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Hopefully, the 12 days that Drew Pomeranz had off is what hurt him yesterday.  Pitching in San Diego is very different than pitching in Boston.  The fans are actually into the game.  There’s more pressure in Boston, and well really the game actually matters.  Oh, and last night he pitched against arguably the best team in baseball in The San Francisco Giants.  Personally, I think the Sox should have waited till tonight to give Pomeranz his first start, pitching against The Twins is much different than pitching against San Francisco.  Pitching him tonight would have eased him more into Boston, and pitching in Fenway Park.

If Pomeranz is going to succeed in Boston, he’s going to have to develop another pitch.  The one thing I noticed last night is mostly all of Pomeranz pitches come into right handed batters, which with the wall in left field is a recipe for disaster.  A changeup could be Pomeranz best friend if he learns how to throw one, a pitcher with his skills should be able to develop one.  The one thing that Red Sox fans should be concerned about is the last batter Pomeranz faced last night.  It was a bunt play, and Pomeranz didn’t get off the mound too quick, honestly it looked like he was just trying to get off the field at that point.

All and all I think Pomeranz will be fine in Boston, if he’s not he will see how brutal Boston can be if you can’t perform.

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A few Red Sox thoughts

July 21, 2016 at 1:08pm in Boston, Red Sox

Hanley Rhttps://www.google.com/search?q=red+sox+logo&biw=1280&bih=913&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiugO2zhIXOAhXFFiwKHZLdBOwQ_AUICCgB#imgrc=-Mti-F6p5LUhLM%3Aamirez- Ramirez is a confusing player. Last night he had his best game of his Red Sox career, bashing three home runs and making a few outstanding defensive plays. We all know he has the talent to be a great offensive player like he was last night but sometimes it doesn’t show. He has been a great surprise at first place though. At the end of the season he possibly could be a gold glove candidate. If someone told me that at the start of the season, I would have laughed in their face. I’ll take his not consistent offense if he keeps on playing excellent defense.

Drew Pomeranz- Pomeranz had a rough outing in his first start as a Boston Red Sox. He started off pretty well but then completely fell apart in the fourth inning. He gave up 5 runs in the fourth without recording an out and eventually was pulled out by John Farrell. Even though he struggled in his first start, I still believe he can be a good addition for this team. Let’s wait for a few more starts before we start criticizing the trade.

John Farrell- Even with the Sox being 14 games over .500, I still think Farrell hasn’t been a good manager this year. Some of his decisions this season, especially his pitching decisions, really confuse me. On Tuesday he brought in Koji Uehara in to a 4-0 Red Sox lead in the ninth. Uehara is now the closer, due to a couple other injuries, and it seemed unnecessary to bring him in. Unfortunately, Uehara ended up straining his pectoral muscle and getting placed on the 15-day DL. I also think that Farrell should have left Pomeranz in the game last night. I know he was struggling in the fourth inning but he was also a little bit unlucky. The two base hits that he gave up were weak ground balls.


Sox Take Two From SF Giants

July 21, 2016 at 12:27pm in Featured, Red Sox, Top Story
Pomeranz breezed through three scoreless innings, but capsized in the fourth. Photo: AP, Charles Krupa

Over the past two nights, the Red Sox defeated the San Francisco Giants twice, they moved into sole possession of first place in the AL East, and they provided us with an extremely entertaining eighteen innings of baseball.

June is firmly in the rearview mirror for the suddenly wicked hot Boston Red Sox, and for at least 24 hours, doubts and criticisms have been silenced.

On Tuesday night, the Red Sox needed only a one-run home run from Brock Holt to take the victory, but they graciously accepted a three run shot from Big Papi to provide all the run support that Rick Porcello would need. Porcello looked strong, earned his tenth straight win at home, and the Sox shut out the team with the best record in the majors. It was a feel good win, reminiscent of Octobers past, and indicative of Octobers future.

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Ortiz hits a 3R HR. Photo: Jim Davis (Boston Globe)

Here’s a storyline that never seems to get old: once again, David Ortiz, with his bat, carried his Boston Red Sox to another victory. Against former teammate Jake Peavy, Ortiz crushed a 451 foot three-run home run to put the game out of reach for the San Francisco Giants, en route to a 4-0 victory.

The blast was number 526 for David, who was recently placed at number 78 on ESPN’s list of greatest baseball players of all time.

Consider last night just another day in the office in this man’s fabled baseball career. He owns this city, just as Tom Brady owns the NFL. So, does Dave Dombrowski have a case to bring back Big Papi for 2017? A few months ago, the answer would undoubtedly have been no, but with the second half of the season well underway, there has been some indecisiveness. Nothing definitive has been said regarding one more year for the 40 year old, but there is an air of hope for the Fenway faithful.

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Tom Brady/AP Image

The New England Patriots have one of the most prolific duos in NFL history. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, to be specific. The pair has combined for 65 touchdowns throughout the seven years Gronkowski has been in the league, titanic numbers for two players that were not drafted in the first round. Compare those 65 touchdowns to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, who scored 67 times together (over nine years).

Are Gronk and Brady the best QB-TE duo of all time? Yes. Are they the best QB-receiver duo of all time? Most likely not (this year), but if the production stays at a high level, expect Brady and Gronk to finish with around 90 total touchdown connections.

These stats and more contribute to the reasoning behind NFL players voting for the QB in the two spot, and the tight end in the nine spot. Both are well-deserved, and some Patriots fans expressed distaste that Gronk was not higher, above players such as Julio Jones and Aaron Rodgers.

Also making the list was Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, coming off a season hindered by a broken foot. Edelman, once described as the toughest cover in the NFL, is the type of blue collar worker that New Englanders love. Number eleven takes hits across the middle, has a nose for the end zone, and always places the team first. His true return this year, as opposed to his return in the postseason against KC, should bring about another 7 touchdowns for himself and Brady, once Brady returns in week 5 against Cleveland. Edelman cracked the list at number 87.

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Hey David ! FIGURE IT OUT.

July 18, 2016 at 6:57pm in Featured, MLB, Red Sox, Top Story
david price  globe

With a chance to sweep the Yankees and pull to within one game of the Baltimore Orioles for first place in the East, the Red Sox had their $200 million dollar man on the mound last night. Coming out of the break, Sox fans (including myself) were hopeful that David Price had figured out the source of his struggles throughout the first half of the year. Unfortunately, it was much of the same for Price and the Sox last night in the Bronx.

Like so many times this season, the big lefty looked sharp in the opening frames. His velocity was excellent, painting the black with a fastball touching 96 mph early and often. That, combined with his ability to mix in his breaking ball saw Price making quick work of the Yankees 19th ranked lineup through the first three innings. But, much like it has SO many times this season, one big inning ultimately did in the Red Sox “ace”.

So often this year, Price’s nemesis has been the long ball. While he didn’t allow a yabo last night, (a small miracle) he did surrender five hits in the fourth inning that resulted in three Yankee runs. Combine that with an excellent performance from Tanaka and the great Yankee bullpen, and that was all she wrote for the Sox and their six game winning streak.

Watching a pitcher with Price’s track record and ability struggle so mightily this season has been nothing short of perplexing. Mowing down lineups for years with the Rays, Jays, and Tigers, no one could have envisioned him sitting on an ERA of 4.36 twenty starts into his Red Sox career. Here’s hoping he can right the ship before the Sox and their playoff hopes disappear in the heat of the summer.

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1.Red Sox:

* Sorry – not gonna stay up for the classic Red Sox vs. Yankees Sunday four-hour special

* As Mookie gets off to one of the great starts in Red Sox history – isn’t it time to give him a new number – 50 doesn’t work

* Xander hitting .162 in July so far – still has chance for batting title

* Sandy Leon’s is 27-59 so far for .458 average / Ted Williams was 20 for his first 59 when he hit .406

* Ortiz has 57 extra base hits to 44 strikeouts

2. Brady:

I’m gonna say that the Tom Brady suspension is the worst loss in Boston sports history – worse than: Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: OJ, Poland Speech and Noxzema »

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