The USA isn't in the tournament anymore, but the Quarterfinals still kick off on the Fourth of July. (

The Quarterfinals are about to begin, starting with a huge all-Europe match between France and Germany. With a great performance to win a tough group, and as the only team left not from Europe or South America, Costa Rica could be fun to watch, despite a tough game against the Netherlands. Argentina and Belgium look to build off tough elimination wins, while host Brazil faces Columbia in the round’s all-South America game.

This round, it was easier for our experts to choose the winners, with differences in finals scores to make the most difference in scoring before the Semifinal Round. As before, choosing the winner of each game is worth two points, while picking the goals scored by each team is worth one point.

So check below for everyone’s picks for this round, and check back once the round is complete for updated results. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Quarterfinals »

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1. Game Stuff:

* Amazing, amazing sporting event – almost broke my clicker, hand and TV – tantalizing, agonizing, what sports are all about – the ultimate in competition
* An indication of the respect FIFA has for USA – they were put in the Group of Death and had to travel more than any other team 5,900 miles to less than a 1,000 for Belgium
* Are we sure Landon Donovan couldn’t have helped at all?
* The team did the country proud they fought hard

2. Stats:

* Belgium 38 shots to 14
* Belgium 27 shots on net to 9
* Belgium 19 corners to 4 Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Tim Howard Heroic Efforts Not Enough in Classic »

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Belgium eked its way through against a late US rally to win the final spot in the Quarterfinals. (

The Round of 16 is complete. Host Brazil had to work harder than anticipated to get by. Team USA couldn’t keep things together in extra time of the final game. After all eight group winners advanced, we’re left with four European squads, three from South America and one from Central America. Two games were decided by two goals, four by one goal and two had to go to penalty kicks.

In our Pick ‘Em, Columbia over Uruguay was the one big surprise, with Belgium over USA being a split decision. Points from guessing each team’s final goal tally also provided a great avenue towards points, especially with the lower scoring teams.

So check below for the updated results, and come back on Independence day for the Quarterfinal selections. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16 Results »

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The bracket is set for the knockout games with a very good field. (

The knockout bracket is set and underway. Brazil continues their quest to win as host country. USA looks to beat a European opponent (after a tie and loss in the group stage) to move on. And of course, there are plenty of great games in between.

Our picks provide an interesting view, with group winners favored in general, though with blowouts kept to a minimum. For each pick, choosing the winner of each game is worth two points, while picking the goals scored by each team is worth one point.

Check below for the complete pick set, and come back once the round is complete for the updated results. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16 »

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Defending champs Spain met with an inglorious end, but there are plenty of worthy new champions. (

After the Group Stage, the field has gotten more open with defending World Cup champion Spain not even making it past two games while in contention. The U.S. held off Portugal to advance despite giving up a game-tying goal against Portugal itself. Costa Rica won a group with three former World Cup winners.

With some big surprises, some of our experts were thrown for a loop. There were plenty of games that led to leads being opened up, but plenty more to come to make up the deficit. But for now, check below for the updated results, and check back Saturday for the Round of 16 picks. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Group Stage Results »

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil looks to be a fun one with plenty of story lines. ("The Simpons," 'Marge Gamer,' April 22 2007)

The World Cup is here. Host Brazil is one of the favorites; with their skill and home-field advantage, it’ll be tough to stop them for sure. They also belong to one of several groups that could legitimately considered groups of death as well, with Mexico and Cameroon, not to mention Croatia as opposition. Last time’s finalists Spain and the Netherlands are both in Group B opposite Brazil, and the US has to deal with perennial juggernauts Brazil and Germany, and also Ghana, which eliminated them from the previous two World Cups. There’s plenty of other potential surprises as well.

In our Pick ‘Em, we’ve brought you our picks for which two teams will advance from each group. One point goes to a correct pick to move on, except two points for correctly guessing a group winner instead. Furthermore, whichever team wins each group, we’ll also be guessing how many goals will be scored by that team in all three group games combined; picks are worth one point for being within one, or two points for being exactly right.

For reference, the teams in each group are presented below, followed by the picks. So check everything out, and be sure to check back when the Group Stage is complete for the results.

Group A Brazil Cameroon Croatia Mexico
Group B Australia Chile Netherlands Spain
Group C Columbia Greece Ivory Coast Japan
Group D Costa Rica England Italy Uruguay
Group E Ecuador France Honduras Switzerland
Group F Argentina Bosnia and
Iran Nigeria
Group G Germany Ghana Portugal USA
Group H Algeria Belgium Russia South Korea

Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Group Stage »

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Thursday afternoon at 4PM EST, Planet Earth will turn it’s attention to Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, Brazil. It is here where the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals will kick-off with the host nation taking on Croatia. For the next month after that, the world will be consumed by the planet’s best sports tournament. 

This edition of the World Cup is loaded with story-lines, and could be legacy defining tournaments for a number of players. There are also multiple groups of death, and several darkhorse teams who could be playing in the final four. I’ll be offering coverage here throughout the tournament.

Now, let’s get on to previewing each group. Continue reading 2014 FIFA World Cup Preview »

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