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Ortiz Downplays Association with Banned Trainer

David Ortiz answered questions Saturday morning about his relationship with trainer Angel Presinal, who was banned from all major league clubhouses following an incident in 2001. Presinal allegedly traveled with A-Rod and his infamous cousin Yuri Sucart during the entire 2007 season, with Presinal and Sucart staying in a separate hotel room from Rodrgiuez all […]

Steroid-Tainted Trainer Linked to A-Rod, Ortiz, Pedro

According to the New York Daily News, Alex Rodriguez has been linked to a trainer that has been banned from all MLB clubhouses. That trainer, named Angel Presinal, was banned from all private areas in every major league ballpark after an October 2001 incident involving an unmarked gym bag full of steroids. In addition to A-Rod, […]