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A Look Into the Kevin Youkilis Trade

Now that the dust has settled and Kevin Youkilis has finally been shipped out of Boston and forced to change the color of his Sox, (see what I did there?) we can take a look to see the benefits for each team. In exchange for Youkilis, the White Sox sent Zach Stewart, and Brent Lillibridge […]

Yankees Spoil Fenway’s 100th Anniversary

Fenway Park celebrated its 100th birthday as Boston Red Sox legends gathered before the game for a spectacular showing, but the New York Yankees crashed the party. Led by five solo home runs off of Sox starter Clay Buchholz, the Bronx Bombers lived up to their nickname and took the first game of the year […]

Ryan Braun Proven Innocent, Suspension Lifted

Ryan Braun can sleep much easier these days. The Brewers outfielder successfully won his appeal of the 50-game suspension he received for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. In December it was initially reported that the National League MVP had failed an October test due to high levels of testosterone. Immediately a negative outburst of reaction […]

Friday Rambling: Peyton, A-Rod, and LeBron…What’s My Problem with the Best?

With Peyton Manning announcing that he has been cleared to play next season, there has been no shortage of coverage on the topic. And it’s not without justification–an NFL with Big Manning is probably a more exciting NFL. Good for him. What is curious, however, is the fact that the news was announced just days […]

Do 3,000 Hits Guarantee Trip to Hall of Fame?

As a sports fan, I have been in heated debates concerning almost every subject. Everything from the DH rule to whether or not hockey broadcasts should reinstate something similar to the FoxTrax glow puck. But maybe, the most ridiculous argument happened this past weekend. I’m almost ashamed to type this, but I know a person, a […]

Alex Rodriguez & Poker: Gambling With His Career?

Earlier this week, Star Magazine alleged that Alex Rodriguez had participated in at least one poker game at the home of record executive Cody Leibel. The report claimed that at one late 2009 game, cocaine was present and a fight broke out over Leibel’s failure to pay a debt. Rodriguez reportedly attempted to keep his […]

Baseball Brawls: Are They Necessary?

Coming off of their series win in Baltimore, the Red Sox faced the possibility of a repeated controversy from their last series with the Orioles. Before the All-Star Break, David Ortiz received a four-game suspension for his dispute with pitcher Kevin Gregg. Incidents involving fighting in baseball have been happening for years, and Boston fans […]

Kevin Youkilis Named to AL All-Star Team

In a bit of a shake-up to the AL All-Star roster, Red Sox 3B Kevin Youkilis was named to the team as a replacement for Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez who declined to play in the Midsummer Classic due to a knee injury. Youkilis is having a solid season hitting .275 with 12 HR and 59 […]

Buchholz’s Eventual Return Likely Means Miller Back to Pawtucket

Sound the trumpets. Beat the drums. Bang the gongs. Do something with some other instrument. Clay Buchholz will soon be back with the Red Sox. The man with the 6-3 record and 3.48 ERA will finally stabilize a pitching rotation that has been ravaged by stomach illnesses and spot starts. The 1-2-3 punch necessary for […]

Lowrie Powers Red Sox Past Yankees in Slugfest

Josh Beckett entered Friday night’s game looking to chase the demons and beat the Yankees on their own turf. With a heavy curveball and a low-90’s fastball with movement, Beckett stymied the Yanks through the first five innings, allowing just one run on a Curtis Granderson blast in the third. As has been the case […]

A Proper Boston Farewell to George Steinbrenner

The era is officially over.  It had unofficially ended previously when George Steinbrenner retired a couple years ago and largely remained out of the public spotlight after. But after his sudden death from a heart attack on Tuesday morning, we, as Red Sox fans, can say it is officially over. And although he was a […]

How to Stop the Yankees: It’s All Natural

We’ve all heard of plenty of animals getting onto the field and causing havoc and delays: gulls, pigeons, a cat or two, bees, Phillies fans. And now we have a new one to add onto that list: squirrels. With a light rain falling Tuesday night at Target Field, the Yankees were threatening with Jeter on […]

Oakland’s Dallas Braden Throws Perfect Game, Silences A-Rod

Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas Braden threw the 19th perfect game in MLB history on Sunday afternoon against the Tampa Bay Rays. It took 107 pitches for Braden to reach perfection and it was the first perfect game in the majors since last season when Chicago’s Mark Buehrle threw one against…Tampa Bay. As great as a […]

Bi-Polar Performance by Beckett Knocks the Sox Back Into Reality

After obliterating the Angels, the Red Sox faced their biggest rivals Friday night and suffered one of their worst losses of the season. Josh Beckett had complete command of his fastball and off-speed pitches through the first 3.2 innings, striking out seven batters. After giving up a three-run homer to Nick Swisher, Beckett lost control […]

Nomar Retiring with Red Sox Isn’t All Rainbows and Happy Endings

I don’t want to piss all over everyone’s recent Nomar love-fest, but I feel someone needs to pipe up. Look, I loved the guy when he was wearing a Red Sox uniform. When I played wiffleball, I would mimic his obsessive compulsive batting glove routine, just like every other kid (I still do, because admit […]