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Celtics One Step Ahead of Pistons

On Monday, the Pistons traded Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb to the Nuggets for star guard Allen Iverson. At first look, it appears the Pistons have pushed in all their chips and mortgaged thier immediate future for success this season. But, beneath the surface, it appears GM Joe Dumars has outsmarted us all…that […]

Celtics Player Previews: The Bench Forwards

The Celtics took a big loss this summer when they were unable to re-sign forward James Posey for a new contract before he took off for the New Orleans Hornets. In his place, Danny Ainge signed and drafted a couple players that may help fill his void. They help make up the forwards that will […]

Celtics Four-Point Play 7-31

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll take a look at what Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are up to these days, I’ll make not of a worthy effort put forth by Brian Scalabrine, and I’ll reminisce on the one-year anniversary of Garnett’s trade to the Celtics. 1. Paul Pierce was recently in Spain […]

Celtics Player Review: Brian Scalabrine

The token white guy riding the bench through most of the season, Brian Scalabrine will still remain a fan favorite in Boston despite the numbers that he puts up. Although he played a bit more than his white counterpart, Scot Pollard, Scal still did not deliver impressive numbers this season. I understand that if he […]

Celtics Pass With Flying Colors in 2007-2008

KC did a piece earlier in the Celtics season in which he reviewed and issued grades for each individual player on the team. Now that the season is over I’ll take a look at all of the players on the team and give them a grade and a little bit of review on how I […]

Celtics’ Bench Manages to Hold Onto Win in OT

Despite the Big Three’s presence in the lineup tonight, this game was once again another test for the Celtics’ bench players. After sitting out Saturday night’s game against Charlotte, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce petitioned to Celtics coach Doc Rivers to play tonight against Milwaukee. The Big Three were limited to just about […]

New All-Star Allen Leads Banged Up C’s Over Knicks

Three fabulous things happened last night. First, the Celtics won 111-103 behind a team-high 24 points from Paul Pierce. Second, with the Celtics win im 2-for-2 on Ray Allen Guarantees (I guaranteed that the Celtics would beat the Knicks despite being short-handed). Third, Ray Allen was announced as an all-star reserve for the Eastern Conference, […]

Celtics Four-Point Play 9/5

Here’s the first of a weekly series of the Celtics Four-Point Play to appear every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning on Sports of Boston. This is where I will compile four (4) small and related Celtics facts and offer my own spin on a variety of Celtics news stories. The general format will be a short blurb […]

Player Preview: Brian Scalabrine

Redhead Brian Scalabrine, above, will compete for minutes on a deep Celtics bench.(Courtesy of NBA.com) Why did Danny Ainge sign Brian Scalabrine after the 2004-2005 season? It’s not a knock on him; he’s a decent role player on a championship-caliber team. But when Danny Ainge signed Scal Aug 2, 2005, the Celtics were not a […]