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Brett Favre’s Future

With the Saints winning the NFC Championship game, ending the Vikings’ season, there is an inevitable question that we must ask: Is this Brett Favre‘s last year? To be sure, he proved he can still play at the professional level, leading a talented team nearly to the Super Bowl (“nearly” being the operative word). And […]

Favre Versus Cassel: The Rubber Match

After waffling more than an IHOP chef, Brett Favre is back in action. He picked a great time to do it, too. On Friday at 8:00, Favre’s Vikings will face Matt Cassel’s Chiefs in Minnesota. Last season, Favre’s Jets and Cassel’s Patriots split the season series one game each, with the Pats winning in Week […]

Brett Favre to Sign with Vikings

I can hear the figureheads at ESPN celebrating now, as their prodigal son hath returneth! Of course, I’m talking about Brett Favre, who again decided to postpone his retirement for one more season, one more big fat paycheck ($10-12 million), and one more chance at inflating an already huge ego. Pending a physical (which I’m […]