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1.Patriots vs. Pittsburgh



·         Patriots take us to February again – what a treat!

·         Nice job by crowd singing national anthem – Edwin McCann not sure who you are but good job

·         Yikes win coin toss and not defer – ughhhh!

·         Fireworks before cold game usually gives us fog for five minutes



·         Comes back after a bad game – big

·         Why is he taking hits up 33-9 – just to get 4 TD passes?

·         Fox Sports writer Andre Vergara got a lot of play on his article today – “Tom Brady Isn’t Nearly as Good in AFC Championship”

·         Brady is 13-1 this year / 33 TD to 4 INT

·         Thank you Tom



·         Big game by Hogan but had nervous hands – bobbling passes – including TD on flea-flicker

·         Edelman another tough game – less talking would be helpful

·         A McDaniel special early – Back to back runs into the line ugh

·         Mitchell only targeted once after the drop

·         Rookies in big games – Mitchell drop / Thuney double snap and then gives up sack

·         Run up the middle not working

·         Blount last three playoff games – 29 rushes for 84 yards (2.89 per carry)



·         Great job making Brown go home with nothing – how many hits on Facebook tonight

·         Letting the quarterback sit back there won’t work against Atlanta

·         Couldn’t they time up the offensive lineman touching the center’s leg to snap?

·         Was Ninkovich the honorary captain for the coin toss and then go up into Mr. Kraft’s box – was there for fumble recovery because pushed so far off the line

·         What’s the story with Eric Rowe getting burnt twice and Steelers receivers dropping balls and then celebrating – get back in the huddle and do better

·         Logan Ryan the best one on one tackler on team

·         Nice job holding them to FG at end of half

·         Atlanta is going to look at game film and see one thing – pick on Rowe



·         Love Gostkowski playing the wind – left to right

·         Jones making it happen on special teams



·         Belichick was pre-game sleeves cut off sweat shirt and long sleeve t shirt – came out with a blue hoodie

·         Mr. Kraft – First of all – when the President gives you a shout out during the inaugural festivities – you know you’ve made it

·         Mr. Kraft with a peek at him pre-game

·         A bio / profile on CBS about number of games he has won with 10:51 left in second quarter

·         With 2:44 left in third quarter

·         In Post game – nice subtle shot at NFL “for a number of reasons”



·         Brown had to have a big game after the Facebook issue

·         Don’t want to list to Steelers fans whining about Bell

·         Loved late in the game when they showed Brown and another receiver laughing on the sideline



·         Patriots got three calls in third quarter – personal foul hitting Edelman that was a football play / the fumble by Brady / the pull of Jessie James shirt by Chung



·         Who wins in a 40 yard dash – Devlin or Wilfork, Devlin or Mr. Kraft, Devlin or the Minute Men with Musket while reloading

·         From the two-minute warning to 1:39 left in first half – 21 game seconds took 14 minutes

·         Enough with the JD Power award commercials Chevy

·         Stealing the NBC method of going to commercial music with Boston centric music – Boston and J. Geils, Cars

·         When Jimmy fixes the copier in the Pepsi ad, Gostkowski says he fixes the printer

·         Jim Nantz told the audience that the crowd was chanting “Brady” but he wouldn’t touch the “Where is Roger” chant



·         Good use of timeouts by Bill end of first half – didn’t work out but Mikey Likey

·         We will be hearing about the fire alarm for twenty years – just like Don Shula every night while he’s eating apple sauce drooling on himself telling his nurses they look like Mark Henderson

·         Shouldn’t the day after a major sporting event be a state holiday?

·         Tom and Bill were emotional – this one really feels good

·         By the way I was wrong after Seattle game to say they weren’t good enough – I apologize Bill!



·         Flu

·         Had to travel

·         Less time than Patriots to get ready

·         Head phones not working right

·         Fire Alarm

·         Bell groin pull (six carries for 20 yards before he was hurt)

·         Defense shifted




Games missed by the greatest quarterback ever…………4

Games missed by your best weapon Gronk……………13

Games missed by your second best weapon Lewis….….9

Games missed by your “best” rusher Chandler Jones….18

Games missed by your best linebacker Jamie Collins…..13

Games missed by your best offensive line man Vollmer 18



·         Goodell just threw up in his mouth

·         Jamie Collins wishes he wasn’t free lancing so much

·         Joe Montana

·         The whole rest of the country –


2. Green Bay vs. Atlanta –

·         Atlanta fans don’t deserve anything – front runners and apathetic

·         Hats off to Jordy Nelson playing with broken ribs

·         Rodgers complained to refs four times for flags – won’t see anything from Ray Lewis on twitter

·         Rodgers just flicks his wrist – him and Vick same thing

·         Goodell looked comfy in his sweater

·         Ryan’s insane third down success is not good for a bend and break defense like the Patriots

·         When Atlanta went up 31-0 I would have taken Ryan out

·         Matt Ryan is just a reminder to Boston College fans how far their program has fallen

·         Why wasn’t Green Bay onside kicking every time

·         Was Rodgers family and Brett Farve rooting against him?

·         Good news for Rodgers he can take care of his burnt down house


3.  Bruins at home vs road last two years

* At home — 27-30-6 / road — 38-21-9

* Side note – Pastrnak – scoreless streak at 17 games


4.  Wes Welker / Don Mattingly were jinxed:

·         Welker with the Patriots 2007-2012/ championship years 2001-2005 / 2014

·         Welker with Denver 2013 -2014 / championship 2015

·         Mattingly with Yankees 1982-1995 / surrounding championship years 1977, 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000


5. Name from the Past – Moe Lomay


6. Mount Rushmore of dynasties in honor of the Patriots – Clarence DeMar seven Boston Marathons, Celtics eleven championships 1957-1969, Reading Track undefeated 1972-2001, Patriots competed in 11 conference championships in 15 years


7. OLD SCHOOL – 1986 Conference Championship fun facts – Patriot vs Miami:

·         Patriots win 21-18

·         Patriots Rushes 59 / Passes 12

·         Tony Eason had three TD passes – 1 yard, 2 yards, 4 yards

·         Patriots allowed 68 yards rushing

·         Dolphins fumbled five times

·         Time of Possession Pats 39:51 / Dolphins 20:09


8. AMAZING STAT – – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely stat – Tom Brady is going to the Super Bowl for the 7th time!!!

9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – Rolling Stone put out their top 100 TV shows – below my top 25 list with Rolling Stones ranking for that show in parenthesis

1.All in the Family (9)

2. Seinfeld (5)

3.The Wire (2)

4.Odd Couple (67)

5.Andy Griffith (not top 100)

6.Sopranos (1)

7.Happy Days (65)

8.Dick Van Dyke (90)

9.Mad Men (4)

10.Game of Thrones (12)

11.Mash (16)

12.Curb Your Enthusiasm (19)

13.Brady Bunch (not top 100)

14.Dexter (not in top 100)

15.Breaking Bad (3)

16.Lucy (32)

17.Downton Abbey (66)

18.Lost (39)

19.Waltons (100 top 100)

20.Mary Tyler Moore (46)

21. Deadwood (23)

22. Bob Newhart (53)

23 Taxi (49)

24. House of Cards (83)

25. Sgt Bilko (not in top 100)



* Does anyone watch college basketball anymore?

* Rosie O’Donnell suggesting Trump’s son is autistic is the most outrageous comment I think I have ever heard opening up flood gates from Modern Family actress and Saturday Night Live affiliates – wow!

* Sixers are hot and are just about to get the first pick in the draft back Simmons xxxxxx

* The Deflategate jinx continues – Colts GM Grigson who contacted the NFL has been fired – go join Neidemeyer and Wormer – dead!

* Three pointers destroying the game – I went to a Division III college basketball game – the team shot 28 three pointers and hit only FIVE – 17% – insane

* PGA has a major problem – another 59 this weekend

1.Patriots vs. Pittsburgh

·         Pittsburgh will not win – because they don’t get it. Antonio Brown is more interested in how many hits on his site than staying focused on the prize. Tomlin is whining about game times and travel and the opponent instead of saying tells us where and when and we’ll be there with fire and resolve!

·         Both Brady and Antonio Brown drafted in the sixth round

·         I often will we see Shazir line up over Andrews after last week’s ole performance

·         Second most important Patriot Sunday – Chung – he is charge of shooting that slither of a hole that Bell is waiting to open

·         This Bud Dupree defender is head hunting all over the field – Jack Tatum like

·         Patriots vs. Steelers – Pre Brady: 5-12

·         Patriots points scored in last seven playoff losses 14 / 14 / 21 / 17 / 13 / 16 / 18 – Patriots defense is never the reason for the losses it’s the other team’s defense wins it.

·         If I was Pittsburgh – I would watch last weeks game film / two Giants Super Bowl and Conference championship Ravens win over Pats in Foxboro

·         I let Jessie James go for 8 catches / 83 yards / 1 TD

·         What chant first – “Where is Roger” or “As*hole” for Tomlin

·         Patriots 28-17


2. Green Bay vs. Atlanta –

·         I love Atlanta – 38-24

·         Its Atlanta’s attacking defense that impresses me

·         Nine times out of ten Rodgers scrambles to his right – throwing side


3.  Was Roger Clemens a Hall of Famer when he left the Red Sox (3time Cy Young / mvp)

 *            Record 192-11 / 3.06 ERA

·         Last four years with Red Sox 40-39 / average 186 innings / 3.77 ERA

·         Federal Express Package shows up in Toronto – Next two years 41-13 / 250 innings / 2.30 ERA


4. Multiple Cy Young Award Winners – three you’re in – two is a maybe:

Tim Lincecum – 2

Roy Halladay – 2

Tom Glavine – 2

Gaylord Perry – 2

Johan Santana – 2

Bob Gibson – 2

Bret Saberhagen – 2

Denny McClain -2

Jim Palmer – 3

Pedro – 3

Tom Seaver – 3

Sandy Koufax – 3

Clayton Kershaw – 3

Greg Maddux – 4

Steve Carlton – 4

Randy Johnson – 5

Roger Clemens – 7


5. Name from the Past – Juan Beniquez

6. Mount Rushmore of Boston athletes that didn’t win a championship: Ted Williams, Yaz, John Hannah, Cam Neely

7. OLD SCHOOL – Alexander Ovechkin got his 1,000th point this week. Is one of the most under-rated superstars in sports? How many Bruins have a 1,000 points

Ray Bourque……1,506

Johnny Bucyk…..1,339

Phil Esposito…….1,012


8. AMAZING STAT – – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely stat –  

 Ted Williams after the All Star game in 1949: 358 plate appearances – 100 hits – 81 walks / OBP .506


9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – On the AFI Greatest Comedy lists – Ghostbusters is ranked 28th of all time. Holy cow – that movie was so insanely bad. It’s ranked before -Animal House, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Caddyshack, Take the Money and Run, City Slickers



* 33% of American’s held by Japan in World War II died (58% of Russians in German camps)

* All of sudden Meryl Streep is zooming up the Oscar voting polls since her lecture – things that make me go hmmm.

* Belichick gets those social media names wrong on purpose

* From MSN – the most used password – 123456 / second – 123456789 / third –  qwerty

* Tim Raines makes Hall of Fame – he used to slide on his left leg because he kept a vile of cocaine in his other pocket
* How pissed would you be if you were a policeman who arrested someone with a gun for selling narcotics and that person got pardoned

* Next year Bonds and Clemens are in – the Hall of Fame changed for ever

Top Ten Boston Sports

1.Patriots vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh

*Brady in games following a two-interception game: 26-5 – record / 66-17 – TD to INT
* Ray Lewis tweeting to Tom Brady about his complaining to refs – “it’s called football Brady” – How about this tweet “It’s called murder Lewis” (I had written this and then saw Barstool did a better job at it)
* Funny thing about Brady getting hit – no “non-running” quarterback in football history has taken as many kill shot hits as Brady and he picks himself up and keeps going – he is like Bobby Orr he’s not only the greatest but one of the toughest
* Stats from the Globe – Brady is 13-2 in under 40 degree temps (Manning 8-11) / Patriots are now 14-0 on Saturday’s / Ten straight games have not allowed a rushing TD
* Bad news on Super Bowl referee – it looks like it will be the guy we had Saturday night Tony Corrente
* I mentioned this a couple weeks ago – Pats miss Gronk but Pats got Lewis who they didn’t have last year – almost as impactful (Pats now 16-0 when Lewis plays)
* How did the Patriots lose to Osweiler last year which put the AFC championship in Denver – ugh!
* If the Patriots make the Super Bowl it will be 8 appearance in 30 years – that’s more than the Falcons, Chargers, Jets, Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, Tampa Bay, Bengals, Browns, Dolphins, Lions, Vikings, Cardinals – COMBINED (6)
* Ben Volin wrote that a Belichick Super Bowl would put him ahead of Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Tom Landry, and Don Shula. Shula isn’t part of that equation. He had the best players in the non-free agency era at Miami and underachieved

2. NFL Playoffs –

• Not good for the game when field goal kickers are 33-33 in field goals in this year’s playoffs including 50 plus yarders / It shouldn’t be that easy to kick a field goal – have to narrow the goal posts or shorten distance of snap to allow for more blocks
• Good job by Pittsburgh coaches – Tomlin didn’t trip any players / Porter as far as I know hasn’t assaulted any police officers
• Pittsburgh is healthy – I think KC started figuring out Bell at the end – let him dance and then attack by sending safety shooting into hole
• Great Green Bay and Dallas game – up to that point the playoff point differentials were – 25 / 20 / 18 / 18 /16 / 13
• Dallas – Green Bay – Four 50 yard plus kicks in 1:36 (that includes the one Crosby made after the Dallas timeout)
• Can’t believe that was Dez Bryant’s first playoff touchdown
• Crosby’s kicks both knuckled back within the goal posts (reminded me a little of David Gordon’s kick from BC to beat Notre Dame)
• The remaining NFC QB’s are close (Ryan) or better (Rodgers) than Brady – that means if Patriots get to Super Bowl it comes down to Belichik significantly outcoaching the NFC Coach – McCarthy or Quinn
• Packers didn’t have their best receiver – Jordy Nelson
• Matt Ryan took one step out of the over-rated discussion
• I think Falcons win the NFC – defense is attacking the ball and offense has a lot of weapons
• I think Packers would be favored over Patriots
• After watching Falcon’s owner Arthur Blanks dancing in the Atlanta locker room – Goodell must sign a “no old white guy dancing rule” right now!
• Goodell went to two games this week – pressure is on for Foxboro – torches and pitch forks are ready

3. In the hundred years of the PGA – Scores below 60 the first 94 years – 2 / Scores below 60 the next six years – 5

4. Bruins and Celtics

• Marchand has twenty-seven multi-goal games in career – just one hat trick
• Celtics 1985-1986 two-year record 130-34 (.793% winning) – Golden State last two plus seasons 176-30 (.854%)

5. Thirteen players I would trade Isaiah for (he is at his highest value):

1. Anthony Davis
2. Steph Curry
3. Kevin Durant
4. Russell Westbrook
5. Lebron James
6. Kawhi Leonard
7. Giannis Antetokounmpo
8. Kyrie Irving
9. Karl Anthony Towns
10. Joel Embid
11. Jimmy Butler
12. Andre Drummond
13. Hassan Whiteside

6. Mount Rushmore of Patriots other than Tom Brady: John Hannah, Ty Law, Gronk, Stanley Morgan (over Curtis Martin)

7. OLD SCHOOL – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely stat – Bobby Orr on one knee in 1974-1975 season:

• 1.68 points a game
• 1.26 penalty minutes a game
• A PLUS 1.00 a GAME
• Shot 12% from the field 384 shots to 46 goals
• Third in MVP even though he scored 19 more goals than winner Bobby Clarke

8. AMAZING STAT – Assuming Brady makes it to Super Bowl – Salary per game vs. Jay Cutler the last three years:

Brady – $1,173,000
Cutler – $1,542,857

9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – New England fans are very passionate and parochial. The local teams are in our blood. With that said where are Boston Sports Radio Personalities from:

Mike Felger…Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Is a rabid Packers fan – so much so that he told the audience the other day that when Rodgers threw the Hail Mary last year – he dropped his pants and offered his love to the TV – huh – I guess this confirms why he hates 1980’s Celtics, Brady, Belichick and the Patriots except to pick up his check.
Michael Holley – Akron, Ohio
Fred Toettcher – Detroit, Michigan
Rich Shertenlieb – Long Island, New York
Christian Fauria – Encino California
Scott Zolak – Pittsburgh, Pa
Gerry Callahan, Dale Arnold, Lou Merloni, Kirk Minihane, Mark Bertrand, Tony Massarotti from New England


* I agree with Felger on this – David Price what are you doing – racist comments made to you in the bullpen – in front of security guards and police – you don’t think those people would be ejected from the park and even maybe arrested for hate speech – c’mon. This thing is gaining momentum (Crowder now Price)
* Nine of the bottom ten in free throw shooting are centers – the fact they aren’t taking shots underhanded is only explained as ego
* Larry Bird averaged 79 games a year his first nine years / 46 games his last four years
* Bobby Orr played 36 games after age 26 – a crime against humanity
* Isn’t being the Lady Bing winner an insult
* Bad news for Sean McDonough that John Gruden is staying on Monday nights – would have liked to have seen Chris Spielman take his spot
* Struck by Lightning – Leicester City in the English Premier League lost only 3 of 38 games last year / this year they have won only five of 21 games
* I know the election has caused great division – but something an immigrant once told me – “You live in the greatest, kindest most generous country the world’s ever known – don’t ever forget it!” Only we can mess this thing up
* Treasure every second of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – what would we give to have 82 games a year to watch Larry Bird again – watch this video – one of the best Bird montage’s I’ve watched



1.Patriots – Texans
• Loudest cheer of the game was the Harmon interception that saved the spread for Patriots bettors
• They played that bad and covered a 16.5 point spread
• Every time Edelman goes back for a punt I hold my breath for injury – so happy when I see the fair catch signal
• Three first half turnovers – which includes the Rowe penalty which was going to be 4th down and a punt
• How often do you see Belichick lose it on a player like he did Rowe – deservedly so
• Parcells used to say – don’t be the guy who is responsible for sending us home
• Patriots were getting outhit / out-toughed
• 4-3 in Brady postseason when they turn the ball over 3 times or more in a game
• Yikes Hogan and Bennett hurt – that means next week with Edelman, Lengel, injured Amendola, injured Mitchell, a challenged Floyd
• The trade to Denver of AJ Derby not looking good now
• Thought they were beat in both trenches
• Brady had the grumpy look going
• Was throwing balls up grabs in the first half – got a catch from Hogan, Edelman and an interference call out of 50/50 balls
• It’s the playoffs which means Brady taking hits and the offensive line throwing up on itself
• Brady is so precise – did Floyd run the proper angle on his slants that led to the interception and an almost interception – that’s the one Malcom Mitchell catches every time
• Slater cost the Patriots 19 yards on a block in the back
• Brandon King had the Lewis fumble at his feet and didn’t see it
• Great block by Brady on end around – that will give Belichick film room evidence for the rest of the team (after that run – Belichick came out and slapped five with Amendola)
• Lewis three touchdowns / two fumbles
• No hurry up in first half
• First drive a McDaniel special – up the middle twice with Lewis – punt
• Yikes Andrews figure it out
• Houston goal line stand – Devlin are you kidding me – you can’t break a f-ing tackle / I’ve said it before – Blount is not a good short yardage back / Did Hogan break his route off too early at the
• Floyd gave up on two slants and a penalty
• Bennett caught that ball at sideline that was ruled incomplete – Pats didn’t challenge with red flag – next play interception
• Can Floyd play role of tight end for two games
*      Gostkowski seems like he is a good spot right now
• Game ball to Logan Ryan all over the field – sack, interception, three deflections / Van Noy showing up a lot too
• When Van Noy, Roberts and McClellan are playing at the same time – has to be the smallest linebacker corps in NFL history
• Rowe big penalty and was getting beat all over the field
* • In Seventeen games this year – the Patriots didn’t face any of the top 11 quarterbacks – by QB rating
• Blue hoodie with it tied up tight – very Red Riding hoodish
• Kraft with 8:43 left in the second quarter
• Kraft with double kiss of Vince Wilfork
• Betting websites pointed out that Tony Corrente hasn’t been good to home teams or Patriots in his career
• On one drive – didn’t call Clowney for late hit, didn’t call interference on Edelman defender – called bogus holding on Solder
• Official couldn’t have been happy when he asked for the ball from Hogan and instead he spinned the ball at the refs feet making him pick it up
• An embarrassment to Boston that kid they showed skating at Frog Pond – someone had to take that kid out when they see the right light on the camera
• Cheap shot by Cushing on Bennett – should have went Longest Yard on him and throw the ball into the boys and then everyone jump on him
• More cheap shots on Brady by Clowney – anyone want to help Brady up – Brady hit his head on the ground
• Cheap shot by Mercilus with the crown of his helmet to Dion Lewis face
• Cushing is nominated for Walter Payton man of the year award – wasn’t he just accused of steroids – you know illegal drugs?
• Kicker Novak with an obscene gesture to the Patriots bench after a field goal – that’s when you say – OK tough guy see you in the parking lot – wear your Depends
• Izzo didn’t look happy when his Special Teams gave up a kickoff return – didn’t he start the Yankees Suck chant at one of the City Hall rallies
• First half – Texans had drives start at the Patriots 27 / Patriots 12 / Patriots 49
• Crennel was taking Dante’s lunch money
• Biggest play of the game was the Fuller drop in the end zone
• By the way – I guaranteed a kick off return for a TD in the postseason
• Red seats were empty at the start of the second half – tough Pats fans finishing their Chablis
• Patriots should eject any tandem of fans with a D and a picket fence
* Don’t love next week’s game at 6:40
* Six straight AFC championship games – what a gift

1.Patriots – Texans
• Blount out sick – I wouldn’t put him in the top 12 players that we would miss
• From Mike Reiss – Patriots are 15-0 when Dion Lewis plays
• Blount outrushed the Pats second leading rusher by almost 900 yards but was 7th in yards per carry
• Amendola and Lewis were targeted 53 times and caught 40 passes – 76% / Edelman targeted 158 times caught 99 – 62%
• I’m not sure if this make sense for a good defense – four of the top five tacklers for the Pats are in the secondary – Ryan, Chung, McCourty, Butler
• Patriots threw 2 interceptions to Houston’s 16
• Houston was 9 for 23 on 4th down – Patriots 8 for 12
• Patriots win makes the KC – Pitt game that much better
*      Treasure every second of this gift we’ve been given called the Brady/Belichick Patriots
2. NFL Playoffs –
• This is the best weekend of NFL football
• Beckham and the Giants – play like losers on the field and then are tough guys after the game punching holes in locker room walls and trashing a plane – again spoiled punks that have been spoiled since Pop Warner days
• The three least penalized teams (by yardage in the NFL) – Bengals, Browns, Chargers 12-35 record
• If I was Atlanta and underachieve yet again – I trade Matt Ryan the next day – first time MVP traded in the same month
3. Longest win streak of the season:
• Red Sox – 11 (how come I don’t remember them going off)
• Patriots – 7
• Celtics – 4
• Bruins – 3
4. Bruins and Celtics
• Celtics draft position right now – 1 / 36 / 54 / 56
• Top three projected NBA picks Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball and Dennis Smith – all point guards – better start thinking about moving two guards – Smart and Rozier now
• Bruins over there last 19 games – 7-8-4
• David Pastrnak scoreless in his last 11 games – please don’t say he is untradeable
• More outrageous than just 2 goals in 36 games for Jimmy Hayes is that he only has ONE assist
• Garden fans chanting MVP for Isaiah means they must be bored – there are fifteen guys I would trade for him
• Five policeman were needed to stand between Celtics and Washington locker rooms after a nose touching – face slapping incident – give me Joan Benoit running a marathon a month after knee surgery over these pretenders
• By the way – speaking of nose touching – Gordon Hayward’s scoring first seven years – notice a trend: 5.4 / 11.8 / 14.1 / 16.2 / 19.9 / 19.7 / 22.2
• Crowder last two years 14.2 down to 12.8
5. Head cases I would trade before it’s too late
• Odell Beckham
• Bryce Harper
• Demarcus Cousins
• Vontaze Burfict
• Draymond Green
• Grayson Allen
• Ezekiel Elliot
6. Mount Rushmore of Teen Movies – Ricky Business, Sixteen Candles, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller
7. OLD SCHOOL – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely stat:
*Just like Schilling – God help a player that gets the media mad at them because it’s all about them and their strat-o-matic baseball they played: Ted Williams finished 2nd in MVP voting four times. Amazingly – out of four main offensive categories – he was far superior to the winner of the MVP in 15 of 16 categories
1941 – DiMaggio……..7 more HR / 49 point higher avg / 113 points higher obp / 13 more runs
1942 – joe Gordon…18 more HR / 34 points higher avg / 90 points higher obp / 53 more runs
1947 – DiMaggio….. 12 more HR / 28 points higher avg / 108 points higher obp / 28 more runs
1957 – Mantle…………4 more HR / 23 points higher avg / 14 points higher obp / 26 more runs
8. AMAZING STAT – This will never happen again – Mike Vrabel with Patriots
Receptions – 10
Interceptions – 11
Touchdowns – 11
9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – Famous teachers or school administrators in movies and TV
* Mr. Kotter
* Richard Vernon – Breakfast Club
* Mr. Woodman – Welcome Back
* Ferris Bueller principal – Ed Rooney
* John Keating – Dead Poet Society
* Charlie Brown teacher
* Mr Hand – Fast Times
* Dean Pritchard – Old School
* Sybil Buchannan – White Shadow
* Miss Sullivan – wait a second she wasn’t on TV or the movies
* I keep seeing this Brookline sandwich place called Cutty’s showing up on national list of best sandwich shops – I better get over there
* Thirty years since U2 released Joshua Tree – yikes we’re getting old
* Most over-rated candy – Tootsie Roll
* Great sign outside a church in South Carolina – If you made any promises on Clemson’s last drive Services start at 10” (MSN)


Last night the Bruins beat the St. Louis Blues 5-3 in what many would call their best outing of the season. Goals from Brad Marchand (2), Frank Vatrano, Torey Krug, and Brandon Carlo paced the offense for the B’s and put the game out of reach against a Blues squad that looked flat for most of the evening.

After losing a tightly contested game against the Carolina Hurricanes two nights prior, it looked as though this matchup verse St. Louis, who is considered a better team than Carolina, would be a rough game for the Black and Gold.

Yet, the B’s came out strong and put up a four spot before the second buzzer sounded, all but sealing their fate for the night despite a sloppy final couple minutes of play.

Continuing their Jekyll and Hyde trend this season, just when you think you can tell what you’re going to get from this team, they go out and shock everyone. Continue reading Inconsistency Will Continue For Bruins Unless A Change Is Made »

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1.Patriots opponent

 ·         Couldn’t be better – Houston Texans outside of a dome at night

·         Texans on the road this year – 2-6 (wins over non-;playoff teams Jaguars and Colts)

·         In Dome 8-2 outside of dome 1-6

·         Osweiler this year against playoff teams 5 TD to 5 INT

·         Houston should be embarrassed beating a third string QB – although they lost to Patriots third stringer

·         3-3 career playoffs


2.NFL Playoffs – Games were terrible:

·         I love Odell Beckham flying to Miami and partying during the week leading up to the playoff game and then dropping three passes and catching only four of eleven passes his way

·         Miami and all their chirping last week – they are soft – ultimate example is Moore getting drilled but getting pass off which Landry then dropped

·         How wasn’t Steeler Bud Dupree ejected for that weapon of a spear on Moore’s jaw

·         Some guy named Jake Ryan led the Packers in tackles with 12  – wasn’t he in Sixteen Candles

·         Lions are losers

·         Need a violent game in Kansas City next week – Steelers have the best offense left in playoffs

·         Packers got that Hail Mary thing down


3. Patriots

·         Slater making All Pro – he wasn’t the top two on his own special teams

·         Trust in Bill – we all laughed with Marcus Cannon was given a contract extension – his peers just named him to 2nd Team All Pro – I guess it is safe to say we know nothing about offensive line play accept when the pull and block – or give up a sack

·         Patriots are 9-1 after a playoff bye


4.Last ten games

 Patriots – 9-1

Celtics – 8-2

Bruins – 5-4-1

Red Sox – 2-8


5. COLLEGE FOOTBALL – Clemson vs Alabama

·         Clemson’s last national championship – 1981

·         Nick Saban could win back to back for the second time in five years

·         Over / Under on Dr. Pepper commercials – 8


6. Mount Rushmore of Celtics Point Guards – Cousy, DJ, Archibald, Rondo


7. OLD SCHOOL  Is Jo Jo White underappreciated in this town –

·         9th leading scoring in Celtic history at 18.39

·         Played in 488 consecutive games

·         Two-time champion and one time Finals MVP

·         Won a gold medal in Olympics


8. AMAZING STAT – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely stat:

*Bill Russell averaged more rebounds a game (22.45) than Kevin McHale, Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins combined 21.73)


9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – Amazon has turned into Super Stop and Shop causing other stores to fold

* Department stores closing – Macy’s, Limited, Sears, K Mart

* Stock this year went from a low of $482 to a high of $844 (it was $51 in 2009)

* Owner Jeff Bezos net worth $68 billion



*    Five thousand horses and mules died at Gettysburg

·         I love the Red Sox PR machine – “Billy Joel the first musician to ever play four straight years at Fenway” So?

·         Nick Carfardo said it Sunday – if writers aren’t voting for Schilling because of his tweets instead of his play then the writers are making it about them (which they always do) leading to the question how many baseball writers played high school or college baseball?

·         Hats off to James Madison football suspending seven players before FCS championship and winning

·         Author Dennis Lehane who now lives in California about coming back to Boston last April – “everybody was walking around looking miserable and unattractive” How to remember your roots