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Reaction to the Kevin Durant signing.

July 7, 2016 at 11:22am in Celtics, NBA

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Kevin Durant has signed with the Golden State Warriors. After being up 3-1 in the Western Conference finals, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder collapsed and lost the series to the Warriors. Now Kevin Durant is simply joining the team that he couldn’t beat. Over the last few days he has been taking a lot of criticism about his decision to join a team that won 73 games last year and has been to the NBA finals back to back years. I think he deserves the criticism he’s getting because I feel like he’s taking the easy path to winning a ring. Where’s the competitiveness, where’s the fight to want to come back next year and beat these players that just beat you. Many people have said; “If you can’t beat them, join em. It definitely feels that way now days where these players are joining each other and forming these super teams. The Warriors now have four players that are in the top 15 players in the NBA as of now. Most teams are lucky to have one player on their roster in the top 15.

Oklahoma City fans are very angry about Durant leaving and they have a right to be. The Thunder are the only professional sports team that they have in OKC. They love the Thunder and they had even more love for Kevin Durant. Thunder fans were stunned by his decision, not only because they thought he was loyal to the Thunder but also because it took less money to play for Golden State. Why not be the star of the city, have a great chance to win, and make more money?

As a Celtics fan, I was getting really excited of the idea that he might come to Boston.  The Celtics just signed Al Horford to a max deal, who is good friends with Durant.  The Celtics would be serious contenders if they added Durant to a team with Horford and Isiah Thomas.  The Celtics even sent the great Tom Brady to the meeting with Durant.  Unfortunately, the Celtics weren’t able to persuade him to the team.

Many people feel like only two teams can win the championship next year; Golden State or Cleveland.The same teams that played in the finals the previous two seasons. I love basketball but it sucks knowing that your team won’t have a chance against these superstar teams. I feel like more of a balance would make basketball more interesting and a better product. For now it looks like we will be seeing Golden State vs. Cleveland come next June.


Al Horford is coming to Boston (nbatitlechase.com)

This is what we came for baby! It’s all happening! Everything is awesome! It’s not a stretch to say that yesterday was the biggest day in the Groesbeck/Ainge/Stevens era in Boston. Danny was finally able to close that elusive big-name free agent, and Wyc was able to make good on his promise of “fireworks” that the fan base has been waiting on for what feels like centuries. Sure, $113 million over four years seems like a pretty penny, but with the money being thrown around this offseason and the huge cap increase on the horizon next season, Horford’s deal is actually somewhat of a bargain.

Horford’s game will fit seamlessly within the Brad Stevens system. He provides a much needed presence at the rim, and gives the C’s the go-to fourth quarter scoring option that they were sorely missing in last year’s playoffs. I cannot WAIT to see Isaiah and Horford running the pick and pop down the throats of the entire Eastern Conference come October.

By no means is Al Horford a perfect player, as evidence by his lackluster performance in the playoffs last season against these Celtics. He struggles defensively at times, particularly on the perimeter defending the pick and roll. The C’s team approach to defense should help to conceal some of Horford’s defensive deficiencies over the course of the season.

Hot damn, the Celtics are officially back. They finally landed a big name free-agent for the first time in the history of the franchise, (Go ahead look it up, I’ll wait) and they got a guy who WANTS to play in Boston. KD or not, this signing was a huge step in the right direction for this franchise. If TB12, Big Papi, and Julian Edleman have anything to do with it, Kevin Durant will be donning Celtic green next season in the city of champions. What a time to be a Celtics fan. What a time to be alive.

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Last year, the lone representative from the Boston Red Sox at the All-Star Game was Brock Holt. Holt saw little playing time, and the Red Sox were deservedly under-represented. This year however, the Sox seem primed to send four position players to San Diego to take on the NL.

This is even more exciting to hear knowing that four Red Sox players could be starting the game. Xander Bogaerts, David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, and Jackie Bradley Jr. all seem destined to have the highest vote-count at their respective positions, and the fans will likely see more Sox on the field in the first inning than any other team.

The final rosters for the ASG will be revealed at 7 pm on ESPN. Expect Boston to once again have a strong presence in the making of the AL team.

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Yesterday the Celtics had a meeting with Kevin Durant in the Hamptons. Tom Brady, the GOAT, was in attendance at the meeting to help Danny Ainge in the recruitment of Durant. Also David Ortiz would have been there to help but he was busy nuking baseballs into the stands at Fenway.

Kevin Durant needs to come to Boston. The Celts just signed All-Star Al Horford to a four year 113 million dollar deal, Isaiah Thomas is our point guard, Brad Stevens is the head coach, and the team is only improving. If Durant signs with Boston, they immediately become a contender for the NBA Finals. This new big three of Thomas, Horford, and Durant would be absurd. Three legitimate elite players on the same team would do some damage next season so it only makes sense for Kevin to play for the Celtics and he has to know that.

One thing I hope Kevin understands is just how praised he will be in Boston. Players in the NBA know that Boston fans are different. We’re the most passionate fans out there and we are always there supporting our team through the good and the ugly. Al Horford told his Dad that part of the reason he signed with the Celtics is because of the fans. He knows that when he steps foot on the hardwood in the Garden wearing that green jersey, everyone is going to go nuts for him. If Kevin Durant does the same, he will become loved beyond belief in Boston and I know that for a fact. And hey it’s Boston…who doesn’t love it here?

I don’t know what was said in Durant’s meeting with the Celtics but I do know one thing. Ainge most definitely told Durant that if he comes to Boston, he will become a Celtic legend, just like he told Isaiah. So please Kevin, make the right and best decision of your life and play for the best basketball franchise ever.

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The most iconic figure in Boston is trying to recruit Kevin Durant to Boston.  I don’t know about Durant, but if Brady sat there and told me how great Boston is, and that I should come here there is no way I could say no.  Durant has had 5 meetings already with other teams, however the meeting with The Celtics was among the longest, lasting more than 4 hours.  Brady must have pitched to KD what it’s like to play and win in Boston, and what you can become if you are to bring a title to Boston.  Reports were surfacing yesterday that Durant was actually with Brady friday afternoon, then flew back to the hamptons with him.

Al Horford has been recruited by Durant to come to OKC for some time now.  So The Celtics acquiring Horford makes the Celtics pitch that much more intriguing.  Horford is a top 20 player in the NBA, and with Isaiah already in green, The Celtics could put serious pressure on The Cavs if Durant is to choose Boston.  The fact that just hours after The meeting with The Celtics, Durant informed The Clippers he would not be signing with them is very interesting.

I am really starting to think that this could actually happen, and if it does, perhaps Brady’s number 12 should be retired in the rafters at the TD Garden.

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Time To Fire Farrell

July 3, 2016 at 10:10am in Boston, Red Claws, Top Story
Fire Farrell

The Red Sox lost 21-2 saturday night, no this is not a typo.  They lost to a great team, oh wait no they didn’t they lost to The Los Angeles Angels, a team who is 15 games under .500.  Clay Buchholz really didn’t pitch bad, only giving up 3 earned runs, but once again it was a short outing, Buchholz failed to reach the fifth inning.  All and all it was a very ugly game for the sputtering Red Sox.

If the Red Sox are going to make a legit run this season there is a few things they have to do.  First is firing the manager.  This recent bad play isn’t all Farrell’s fault you can also blame the players, but yet you can’t just fire the players.  David Price has a 10.38 era in his last 2 starts, and is having the worst season of his career.  Stephen Wright has also been less than stellar in his last 2 starts, posting an era of 6.52.  The players aren’t performing the way they should be and it’s time to give this team a wake up call.  I’d hate to see someone lose their job over other people’s performance, however it’s the only way to save this season.

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1. Most runs scored by a pair of Red Sox in a season:

* 262 in 2016 – Bogaerts and Betts (projected)

* 260 in 1938 – Foxx and Vosmik

* 252 in 1941 – Williams and DiMaggio

2. Lebron:

Lebron can’t crack the top five in basketball Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Happy Birthday Boots! »

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