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1. Red Sox:

* I hope not a sign of things to come but Moncada was on the field two minutes and disobeyed a coach running through the stop sign at third base (error and picked off on Sunday)

* Sandy Leon is on pace to hit over .350 this year – its only been done 17 times in Red Sox history (Williams – 5 / Boggs -5 / Speaker – 2 / Nomar -2)

* I was ready to start calling Rodriguez Tony Eason but not after that performance – if he lets that ground ball through he has a no-hitter

2. Patriots:

Rob Ninkovich – almost wrote four weeks ago that a torn bicep is a steroid injury. The muscle mass can’t be supported by the tendons. Ted Johnson tore his twice. Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Almost No Hitter, Ninkovich Somehow Turned into Athlete, Hillary’s Phones »

1. Red Sox:

*I’m predicting sometime in late October, early November, you will hear report that Steven Wright has gone in for shoulder surgery from injury that happened running the bases

* Amazing how many swing and misses Jackie Bradley ahs

* Let the Moncada era begin (Shaw had his chance)

* Red  Sox have seven players on pace for 30 doubles – Shaw, Betts, Bogaerts, Ortiz, Pedroia, Hanley, Bradley

* Shaw strikes out one every 3.55 at bats

2. Patriots:

* Great to see Brady rolling

* I think Foster could be the next Kevin Faulk (ya I said it) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady in the Corner, Moncada, ESPN Health »

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Get Ready for the 2016 Football Season

September 1, 2016 at 10:23pm in Patriots

In America, the start of September means one thing – football season. Colleges around the country are beginning their march to the national championship. The NFL is also starting things off strong. The first game of the 2016 season will be a rematch between the Panthers and Broncos. Continue reading Get Ready for the 2016 Football Season »

Photo: Gerald Herbert (AP)

Naturally, after last night, it is safe to assume that this Red Sox team will advance only as far as their bullpen allows it to. For those who did not see, Eduardo Rodriguez pitched well over five and a third innings, but was pulled after recording an out, leaving the bases loaded for Tommy Layne, a below average middle reliever.

Layne promptly gave up six runs without recording an out, and when Farrell pulled him, Robbie Ross Jr. gave up another two, putting the game way out of reach, and embarrassing the Red Sox on national TV.

As frustrating as watching that game was, even a casual fan had to wonder why Farrell decided to get involved. Rodriguez’s pitch count was up, but should the manager have given him a chance to get out of the inning with the bottom of the order coming up? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But if pulling him was the right decision, then-why Layne? Ziegler is your ground ball guy. Layne is the guy you put into a game that is already out of reach, and when it comes to the Kansas City Royals, a two run lead does not put a game out of reach. Citation: their eight runs in that same inning.

Farrell’s managing abilities come into question seemingly daily, taking off some of the pressure of under-performing Sox. Regardless, the fact remains-if this teams expects to advance past the ALDS, or take the AL East, their bullpen must show some backbone and record some important outs.

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Will The Sox Win The AL East?

August 29, 2016 at 9:30pm in Featured, Opinion, Red Sox
(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

As September is nearing, playoffs is becoming a predominant topic in baseball. The powerhouse hitting Red Sox are now in a position where the postseason is not a guarantee. They have been bouncing in and out of first, second, and third place for a majority of the season. The Red Sox, Blue Jays and Orioles have been the most dominant teams in the Al East all season.

Going into Monday Aug. 29th, the Red Sox sit in second place with a 72-58 record, two games behind the Blue Jays. Baltimore sits right behind the Sox, only one game back. So the question we are all wondering is who is going to win the division?

I believe at this point it’s a complete toss up. We can pull out as many statistics as we want to predict the end of the season results but we have to remember that this is baseball. This game is so unpredictable, especially when there are only 30 games left to be played. Any team could take the division with being just a half game up, it could be that close.

The good news is that the next month of baseball is going to be tough for all teams in the AL East. Starting tonight until the end of the season the Sox have two remaining series against the Rays, Yankees, Orioles, and the Blue Jays. So the standings in the AL East are going to be jumping all around for the next month. If the Sox want a legitimate chance at taking the division, they need to be the best team in the month of September, period.

If the Sox do not win the division, they always have the Wild Card. But with the Wild Card , the top two teams have to play in a one game playoff match up to decide who moves onto the ALDS. Boston needs to avoid this at all costs because a one game deciding match up is a tough game to win. If this were to happen I’d be scared to see who Farrell decides to start on the bump.

However I am very confident the Sox will finish the season strong. Their hitting is still very dominant. Ortiz is still showing he’s one of the best with 30 plus homers and 100 plus RBIs. Mookie is still one of the best hitters in the entire MLB right now with 29 homers, 94 RBIs, and a .321 AVG (Did I mention he was a lead off hitter for the majority of the season?). And Pedey quietly is hitting .320 going into Monday. So the bats are there. Again as we’ve discussed a million times, it all comes down to the Sox pitching. Starting pitching for Boston has looked better lately, the bullpen is still an issue. All we can do at this point is pray that the pitching comes around going into September.

The toughest series the Sox are going to have this next month are the ones against the Blue Jays. Toronto plays as the biggest threat towards Boston. They are a very well rounded team that can hit and have some pitching. The two series the Sox have against them in the next month are definitely the most imports series they will have all year.

This all being said, I’m super excited for the next month of baseball because its going to be a a fun one to watch.


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Royals Blow Out Sox, Win Series

August 29, 2016 at 1:03pm in Boston, Red Sox
John Farrell (GettyImages/BostonGlobe)

The Kansas City Royals came into Boston playing their best baseball of the season, this 3 game weekend series was a test for The Sox.  A test they would end up failing.

After the mostly successful road trip, (I say mostly because of the back to back losses to Tampa Bay), Red Sox nation was optimistic that this team has turned the corner.  They were coming home to face the hottest team in baseball in Kansas City, and The Royals proved why they should still be looked at as a threat in the American League.  Stephen Wright was terrible in his game 1 start, giving up 5 earned runs in the first inning.  Eduardo Rodriguez took a step back with his start yesterday, giving up 5 earned runs in 5 innings.  The best pitcher for The Sox over the weekend was David Price.  Price looked locked in on saturday, which is a good sign going forward.

The Bullpen once again looked over matched and really scared out there.  The Royals put the pressure on teams with their speed and ability to put the ball in play.  Matt Barnes had the worst night of his life on sunday night, he pitched 0.0 innings, and gave up 5 earned runs.  I really would’ve liked to see Papelbon on the mound.  It’s been said time and time again, this bullpen has to be much much better if this team is going to make a run in the postseason.

With a nine game west coast road trip on the horizon The Sox have to pile up as many home wins as they can. That continues tonight against Tampa Bay.  A series sweep is a must.

1.Red Sox

* I give up on Red Sox crowd – COULDN’T believe what my eyes were seeing – Pedroia going for the baseball record of 12 hits in 12 at bats and only one person standing and no applause after – you can’t say Fenway fans have a high baseball IQ

* Red Sox had 15 hits on Friday and only scored 3 runs – has to be close to a record

* Did John Farrell ruin Steven Wright?

* Betts and Pedroia Friday night 9 for 9 (add in Bogaerts and they were 12-14)

* Red Sox All Stars since the All Star game: Betts .358 / Bradley .223  / Bogaerts .278 / Ortiz .292

* Red Sox are going to have seven positional players play at least 147 games – pretty good

* Sorry Sunday night is a school night – no update

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