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Book Review: Extra Innings — The Ted Williams’s Comeback Story by Bruce Spitzer

Ever wondered what would happen to Ted Williams after he was cryonically (and controversially) frozen in 2002? Would there come a day far off in the future when we might see Teddy Ballgame step back onto a baseball field to a rousing ovation, like in the 1999 Midsummer Classic at Fenway Park? Well, the wait […]

Book Review: “The Art of Fielding” by Chad Harbach

Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding tells the tale of Westish College, a D-III school in northwest Wisconsin. Their athletic program has historically been about as successful as any tiny, unheard-of school ever is, but that changes when catcher Mike Schwartz discovers defensive wunderkind Henry Skrimshander one summer and convinces him to come to Westish […]

Book Review: “The Best American Sports Writing 2005”

It’s been almost six months since I reviewed a volume of Glenn Stout’s “Best American Sports Writing” series. I’d say we’re due. So here’s 2005. A Timely Work More than any volume I’ve read so far, the 2005 edition closely connects its content with major sports stories of 2004. After that year’s Super Bowl and […]

Book Review: “The Greatest Game” by Richard Bradley

The Greatest Game is Richard Bradley’s exploration of the 1978 one-game playoff between the Red Sox and Yankees for a spot in the AL Championship. The game is best remembered for Bucky “F—ing” Dent’s three-run home run in the seventh inning that turned the momentum in New York’s favor. The Yankees won 5-4, beat the […]

The ESPN Book Review: “Those Guys Have All The Fun”

The anticipation surrounding the oral history of the embattled “four letter network” and self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports,” ESPN, entitled Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN was comparable to that of a summer blockbuster movie release. The rumored aggregate amount of information – coming directly from those who were at the conglomerate during […]

Book Review: “The Best American Sports Writing 2002”

Is five weeks a long time to finish a 285-page book? I can never tell if I’m a slow reader or not. Anyway, that’s how long it took me to finish the 28 stories in “The Best American Sports Writing 2002.” So now here’s the review, after which I will read something that doesn’t start […]

Book Review: “The Best American Sports Writing 2010”

The Best American Sports Writing 2010 is the latest in a series of collections dating back to 1991. In each collection, series editor Glenn Stout chooses a volume editor to sift through the many, many submissions in an effort to choose the very best sports writing of the previous year. Most articles originally appeared in […]

Book Review: The Complete Illustrated History of the New England Patriots (the early days)

The Complete Illustrated History of the New England Patriots, famed Pats expert and journalist Christopher Price’s most recent book, gets old school. Price goes back to the very first days, of the “foolish club,” also known as the AFL when it decided to challenge the world.  Back to the days of leather helmets, when football […]

Book Review: Unseen Academicals – Wizards Playing Soccer

Terry Pratchett is not a sports writer. The world he writes about, Discworld, is a flat world borne through space on the backs of four elephants, who are in turn borne through space on the shell of a giant turtle. It is a world filled with wizards, witches, trolls, dwarves, and other fantastical elements. Perhaps […]

Book Review: The Best American Sports Writing of the Century

The Best American Sports Writing of the Century, edited by the late David Halberstam, is a phenomenal collection of sports essays dating as far back as 1921. The book runs the gamut of professional and collegiate athletics, with articles on baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, and more. There’s something for everyone in this “best of […]

Book Review: “Born to Play: My Life in the Game” by Dustin Pedroia (with Edward J. Delaney)

Dustin Pedroia is the Red Sox All-Star 2nd baseman, who was named the A.L. Rookie of the Year in 2007, in which the team won the World Series. He then followed up that impressive season by winning the A.L. MVP award in 2008. In his first two years of playing professional ball, Pedroia won almost […]

Book Review: “The Code: Football’s Unwritten Rules and Its Ignore-at-Your-Own-Risk Code of Honor” by Ross Bernstein

We all watch football every Sunday, and for the most part, it is the same old thing. We all know there are two sides to every story: what we see and what we don’t see. There’s just got to be more to football than the four quarters of action we watch every week, right? The […]

Five Ways for Die-Hard Boston Sports Fans to Mourn End of Sox Season

The Die-Hard Sports Fan’s Guide to Boston by Christopher Klein To send us press releases, email press AT sportsofboston DOT com BOSTON, Mass. — “It’s just like the bad old days. Doom and gloom has returned to Boston,” says Christopher Klein, author of The Die-Hard Sports Fan’s Guide to Boston (Union Park Press, Boston, MA), […]

Book Review: The Die-Hard Sports Fan’s Guide to Boston

Having lived in New England my entire life and growing up a die-hard sports fan, I thought I pretty much knew everything there was to know about our region’s sports teams. However, beyond Fenway Park, the TD Bank Garden (or whatever it’s called) and Gillette Stadium, there’s a plethora of large and small venues to […]

Top of the World – A Book Review

“Anything is Possible.” The three words uttered/screamed by Kevin Garnett as he stood at center court after the Celtics won their 17th NBA title. Boston Celtics fans had been waiting 22 years for another Larry O’Brien trophy to make it’s way to Causeway Street and finally the new “big 3” made it happen. We all […]