// SoB Awards Show 2012

In December 2008, Sports of Boston launched the first SoB Awards Show, issuing awards to those involved with Boston sports for their exceptional performance in the year 2008. The Sports of Boston staff continued this tradition in every year since, now voting in three categories for the year 2012: Story of the Year, Game of the Year and Player of the Year.

SoB Story of the Year: Red Sox / Dodgers Blockbuster Trade

In late August, with the waiver-wire deadline looming, the Red Sox completed a massive trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Boston dumped the salaries of Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett, none of whom were close to living up to expectations. With about $275,000,000 saved, the Red Sox were free to pursue other names that could help, once the season finally ended mercifully, that is.

Now, the Sox used some of that flexibility to sign Shane Victorino for the outfield, Ryan Dempster on the mound and are currently working on a first baseman, if not Mike Napoli, then maybe Adam LaRoche. There are plenty of other kinks to work out, but with the money to spend and several toxic contracts off the books, Boston should at least be better than they were with all the problems they had last year.

SoB Game of the Year: Patriots vs Texans, December 10

The thrilling series between the Celtics and Heat got plenty of choices here and there, but what’s more thrilling than when the Patriots just tear through a supposedly elite team? Houston was already anointed as the AFC’s top seed, but took a stumble against the Patriots, losing 42-14. That eventually led to New England getting a first-round bye in the upcoming playoffs, which is always useful. More importantly, New England showed that they could hang with the best teams in the league. They affirmed it the following week during a furious comeback attempt against San Francisco.

As a result of New England’s drubbing of Houston, they’ve set up a rematch in the divisional round, assuming Houston halts their slide and beats Cincinnati. Next up would likely be a trip to Denver for another AFC title game between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The Patriots are doing well, but another Super Bowl wouldn’t be nearly as possible if New England hadn’t proved that they can beat up on a rough team like Houston.

SoB Player of the Year: Tom Brady

In the only unanimous selection among Sob staff for the end-of-year festivities, New England’s star quarterback gets the nod for yet another masterful season. Brady led the Patriots to a 12-4 record and the #2 seed in the AFC. Over the course of the season, Brady threw for 4,827 yards, 34 touchdowns and just eight picks.

New England’s offense is often known for carrying the team, and it all starts with Tom Brady. His poise is astounding, and he knows how to get things done on the field. The Patriots certainly wouldn’t be where they are without Tom Brady, and he is very much deserving of the honor he receives. And hopefully, the team is poised to make another championship run.