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The Baseball Hall of Fame Vote: Why Dan Le Batard was Right and Wrong

For those who missed it, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas were voted into the Hall of Fame this past Wednesday. All three were more than deserving of the honor, and one would think they would have their time in the spotlight. Unfortunately, a loud-mouthed reporter with his own agenda, Dan Le Batard, took […]

Does Jason Varitek Belong in the Hall of Fame?

Recently, Jason Varitek held a press conference to announce his retirement from baseball. It was the final chapter in a stellar career, which was marked with outstanding team and individual successes. Whenever a noteworthy player retires, fans and scribes feel compelled to put the career in some sort of historical perspective. Often, that analysis is clouded by emotion. The […]

Did Manny Ramirez Cost Himself A Call to the Hall of Fame?

October 27, 2004. That was the night. Euphoria spilling through the streets of Boston, the dream had come true. The Red Sox, after 86 years, had finally won the World Series and on the back of World Series MVP Manny Ramirez. As Red Sox Nation watched Manny sprint in joyously to the infield to celebrate […]

Alomar, Blyleven Get In: Final Thoughts on the 2011 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

“Bert Blyleven, Hall of Famer has a nice ring to it” – Bert Blyleven on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio. Personally, I’m not quite ready to live a world where Bert Blyleven is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Named on 79.7% of the ballots, he is still number one on […]

2011 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot: Does The Hall Bell Toll For Thee?

This isn’t going to be quick and dirty like a Craigslist date outside McDonald’s. By this point we’ve heard all the statistical arguments, read the voluminous hagiographies penned by breathless sportswriters about why so-and-so should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as the damming, invective filled diatribes of why that same so-and-so […]

Ghost Hunters Find Ted Williams Ghost at Cooperstown?

On Wednesday’s new episode of Ghost Hunters, the crew investigated the Baseball Hall of Fame. Officials there said there were reports of voices coming from players’ plaques and statues, and a lot of possible paranormal activity in certain sections of the Hall. Early on, two of the investigators were at the Ted Williams statue after […]