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Celtics Backcourt Coming Together Key

The Boston Celtics split two games without Rajon Rondo and are now 5-5 since his return from a two-game suspension. Despite Rondo’s desire to put an end to Boston’s inconsistent play and “run off eight or nine games straight,” it is Doc Rivers’ assertion that the Celtics are “a .500 team” that has prevailed so […]

SoB NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

Week 1 is in the books (ok, more like 4 days) and this is how I ranked each team this week. Week 1 is tough. I want this feature to run every Friday morning, which means I need to write it on Thursday morning, and when the season starts on a Sunday … you get […]

Eagle Has Landed: Can Boston College Do Anything Right?

To be honest, I was rooting for the Eagles football team to go 1-11. When I mentioned this to friends, they jokingly responded, “What, to get the top draft pick?” While this vestige of pro sports fandom probably had more of an effect on rooting against my team than I imagine, more than anything I […]