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VIDEO: Buck Showalter and Joe Girardi (Nearly) Come to Blows

On Monday night, the Orioles further hampered the Yankees’ playoff hopes with a 4-2 victory, but the fireworks were flying long before the game ever ended. In the very first inning, Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi bolted to the end of his dugout in order to scream at Orioles’ third base coach Bobby Dickerson and accused […]

In Defense of Theo Epstein After Buck Showalter’s Criticism

Also Read: SoB’s Mike Carlucci thinks Buck Showalter brought up some good points about Theo Epstein and the Red Sox fat wallet. Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter is no fan of Theo Epstein. In the April edition of Men’s Journal, Showalter said that overpaying for players because you have the highest payroll in Major League […]

Showalter Speaks His Mind About Theo Epstein

Also Read: SoB’s Matt Goisman defends Theo Epstein. The Baltimore Orioles are a proud and storied franchise, despite their recent downturn. Bringing in Buck Showalter as manager to help the young team was one step in their rebuilding process. Part of that step involves the team finding it’s own voice – and Showalter has taken […]