// SoB Awards Show 2010

In December 2008, Sports of Boston launched the first SoB Awards Show, issuing awards to those involved with Boston sports for their exceptional performance in the year 2008. The Sports of Boston staff continued this tradition in 2009, and again this past year, voting in three categories for the year 2010: Player of the Year, Game of the Year, and Story of the Year.

SoB Player of the Year: Tom Brady

It’s  Monday, and you’re probably just emerging from the New Year’s daze. You’ve been reading column after column about the year that was, and you think it’s finally time to move on. Hold on. It’s time to announce Sports of Boston’s 2010 Player of the Year.

This year’s winner plays perhaps the most difficult and important position in professional team sports: the quarterback. No, we’re not talking about Brian Hoyer. The 2010 Player of the Year is Tom Brady, who set a handful of NFL records in his incredible season.

Brady led the NFL with 36 touchdowns and a 111.0 QB rating (fifth best all-time, he also has the 2nd best rating with a 117.2 in 2007), and also threw an NFL-low four interceptions. Only 0.8% of his pass attempts (492) were intercepted, which is the second best mark all-time if you count Damon Huard’s 2006 campaign, in which he only started eight games and was intercepted just once in 244 pass attempts (0.4%). But, Brady’s 9:1 (36:4) touchdown-to-interception ratio is the best in NFL history by far, even beating his mark in the 2007 16-0 season (6.25:1)

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SoB Game of the Year: Patriots Beat Jets 45-3

To conclude our series of Awards for the year that was, we bring you what the SoB staff voted as the top game of 2010. Ironically, the Patriots-Jets rematch in Week 13, a 45-3 beatdown of the Jets in Foxboro, tops the list. This is ironic, of course, considering the Jets returned the favor, crushing the New England spirit with a 28-21 trouncing in the playoffs one day ago.

But, rules are rules, and despite the bad timing, we must go on. If you even want to remember that game, it came after another week of (less-intense) trash-talking. The Patriots wanted to kill the Jets, and they did. That game was an example of what happens if the Patriots are playing at their best and the Jets are playing at their worst.

Tom Brady finished with 326 yards and four touchdowns in that game. Mark Sanchez, meanwhile, three three interceptions in a horrible effort. Boy, how times have changed less than a couple months later.

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SoB Story of the Year: Red Sox Offseason Moves

As long as it’s still January, then we still have time to look back at 2010. Earlier this week we told you our winner for 2010 Player of the Year (Tom Brady), and now it’s time to look back at the big story of 2010. Many big stories happened…whether it was the media circus surrounding Brett Favre and “Little Brett,” the Randy Moss saga with his trade, release, and disappearing act, or even LeBron’s “Decision” to take his talents to South Beach and shake up the balance of the NBA.

In an extremely tight vote, the staff writers voted for a dramatic Red Sox offseason in which the team grabbed superstars Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford in separate mega deals that could catapult them back into the playoffs and beyond. LeBron, as usual, did not win, finishing second in this vote like the Heat will in the Eastern Conference. Zing!

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