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Yankees vs. Red Sox: Round 2 in Boston

Overview The New York Yankees comes to Boston tonight to start the second act of the perennial drama that is the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. In their first meeting the Sox dropped three out of four games in New York. The Yankees have since found themselves at the top of the AL East with an 11-8 […]

Red Sox vs Yankees Preview

Red Sox vs Yankees Preview The Boston Red Sox (4-5) and the New York Yankees (4-5), commonly referred to as the greatest rivalry in baseball, will meet tonight in New York for the first time in the 2014 season. The Red Sox are coming off a big comeback win against the Texas Rangers and the […]

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Preview

For the past ten years, trading card companies like Topps have relied heavily on vintage style card sets to help keep collectors interested in the hobby. Sets that feature card designs that have ranged anywhere from the 1960s all the way back to the early 1900s. This week Topps continues their annual look into the […]

Jerry Remy Ready to Return to Broadcasting in 2014

Jerry Remy, broadcaster and former Red Sox second baseman, will return to the NESN broadcasting booth with Don Orsillo for the 2014 season. This is very exciting news for fans across Red Sox Nation that missed the Remdawg after he bowed out of the public eye when his son, Jared, allegedly killed his girlfriend Jennifer […]

Frozen Fenway Features Monster Sled

As Boston feels the bite of Mr. Frost, many a Boston baseball fan reminisces about summer nights at Fenway Park. The folks at Fenway Park knew you would be feeling this way, so they built a giant ramp called the “Monster Sled” for visitors attending this year’s Frozen Fenway festivities running from December 28, 2013 […]

Book Review: “The Art of Fielding” by Chad Harbach

Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding tells the tale of Westish College, a D-III school in northwest Wisconsin. Their athletic program has historically been about as successful as any tiny, unheard-of school ever is, but that changes when catcher Mike Schwartz discovers defensive wunderkind Henry Skrimshander one summer and convinces him to come to Westish […]

Are MLB Games Too Long? Beckett, Boredom, and the Flaws of Baseball

Despite his stellar performance, Josh Beckett’s latest start has not been without criticism. The issue at hand does not concern pitch selection or control, but rather the amount of time Beckett chose to take between pitches. Considering the rules as they currently stand, Beckett did absolutely nothing wrong. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a […]

“Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story” at the Boston Jewish Film Festival

Two things in American society are transmitted from generation to generation: religion and sports fandom. In Boston, the expression “we’re raising our children Red Sox fans” is as common as “we’re raising our children Catholic.” And there is no sport more deeply rooted in American society and history than baseball. So in “Jews and Baseball: […]

The Couch Potato Report: Manny, Monkeys, and More Vuvuzelas!

We’re down in the dumps. We’re beaten. We’re depressed. Bostonians over the last five weeks have had to suffer through not one, but two epic defeats, after Thursday night’s disappointing loss by the Celtics out at Staples Center in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, at the hands of bitter rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. […]

The Couch Potato Report: C’s, Sox, and Soccer Goes Global

Another sports-filled weekend is upon us, and of course, all eyes are focused on South Africa, where the world’s most popular sport takes center stage in the biggest tournament of them all, the World Cup. Locally, Americans don’t hold this event nearly in as high a regard as the rest of the world, but with […]

Tropicana Field Might be on National TV Soon

Here’s something a lot of people don’t exactly think about much: the quality of one of the baseball stadiums that might be involved in the World Series. I’m referring to the closed dome stadium in Tampa, Tropicana Field. The reason I bring this up is that we are three Tampa wins away from having this […]

Yankees, Mets Quiet in October

This year has provided a rare occurrence for New York: both baseball teams did not make the playoffs. Now, despite the recent increased competitiveness of the Mets, their fans are more used to failure than Yankees fans are. So for their fans, switching focus to something else in October or watching the Yankees would not […]

What Yankee Stadium Means to Me

The House That Ruth Built. The Cathedral in the Bronx. A place that in a few weeks will start being disassembled and taken down. It was sold to people for the city’s profit. It’s been renovated and had seating capacity expanded (and what stadium hasn’t?). It’s seen night games and day games, double headers, playoff […]