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2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Finals Results

By on July 13, 2014 at 6:30pm

The Finals are over, and after a goal deep in extra time, Germany has emerged as champions. A heartbreaking loss for Argentina to be sure, but it was still a great effort. The Netherlands won third place after Brazil’s meltdown continued, just not to the proportions it did against Germany.

Much of the drama in our Pick ‘Em came from Brazil and Netherlands, with points from selecting the winner making much of the difference. With that in mind, the winner of the 2014 World Cup Pick ‘Em is… Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Finals Results »

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The 100th playing of the Copa America.

Gillette Stadium as Patriots fans know it, can host almost 67,000 people. All these people are a familiar sight on Sundays during the NFL regular season, but during the MLS season, the Revolution average only 17,000 fans on gameday.

The United States seems to only get excited about soccer when the US Women’s National Team is winning a World Cup, or when the Men’s Team is impossibly advancing out of the group stages in international tournaments. The latter occured this past week, when the US Men won their group, and earned a right to battle Ecuador for a spot in the semifinals later this week.

However, what New England soccer fans are really excited about is the high quality of soccer that Robert Kraft is bringing to Massachusetts. While attendance may not seem to be high, this tournament has a chance to be among the most highly attended in Copa America history. The US venues are averaging 40,488 fans per game (Boston.com) which sits well above the attendance average in Chile last year, which was 25,227.

This is exciting because these figures would indicate a rise in interest in soccer throughout the US, which is something that the culture of soccer in this country desperately needs if the United States is to ever become truly competitive on the global stage. Perhaps if higher-profile games and tournaments become more of a mainstay on US soil, then this is an opportunity for the United States to make more of an impact on the game.

In addition to the two group stage games, Gillette will also host a quarterfinal matchup that will most likely pit Argentina against Venezuela (June 18th, 7 pm). For those interested, tickets start at around $90.

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Counting on The Revolution

April 15, 2016 at 2:00am in Revolution, Soccer
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This week in MLS, Toronto FC caught the big break they were hoping for this season. Suffering through 21 days of controversial decisions against them, Toronto FC turned the tides in their favor by stealing a point from the New England Revolution at the Gillette Stadium.

In more than 90 minutes gameplay, Toronto FC held on their life and managed to hold the Revolution on a 1-1 draw. At the 58th minute, Kelyn Rowe pushed a header shot towards Sebastian Giovinco, who succeeded in netting in his third goal of the season. Continue reading Counting on The Revolution »

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Germany and Argentina square off to determine the winner of the world's most prestigious soccer trophy. (http://photo.elsoar.com/)

The World Cup will end this weekend, and it will be a good final two games. Brazil and the Netherlands look to avenge totally different but equally tough to swallow losses, while powerhouses Germany and Argentina each look to seize the throne again.

Brazil was more thoroughly humiliated than any soccer squad before them, but they’re still getting some picks for the bronze; it can’t get much worse for them after their loss to Germany. Germany is a powerful squad, but nobody could get a universal selection in the final rounds.

Scoring will be the same as before, except all points are doubled! That means picking the winner of each game is worth four points, while picking how many goals each team will score is worth two points per team. In the event of a tie in our standings, we’ll also be selecting the minute of the game when the winning goal will be scored in Germany vs Argentina.

Check below for the picks, and come back when the Cup is awarded for the complete results. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Finals »

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After a tough win on penalty kicks, Argentina moves on to meet Germany in the Finals for the third time. (http://upstreamonline.com.cdn.bitbit.net/)

The Semifinals are complete, and the two games could not have been more different. Germany put an unprecedented beatdown on Brazil, while Netherlands and Argentina couldn’t get anything past each other until Argentina took advantage in a penalty kick shootout.

Certainly, nobody saw Germany’s explosion coming at all, though it was easier to get a point here and there with the other low scores. It’s a close race for the Pick ‘Em’s lead entering the final round.

So check below for the updated results, and be sure to check back on Saturday afternoon for the final picks. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Semifinals Results »

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Germany has done well so far, but can they keep it up against the host country? ("Balls of Fury," 2007)

The final four teams in the World’s most prestigious soccer tournament are ready to duke it out. Perennial powerhouses Brazil and Germany start the round off, to be followed by last World Cup’s runner-up Netherlands taking on Argentina.

With Brazil and Germany being ranked third and second in the world respectively, that should be a good game. And Netherlands vs Argentina should have plenty of intrigue as well. In that respect, neither game’s winner was unanimously picked. Even the scores of the game had differences in predictions.

As before, choosing the winner of each game is worth two points, while picking the goals scored by each team is worth one point.

So check below for everyone’s predictions, and come back once the Finals are set for the results. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Semifinals »

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Behind home-rain-forest advantage, Brazil was the only team to score twice in the quarterfinals. (http://at-web.org/)

The Semis are set, and it was a tough battle all around. Upstart Costa Rica forced Netherlands to penalty kicks. All other games were decided by one goal as well, two of those by the score of 1-0.

That made extra points tough to come by for our experts, who all unanimously picked the winners of all four games. Still, with four more games in the tournament, there’s plenty of time to make up room.

So check below for the updated results, and come back Tuesday evening for the Semifinal selections. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Quarterfinals Results »

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