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TGIF: Ron Shandler’s Baseball Forecaster

Oh my god, oh my god! It is getting close to December. It isn’t just the month of numerous holiday seasons or the first day of winter. December is also the time of year when one of my favorite publications comes out. I first read about this book when I read Fantasyland┬áby Sam Walker. The […]

Book Review: “Asterisk” by David Ezra

If you know me at all, you know two simple things: Adrian Beltre is only worth owning during a contract year and second but most importantly, I HATE BARRY BONDS. I guess I hate him because of the obvious reasons that I share with many, he cheated. Using steroids and breaking baseball’s most prestigious record […]

Book Review: Fantasyland by Sam Walker

We are taking an unusual direction for this post. Today, I have for you readers, a book review. True, books are not our area of expertise, but I came across this piece of literature at a nearby Borders and I now feel the need to share it with you. As a person who every year […]