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2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Finals Results

The deed is done. The month-long, quadrennial athletic tournament the U.S. doesn’t care about is now over. After a thrilling 64 matches, Spain has emerged victorious, handing the still-championship-less Netherlands their third loss in the last game. Spain won 1-0 (again) behind defense and almost literally last-minute heroics. There were a total of 14 yellow […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Finals

The final round is here, and Paul the Octopus has weighed in. He has agreed with our staff, picking the Germans to take 3rd place and the Spanish to win it all. While Germany is a unanimous pick, the Netherlands were favored by two of the seven experts to win, perhaps because we (in general) […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Semifinals Results

Paul the Octopus was right again; the cephalopod has now correctly picked the results of all six of Germany’s games in this World Cup. Remind me never to bet against a mollusk again. It was a hard fought match, but Spain prevailed 1-nil. The Netherlands won 3-2, though Uruguay made things a little interesting in […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Semifinals

The Final Four of the soccer world is known, and they’re all hungry for victory. Uruguay is representing all of South America now, but the Dutch will look to build on their upset of Brazil. The Germans have been on an absolute tear, and have some beef with Spain over the European Championships. But of […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Quarterfinals Results

We’re down to the Final Four, and anything could happen. That’s mostly because the referees keep interjecting themselves in controversial moments, especially in the Spain/Paraguay game. Uruguay defeated Ghana in penalty kicks while the Netherlands beat top-ranked Brazil, both from behind. Germany dissected Argentina, and Spain overcame a bevy of penalty kicks to beat Paraguay […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Quarterfinals

Here we are at the Quarterfinals. This was the round that doomed Roger Federer twice in a row, and our staff of experts narrowly thinks the same will happen in the same round to #1 seed Brazil. Only the Dutch could be such favorites, at least before Spain gets a crack. By the way, Spain […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16 Results

The Quarterfinals start Friday, and only one of the eight group winners will not be there. Guess which one it is. That’s right, it’s the world-famous disappointing soccer rejects, the Americans. They were the only SoB favored team to not win, and yours truly was the only one with the foresight to see that coming. […]

Why Did the U.S. Soccer Team Fight?

If you were a bitter fan, you might be asking yourself that question right now. What was all of that for? Why’d we get excited? Is that IT? I’ve got good news and bad news for you, U.S. soccer fans. The bad news is that, despite Landon Donovan’s last-minute heroics in the Algeria game to […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Round of 16

It’s now time for the Round of 16, kicking off with Uruguay and South Korea. There’s plenty of action between now and Tuesday, so turn on your TiVos (TiVoes?) and catch all of the action. I hear the North Korean squad’s execution will be broadcast live on ESPN2. With the Group Stages over, the SoB […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Group Stage Results

After a couple of weeks of work, the Group stages of the 2010 FIFA World Cup are complete, with less than 24 hours between said completion and the Round of 16. There were plenty of surprises, with Japan making a surprise entry into the second round to face Paraguay, in what should be a fun […]

An Early World Cup Run Down

The World Cup isn’t even a week old, but now is a perfect time to see how the world’s biggest sports event has been going. There have been some surprises, and some expected results. From the defending world champions in action, to the much-hyped U.S. vs. England, to the host nation South Africa kicking things […]

U.S. Earns Shocking 1-1 Tie with England in World Cup Opener

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t see this one coming. Entering the game as a heavy underdog, the U.S. National Team miraculously earned a 1-1 draw with world soccer superpower England in their World Cup opener on Saturday evening in South Africa. The eyes of the world were fixed on Royal Bafokeng Stadium […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Expert Picks: Group Stage

With the World Cup now underway, emotions are running high in the land of Mandela, the first in Africa to host the quadrennial tournament. Plenty of action is sure to come, especially in Group G, which contains both the world’s #1 (Brazil) and #3 (Portugal). Tough draw for North Korea to be in, to be […]

Know Nothing About the World Cup? That’s OK, You Can Fake It.

You and I aren’t all that different. We both spent a summer month back in 2006 getting caught up in the fervor of World Cup soccer. We were impressed by the traditions and histories. We learned the players’ names and styles. We were enchanted by the beauty and fluidity of the game. We made a […]

Thierry Henry to New York: An American Soccer Renaissance?

Reports hit American news wires on Monday that an MLS team, the New York Red Bulls, had made a blockbuster deal and brought Barcelona star and French International Thierry Henry to American shores, trying to add to the international mystique David Beckham brings to the MLS. Today, Henry is rejecting the story and saying his […]