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1. Patriots vs. Jets

 ·         Patriots are 4-1 against teams over .500

·         If Vinatieri gets booed in this town – Revis should be Bronx cheered everytime someone catches a pass on front of him

·         Jets QB’s have combined for 14 TD to 22 INT (appreciate every Tom Brady game)

·         Hope Pats linebackers have figured out that running back as a receiver thing – Bilal Powell has 53 receptions

·         If you like Michael Floyd at the end of the season and he is passing breathalyzers every day – send the Kraft jet for Randy Moss and have him spend 48 hours with the receiver and tell him what Tom Brady could do for his legacy

·         Leonard Williams is a beast on the line with 8 sacks

·         Almost feel bad for Jets fans having to watch this on Christmas Eve / first night of Hanukah  


2. Leading receivers per game this year

·         Edelman……..5

·         Bennett………3

·         Gronkowski…..3

·         Hogan………..2

·         Mitchell………1


3.  The Houston Rockets are averaging 39 three pointers a game – that means one every 73 seconds of the game – that can’t be good for the game

4. Patriots record with Brady at Quarterback when scoring less than 21 points

Regular Season…24-39 regular season / 4-7 playoffs  233 / 31

·         Regular season score 21 points or more 73%

·         Playoffs score 21 points or more 64% of the time


5. Mount Rushmore of Tom Brady TD’s receivers – Gronk 67 TD / Moss 39 TD / Welker 34 TD / Branch 24 TD

6. Name from the Past – In honor of Michael Floyd’s Blood alcohol of .217

* In 1907, the Boston Americans traded future Hall of Famer Jimmy Collins to Philadelphia for John Knight who hit a Michael Floyd like .217 going 78-360 while committing 32 errors in 96 games / two years later he would hit .312 for the Yankees

7. Old School – I think the Bill Belichick statue should go on the other end of the bench that the Red Auerbach statue sits on in Quincy Market – they can eternally talk with each other Who are the three through ten Boston Coaches after Belichick and Red:



3. Tom Heinsohn

4.Terry Francona

5. Bill Parcells

6. Harry Sinden

7. Dick Williams

8. Chuck Fairbanks

9. Bill Fitch

10. Doc Rivers


8. Amazing Stat – Highest Red Sox career batting average with at least 100 at bats:

·         Rudy Pemberton 36-104 (.346)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside –What I want for Christmas

·         For John Farrell not to pinch run Chris Sale

·         For a Red Sox sideline reporter not to hook up with someone in the dugout

·         For Gronk to sign Oscar Goldman as his agent

·         For Stanley Morgan, Dwight Evans, Curt Schilling, Luis Tiant, Gerry Cheevers, Troy Brown to get Hall of Fame consideration

·         For Seinfeld to come back

·         For the NBA to restrict three point shooting

·         For every new hockey rink be required to build an ice service the size of European rinks

·         For pass protection, blitzing and hurry up offense in the playoffs

·         For the window not to close on Brady, Bergeron and the Celtics draft picks

·         For Horford be worthy at least half the money

·         An Uber account for Michael Floyd

·         A Salary cap and floor in baseball

·         To get to the buffet before Panda

·         For the Killer B’s to play the outfield in Boston for the next for ten years

·         For Fenway to be here fifty more years

·         The Celtics to get a roster so Isaiah can be a 6th man and Crowder a 7th man

·         Marcus Smart to get a jump shot

·         Back up goalie for Bruins (they are 1-8)

10.  Randomocity

* Tough to watch Gronk in the Madden commercials

* I think Christian McCaffrey should have to give back a portion of his scholarship if he is going to sit out of bowl games to save himself for draft

* I think Pomeranz goes off this summer and wins at least 16 but more likely a Bill Lee 17

* Me and my conspiracies – thought it was unusually courageous the way that photographer stood and took pictures of the Russian ambassador being shot – hmm he will get awards and shooter gets his cause documented – things that make me go hmmmm.

1. Patriots vs. Denver


 ·         Peyton Manning took one look at the weather in Denver Sunday and sang to the Nationwide melody – I’m – So – Glad – That – I’m – Not – Playing

·         How can Brady even look at Walt Anderson the Ben Dreith Wanna-be

·         Now you got Dion Lewis and Edelman returning kicks and punts – ugh

·         The letting Derby go to your main rival is a head scratcher

·         Players of the game – Ryan Allen, Flowers, Cannon

·         This Jonathan Jones guy keeps making players – fumble recovery this week



·         Not his best game but good enough

·         Amazing throw off his back foot over two defenders to the far sideline to Edelman

·         Brady got hit late in front of Anderson twice – nothing

·         He was lucky to get away with no grounding penalty threw it toward goal post with no one there



·         39 rushes / 32 passes

·         Dion Lewis 20 touches is too many

·         I think Edelman suffered a concussion in the second half over the middle but was able to get off the field

·         Edelman 12 targets / 6 catches

·         Saw Bennett screaming at the other tight end on a formation issue forcing Brady to burn timeout

·         The Hogan drop on third down could have been a game changer



·         One of Butler’s best games – shutting down Sanders

·         Saw Eric Rowe chasing a lot

·         Sheard getting back to his old self

·         Flowers getting after QB all day

·         Big hit by McCourty on Thomas



·         Blue Winter Coat to start the game and then a sneaky change at halftime to blue hoodie

·         Robert at the 2:00 minute warning at end of the half

·         Kraft was crafty sneaking in a late triple axel into the routine with a sighting with 4:05 left in the third quarter



·         Gostkowski getting hot down the stretch

·         I think Phil Simms has a little bro – crush on Devlin

·         Scarnecchia (I’m not checking how to spell his name – you know who I mean) went old school with Pat Patriot winter hat

·         I love Ward flexing his muscles down 16-3 after making a game ending penalty


2. Around the NFL

·         Think Lester Hayes still has stickum and Jerry Curl still present on his hands?

·         Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award – The leader of the Steelers with deflated balls and crazy steroid users in the 70’s

·         Big KC loss that helps / Raiders are lurking though


3.  Bruins – Celtics

·         Big win by 76ers over Nets in the Celtics race to a better pick

·         Reason #4,216 whats wrong with NBA – The last two minutes of the Celtics game took over 15 minutes

·         The Celtics very average season continues with a win on Sunday to got to 15-12 / on a pace for 46 wins / 33% of season over

·         Bruins are over achieving with that roster at 17-13-3 / 40% of season over / on a pace for 42 wins

·         Jimmy Hayes a game winner


4. Thank you Tom Brady (amazing when free agents pick money over the Patriots):

Martellus Bennett record last year / this year…..6-10 to 14-2?

Chris Hogan’s record last year / this year………8-8 to 14-2?

McCllenlan’s record last year / this year……….6-10 to 14-2

Van Noy – record last year / this year…………..7-9 to 14-2

Chris Long – record last year / this year………..7-9 to 14-2?


5. Mount Rushmore of Boston Special Days: Opening Day, Boston Marathon, Charles Regatta, Swan Boats in the Public Garden  

6. Name from the Past – Sherman Douglas – had the best tear drop shot in the paint. Played 269 games with Celtics from 1991 to 1996 averaging 11.1 points / 6.8 assists

7. Old School – Rod Carew stats (Friday went through 13 hour surgery – heart and kidney transplant)

·         1973-1977 – he averaged .358 (1052 hits in five year = 210 a season)

·         For the last thirteen years of his career – he never struck out more than he walked

·         Eighteen time All Star, Rookie of the Year, MVP, Seven batting titles

·         Finished second in the batting race at age 37 with a .339 average

·         And get this – when he bunted for a hit (with bases empty) he hit .722 (91 for 126)


8. Amazing Stat – Throwing to the Wrong Team – George Blanda for Houston Oilers in 1962:

·         Forty-two interceptions in 418 attempts

·         Threw for 27 TD’s

·         Amazingly with all those turnovers the Houston Oilers went 11-3

·         In the Playoff game – Blanda threw five more interceptions

·         He was also their field goal kicker and MISSED 15 of 26 that year

·         Just think he threw an interception every 9.95 attempts / Brady this year has thrown an interception every 186 attempts

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – In 1962

·         Arnold Palmer won the Masters and US Open

·         Ali Beats Champ Archie Moore

·         John Glenn Orbits the Earth

·         Gordie Howe NHL MVP (62-63)

·         Patty Duke won the Oscar for the Miracle Worker

·         They all died within eight months of each other in 2016 – fifty four years later


10.  Randomocity

* Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run book is #3 on Amazon not to be confused with real Born to Run book on running which is still in the top 1,500 after eight years

* People complaining about the Patriots Spygate realize that its not illegal to film someone else’s signals – just not from the sideline

* Red Sox aren’t thinking of retiring Tim Wakefield’s number are they?

* Saw Moonlight this weekend – B is the grade – thought a little bit disjointed

* Pedroia needs 2,500 hits for Hall of Fame which means 817 from age 32 on with a  body that not equipped for longevity

* Patriots called out on Saturday Night Live for cheating again this week – same week of the Steelers doing the same thing – this is what the league did to their legacy.

* Quick update on Chicago with two weeks to go – 769 killed / 4,241 shot (that’s like 13 a day every day for a whole year)

* Pet peeves in this order – people talking during a movie or show at a theatre, people driving slow in speed lane with huge gap in front of them, people talking on their cell phone in public area, neighborhood dogs negatively impacting my life.

1. Making Krafts Money – Value of franchise from 2002 to 2016 (statista.com)

·         2002 Value- $571 million

·         2015 Value – $3.4 billion


2. Beneficiaries from Deflategate Investigation – NFL costs $23mm:

·         League hates Patriots and thus other owners granted Goodell $29,000,000 salary for sticking it to Patriots and Tom Brady

·         Ted Wells fee $3,000,000 to $5,000,000

·         NFL Players Association lawyer – $3,000,000

·         Patriots rebuttal report cost – $500,000


3. Making Offensive Coordinators Money

Weis – $25mm at Notre Dame / $10mm a year from Kansas / $7mm Florida

O’Brien – $2mm from Penn State a year / $5mm a year from Houston Texans

McDaniel – $8mm from Broncos / $1.5mm per year from Patriots


4. Making Wide Receivers Rich

David Patten…….Signed with Redskins….$13mm / 5 years

David Givens……Signed with Titans…….$24mm / 5 years

Jermaine Wiggins..Signed with Vikings…..$7.3mm / 5 years

Deion Branch……Signed with Seattle……$39mm / 6 years

Shane Vereen……Signed with Giants…….$12.5mm / 3 years

Daniel Graham…..Signed with Broncos….$30mm / 5 years

Ben Watson……..Signed with Browns……$12mm / 3 years

Aaron Hernandez..Signed with Pats………$40mm / 5 years

Gronk……………Signed with Pats……….$53mm / 6 years


5. Realtors commission from Brady real estate transactions (assume 5% fee):

Beacon Hill sale…….$9,200,000 x 5% = $460,000 fee

Brookline buy.………$4,500,000 x 5% = $225,000 fee

California – Sell..……$40,000,000 x 5% = $2,000,000 fee

New York – Buy……$14,000,000 x 5% = $700,000 fee


5b.  4. Foxboro Friendly – town received $18,000,000 in fees for the construction of Patriot Place


6. Brady primary charity – Best Buddies:

United State Funds Raised……….$21,686,015

International Funds Raised……….$26,580,000


7. Old School – Brady agent Don Yee – assume he gets 10% of income earned:

Salary………..$13,764,000 x 10% = $1,376,400 fee

Endorsements..$8,000,000 x 10% = $800,000 fee


8. Brady teammates that got media gigs after their career:

·         Willie McGinest

·         Ty Law

·         Heath Evans

·         Randy Moss

·         Matt Chatham

·         Ted Bruschi

·         Rodney Harrison

·         Jermaine Wiggins

·         Troy Brown

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – 2015 Revenues of products Brady endorses:

UGGS (Decker)..…….$1.81 billion in sales

Under Armour…………$3.96 billion in sales

Simmons Bedding…….$1.13 billion in sales

Movado………………..$587 million in sales

Mars Company…………$23.4 billion net worth


10.  Randomocity

* RIP Craig Sager who did his top ten favorite outfits for my NBA List Jam book – his #1: “The 2001 All Star Game – Black and Silver aluminum suit (Versace); zebra shirt; Timberwolves tie” for which Tony Kornheiser said – “Indescribably hideous gray suit Sager claimed was made by Versace, yeah, hymie Versace. Last time I saw anyone wear something lie that was Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt.”

* College coaches that were available that BC passed on Art Briles, Lane Kiffin, Charlie Strong, Matt Rhule

* Rask is the best goalie in the NHL – call me when the playoffs start (if they make it)

* How long before Chris Sale cuts up John Farrell’s uniform?  

* Hey maybe Cyrus Jones could be Michael Floyds designated driver

* So Baylor Football is destroyed for not being proactive on claims against their players – now Minnesota does the reverse and suspends 10 players – the rest of the players are boycotting the bowl game – I’d tell them to stay home and bring some Gopher frat flag football team.  

* Haven’t see Chris Mortenson’s report on the Steelers deflated footballs

1.Patriot vs. Ravens


·         Handed 21 points away – two fumbles and Brady end zone interception

·         Has everyone left the parking lot

·         Not often do you lose the turnover game 3-1 and win

·         You take away the two special team turnovers and it’s the Patriots most complete game of the year


·         At what point do you we find out that bookmakers have Cyrus Jones family hostage somewhere

·         If you remember earlier there was a bouncing punt and for some reason Jones went over toward the ball and just hung around dangerously close to it hitting his foot

·         Slater bad game all around – no tackles again / wasn’t ready to step in for Hogan when he got hurt forcing a time out / fumbles kick off leading to a touchdown

·         Great block by McClellan – he needed that after he kicked a punt through the end zone for a touchback

·         Nice night in the punting game – kicking and covering


·         Brady is getting to the point of his career that almost every game he will be breaking milestones

·         I know the voters are dying to give a Cowboy the MVP but Brady is 7-1 with 22 TD to 2 INT


·         The targeting of Edelman is a problem 15 times for seven catches – got to incorporate James White and Deion Lewis in passing game

·         Edelman three drops – tied for the league lead now with seven – seems like more

·         Is it me or does Blount very rarely break a tackle and actually get knocked backwards as opposed to a Terrell Davis who always fell forward for two more yards (except for that run to seal it at the end)

·         Offensive line was excellent

·         A more creative game for McDaniel though did the play action end around – that doesn’t work because a fake run up the middle doesn’t move linebackers off their spot

·         Hogan had an end around that if he kept it outside he had a touchdown but ran into pile

·         Former O line coach DeGuglielmo must be bummed listening to the Dante lovefest every week

·         Lewis not many snaps – again I’m all right save him

·         Chris Hogan on his touchdown run had no one chasing him – have to run some clock and run along the goal line until they get to him


·         Best game of the year – although they can’t cover anyone out of the backfield

·         Hightower and Branch going to Pro Bowl

·         Logan Ryan is an excellent tackler

·         Gruden confirmed what I have been thinking Patriots use more three men rushers than any team in league – 22% of the time compared to rest of the league 8%

·         The Secondary is better at tackling than little linebackers

·         Cy Jones head is done – you can’t put him on corner where he got beat long


·         Back with the blue windbreaker / sweatcoat – short sleeve – surprised no hat with pom pom

·         Kraft sightings – got off to a slow start but had a strong 3rd quarter 11:10 and 8:45


·         Ed Hoculi definitely practices his first down signal in the mirror


  • If I’m in Baltimore I might say it was a little bit of a Brady fest


·         If the NFL had legal bearings on low PSI affair then they would be compelled to follow through with an investigation on the Steelers – because the source was exactly the same – a team bringing an issue to the attention of the league

·         I love that this happened – this validates that Deflategate was nothing more than going after the Patriots

·         It will be interesting to see if Titan Harry Douglas and Calais Campbell get fined for their hits this weekend – because those same hits on the Patriots weren’t fined – when Burfict wasn’t fined for the hit on Bennett and Chancellor wasn’t fined for assault on Brady’s knee

·         By the way Talib has at least two gun incidents – Harry better wear a vest

1.Patriot vs. Ravens


·         They always scare me – Ray Rice run in playoffs one of worst playoff plays in last 15 years

·         Snow and traffic on Monday night – ugh – over-under accidents leaving Foxboro at midnight 461

·         Are you kidding me Justin Tucker is 28-28 including a 57 yarder

·         Terrell Suggs has 8 sacks which almost matches his violent crimes not to be confused with retired Ray Lewis who despite his affiliation with a brutal murder is held in higher regard by the NFL community than Tom Brady whose worst crime was a pony tail in Rio

·         Joe Flacco is not scared in Foxboro


2. Around the NFL


·         All nine of the Lions wins have been seven points or less

·         If you were going against Le’Veon Bell in your fantasy football league – sorry

·         Hmm Pittsburgh footballs were under pressure limits – how could that be

·         Denver done


3. Bruins vs. Celtics


Celtics over last 50 games – 26-24

Bruins over last 50 games – 24-21-5

Bergeron, Marchand, Krejci – 16 goals in 223 shots (7%)

Celtics and all their 3 pointers only got to the line 8 times Sunday night compared to 27 for Oklahoma


4. Most rushing TD’s by QB

* Steve Van Buren…..69

* Cam Newton………48

* Otto Graham……….44

* Steve Young………43

* Jack Kemp…………40

* YA Tittle…………39

* Kordell Stewart……38

* Steve McNair……..37

* Michael Vick…….36

* R. Cunningham…..35

* Steve Grogan……..35


5. Chris Sale Fun Facts:


·         Batters with most strikeouts – Alex Gordon 21 /Miguel Cabrera 16 / Torii Hunter 16

·         1,244 strikeouts to 260 BB’s

·         ERA in wins 1.80 / losses 5.80

·         4-1 against Yankees


6. JR Redmond – The running back had four receptions in the snow bowl in 2001 – over the previous 39 games he only had four or more receptions once in a game (he followed that up with three huge receptions in the Super Bowl)

7. Old School – Age of rotation


2017: Sale – 27 / Pomerantz – 27 / Porcello – 27 / Price – 30 / E Rodriguez 23 / Buchholz – 31

1986: Clemens – 23 / Oil Can – 26 / Hurst – 28 / Nipper – 27 / Seaver – 41 / Sellers – 22  


8 Amazing Stat – Hershel Walker and OJ Simpson both had 61 rushing TD’s


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Things that stink about winter:

* Snow down your boots or mittens

* Shovel getting stuck in crack in sidewalk and hitting you in stomach

* Street hockey stick of opponent riding up you stick and pinching your hand

* Taking off boots and stepping in puddle with socks

* Looking out port hole of a defrosted windshield

* Walking the dog

* Ice dams

* Traffic – one snowflake and everyone goes Pavlov and jams on the brakes


10.  Randomocity

* Mick Jagger will be 95 when his new kid graduates from college

* MLS soccer finals – 120 minutes no goals – that doesn’t get you more fans

* From MSN’s list of the world’s ten most attractive cities – “Boston – The Massachusetts capital is arguably America’s most attractive city”

* They picked up John Farrell’s option why?

* Did you know Wonderful Life is rated PG 13 because of sexual situations

* Good piece in Sports Illustrated on the Boise State upset over Oklahoma in 2007


1.Patriot quarterbacks – 2001 AFC Championship game:
• Drew Bledsoe…….10-21 / 102 yards / 1 TD
• Tom Brady………..12-18 / 115 yards / 0 TD
2. Around the NFL
• Frank Gore has more rushing yards than Adrian Peterson 12,789 to 11,725
• Teams with a losing record but have scored more points than opponents – Arizona, Saints, Eagles, Chargers
• Over their last five games for each team – the Browns, 49ers, Vikings, Jacksonville, Jets, Eagles are 3-27
3. Trade for Aces – I love the Sale trade:
• Pedro – Carl Pavano / Tony Armas
• Schilling – Casey Fossum, Brandon Lyon, Jorge De La Rosa
• Eckersley – Ted Cox, Bo Diaz, Rick Wise, Mike Paxton
4. If you pro-rated Moncada’s major league strikeouts this year over 500 at bats – he would have struck out 316 times
5. With Bud Selig probably going to the Hall of Fame – it used to be that being commissioner was an automatic induction – Baseball Commissioners in the Hall of Fame
• Landis, Chandler, Frick, Kuhn – 1920-1984 (representing 60 of 64 years)
6. Marvin Hagler:
* In 1974, he fought eleven times
* From 1982 to 1987 he fought ten times
7. Old School – 1976 Canada Cup
• Bobby Orr – 7 games / 9 points was named MVP
• American MVP Robbie Ftorek – Needham, Ma
• Orr would only play 26 more games
• All Canada Cup team included – Rogie Vachon, Darryl Sittler, Borje Salming, Orr
8 Amazing Stat – Height of the top five running backs in NFL history:
Emmitt Smith……5’9”
Walter Payton……5’10”
Barry Sanders……5’8”
Curtis Martin…….5’11”
LaDainian Tomlinson…5’10”
9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Now that Larry is 60 years old – how about an update on other ages to make you feel old:
Mike Haynes..63
Dave Cowens..68
Marvin Hagler…62
Marty Barrett…..58
10. Randomocity
* I’m calling the Kangaroo – guy fighting video fake – too set up. Just happened to have professional cameraman filming??
* Compelling commercial – Evan – it’s two minutes watch to the end
* I think I say this every year at this time – the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor is still leaking oil
* Watching pretty strong series on Amazon – Man in High Castle – if you like WW II stuff – might like it
* One of my new favorite Admirals – Harry Harris – calling out Kapernick
* With John Glenn dying, Buzz Aldrin sick and things happening in three – should Bill Lee be worried
* By the way – John Glenn was Ted Williams wingman
* How insane is David Ortiz ego that he tweets out he’s thinking of coming back – please everyone talk about me

Bruins Quick Hits

December 7, 2016 at 2:07pm in Bruins, Featured, NHL, Rumors, Top Story
Pastrnak after scoring game-winner vs Panthers (host.madison.com)

Drafting David Pastrnak 25th overall back in 2014 is looking more and more like a steal after each passing game.

Pastrnak scored a pair of goals in the Bruins 4-3 win over the Florida Panthers Tuesday night, including an overtime game-winner that put Cats goaltender Roberto Luongo’s jock-strap to the rafters, and sent B’s fans into pandemonium at the TD Garden thus lifting his total to 15 on the season.

Pastrnak’s rise from a skinny hopeful to a scoring machine is just one of a few things I want to discuss here while also hitting on some other Bruins takes from the past week or so. Let’s get started: Continue reading Bruins Quick Hits »

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