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Jacoby Ellsbury Signed with the Yankees: Now What?

We’ve seen this before; a popular Red Sox center fielder whose game is predicated on speed signs with the arch-rival Yankees. One’s gut reaction says this is exactly like the Johnny Damon situation in 2005, but if you put all the emotional muck aside, this is quite different. If over these past three years you […]

Why The Red Sox Should Pursue Derek Jeter

This past week, the New York Post published a photo of Derek Jeter in a Red Sox uniform after Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Jeter to see if he can find a better deal than the three-year, $45 million one he turned down. There’s no way Jeter would join the Red Sox, right? That’s like […]

New York Post: Derek Jeter in a Red Sox Uniform!?

As Derek Jeter and agent Casey Close’s talks with the Yankees inch closer and closer toward contempt, it’s nice to see that the New York media is having some fun at their favorite son’s expense. The Yankees have reportedly offered Jeter a three-year deal worth $45 million, a pretty good payday for a middle infielder […]

Yankees’ Protest Denied

Major League Baseball denied the New York Yankees protest of the game Tuesday night in which the Red Sox emerged victorious. The protest occurred as a result of pitching coach John Farrell taking Josh Beckett out mid-inning due to injury and not following the proper procedure in the eyes of Yankee manager Joe Girardi. A […]

Who’s in Charge in the Bronx? Cashman Sits A-Rod

Is it just me, or is it a whole lot of fun to compare the Yankees and Red Sox organizations? On the one hand, an enlightened despotism under Theo, the boy-king, and on the other, a treacherous, backbiting cabal ruled by the madness of King George? I mention this because Yanks GM Brian Cashman appears […]

More Home Runs at the new Yankee Stadium: So What?

It’s amazing how limited the press can make their own vision to generate a point of larger noise. The new Yankee stadium has been home to a solid amount of home runs for April and immediately the press is jumping to conclusions that it’s now this massive hitter’s park that will make Coors Field look […]