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Video: Taiwanese NMA-TV Animation Recaps Epic Red Sox Collapse

In case you somehow forgot what happened to the Red Sox during the 2011 season, Tawain’s NMA-TV put together a little computer animation video. The video features David Ortiz with a hobo’s bindle, Theo Epstein with a Chicago Cubs briefcase, the ghost of Babe Ruth, and of course, fat versions of Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, […]

What Yankee Stadium Means to Me

The House That Ruth Built. The Cathedral in the Bronx. A place that in a few weeks will start being disassembled and taken down. It was sold to people for the city’s profit. It’s been renovated and had seating capacity expanded (and what stadium hasn’t?). It’s seen night games and day games, double headers, playoff […]

Book Review: “Asterisk” by David Ezra

If you know me at all, you know two simple things: Adrian Beltre is only worth owning during a contract year and second but most importantly, I HATE BARRY BONDS. I guess I hate him because of the obvious reasons that I share with many, he cheated. Using steroids and breaking baseball’s most prestigious record […]