College Hockey Coaches…….York / Parker

* Greatest hockey play of all time…………….Orr’s goal

* Greatest all star performance of all time…….Pedro at Fenway

* Greatest fight of all time……………………Hagler – Hearns

* Greatest round in boxing history……………Ward – Gatti – round 9

* Greatest baseball field………………………Fenway

* Most iconic stadium nuance………………..Green Monster

* Greatest Writers one time..Gammons, Ryan, McDonough, Montville, Whiteside

* Greatest play by play at one time – Most, McDonough, Cusick, Santos

* Greatest track and field event……………….Boston Marathon

* Greatest rowing event……………………….Boston Regatta

* Greatest offensive line man of all time……..John Hannah

* Greatest kicker of all time………………….Adam Vinatieri

* Greatest sports dynasty……………………..Boston Celtics

* Greatest NFL dynasty………………………Patriots

* Greatest Heavyweight Champion………….Rocky Marciano

* Greatest athlete in war………………………Ted Williams

* Greatest Hockey player……………………..Bobby Orr

* Greatest right wing of all time………………Cam Neely

* Greatest race of all time…………………….Salazar – Beardsley – 1982 Boston



3. Celtics – Bruins

  • With the Patriots stealing all the attention – Isaiah is doing things on the basketball court right now that Larry Bird never did
  • If Bruins make the playoffs with that roster Clode deserves Coach of the Year votes
  • Another multi goal game for Marchand (six in the last 14 games)
  • The two best players in Boston right now (not Foxboro) are both under 5’8”


  1. . Danny got impatient with the Al Horford signing:

* Games Al Horford has had the most rebounds in the game – 2

* Games Al Horford had the most points in a game – 0

* Games Al Horford has been the highest paid player on the floor – 24

* Games with double digit rebound – 5

* Games he scored over 23 points – 1

* Isaiah makes 24% of what Horford does ($6.5mm to $26.5mm)


  1. Not one NBA player is averaging 38 minutes a game – Five Celtics averaged over 38 minutes for their CAREER:

Bill Russell………….42.49

Dave Cowens……….39.33

Antoine Walker……..39.23

Ed MaCauley……….38.46

Larry Bird…………..38.40


  1. Mount Rushmore of favorite Super Bowl moments – Rodney Harrison making a tackle against Panthers with broken arm; John Madden telling the Patriots to take a knee; To say Butler’s interception is too easy – how about the look on Richard Sherman’s face after the interception; Bill Belichick and his dad getting Gatorade dumped on them enjoying the moment together


  1. OLD SCHOOL – Bill Russell retirement announcement came as a surprise to the city and team – on the cover of Sports Illustrated August 4, 1969– Tom Brady and / or Bill Belichick wouldn’t retire on us – would they?


  1. AMAZING STAT – – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely stat – As of Sunday, Tom Brady will have appeared in more Super Bowls than Dan Marino, Drew Brees, Warren Moon, Philip Rivers, Dan Fouts, Donovan McNabb, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Ken Stabler, Joe Namath, Archie Manning COMBINED

9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – Eighteen of the Top 25 movies EVER (according to the American Film Institute) did not win an Oscar for Best Picture. More amazing – eight of the top twenty-two movies EVER – didn’t even get nominated:

2.Citizen Kane

4. Raging Bull

5. Singing in the Rain – not nominated

9. Vertigo – not nominated

10. Wizard of Oz

11. City of Lights – not nominated

12.Searchers – not nominated

13. Star Wars

14. Pyscho – not nominated

15. 2001 Space Odyssey – not nominated

16. Sunset Blfd

17. Graduate

18. The General – not nominated

20. Wonderful Life

21. Chinatown

22. Some Like it Hot – not nominated

23. Grapes of Wrath

24. ET



* Sorry Boston College football fans you have another three years of nothing – they just got the 63rd ranked recruiting class (Rivals.com)

* Patriots are picked to play in Mexico next year – 50% chance that doesn’t happen (would Gronk come back)

* Twenty-two of the 31 highest paid players in the NBA didn’t make the All Star teams

* Dave Cowens fouled out of 86 Celtics games – not one Spur has fouled out this year

* Do you go to a party and can’t hear the game nor control the clicker – or stay at home and high five yourself. Either way treasure these moments – we’ll be talking about these once in a lifetime days the rest of our lives!