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John Lackey Seen Double-Fisting Bud Light Beers in Red Sox Road Clubhouse

Red Sox pitcher John Lackey, who has missed the entire season due to recovery from Tommy John surgery, is apparently quite thirsty. Hey, a man’s got to drink right? Well, this man, who was at the center of the team’s “chicken and beer” controversy during last September’s historic collapse, apparently prefers Bud Light (two of […]

Was That Beer in the Red Sox Visitor’s Clubhouse in Toronto?

I know, we were as guilty as most for beating the “fried chicken and beer” story to death. But, when you ban beer from the clubhouse, you actually ban it from the clubhouse, right? NESN showed a quick pan of the Red Sox visitor’s clubhouse in Toronto during Monday’s broadcast, and some fine beverages can […]

Bobby Valentine Bans Beer in Red Sox Clubhouse

While it seems logical after last season’s booze fest, it still had to be done: new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has officially banned beer in the clubhouse and on the plane ride home on the last leg of a road trip. In case you somehow don’t know what happened last year…let’s recap: Red Sox […]

What Should the Red Sox do About Josh Beckett?

It seems many fans have found their scapegoat for 2011’s collapse in starter Josh Beckett. Yes, it’s true he was the ring leader in the whole fried chicken and beer “issue,” but that doesn’t mean we need to run him out-of-town. Before I use numbers to state my case, can we please stop with this […]

Joe Torre, MLB “Concerned” With Red Sox Pitchers’ Beer Drinking

Joe Torre expressed concern on behalf of Major League Baseball on Sunday with the reports of the Red Sox starting pitchers drinking beer in the clubhouse. “It’s something we’re concerned about, just to make sure that we get all the facts and that’s my area,” Torre said. “I know I have plans just to talk […]

Report: Beckett, Lackey, Lester Drank Beer in Dugout During Games

UPDATE (11:45 p.m.) – The Red Sox have denied the report that said Josh Beckett, John Lackey and Jon Lester drank beer in the dugout during games. Beckett, Lackey, Lester and former manager Terry Francona all issued statements through the team. “I cannot let this allegation go without response; enough is enough,” Beckett said in […]

Video: Kevin Fowler, Red Sox Sing “Hell Yeah, I Like Beer”

On Friday, after the Red Sox collapse was complete, we told you about reports that said Red Sox pitchers were drinking beer during games on their off days. I speculated that the starting staff was responsible, basically because they have regular off days and were collectively horrendous in September. Wait ’til you see this video. […]

Report: Red Sox Pitchers Drank Beer During Games on Their Off Days

I know, you’re reading the headline and saying… so? Babe Ruth probably did the same thing back when he was a Red Sox pitcher in the 1910’s. But then again, he was Babe Ruth. He hit 714 career home runs and finished with a 2.28 career ERA with 107 complete games. According to the Boston […]