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A-Rod Suspension Set at 162 Games

After a long an arduous process A-Rod’s appeal of his suspension has finally been settled. Originally at 211-game ban, the suspension has been reduced to 162 games including the playoffs. It remains to be seen whether Rodriguez’s camp will take legal action to reduce the suspension ever further or even do away with it completely. […]

MLB Expands Instant Replay, Enables Challenge System for 2014

Major League Baseball took a giant step forward on Thursday when it was announced that the league would adopt a new instant replay system in the 2014 season, one which allows for managers to challenge any call on the field, aside from balls and strikes. Assuming 75% of the owners agree to the change, teams […]

2012 MLB Preview: Yankees Top American League Power Rankings

For the Boston Red Sox, the 2011 season was an homage to all of the disappointing Red Sox teams of the past. The Sox had a potent offense, mediocre pitching staff and even a historic collapse to cap it all off. The baseball season is an epic journey and usually teams with the most talent, […]

Analyzing MLB’s Possible Expanded Playoffs Format

In April, Commissioner Bud Selig detailed plans to expand the number of playoff teams in Major League Baseball with hopes for additional wild card slots in 2012. While no official agreement has been made, Selig did say that “ten is a fair number” with regards to adding one more wild card team in each league. […]

John Henry’s $500K Fine Implicates MLB Revenue Sharing & Bud Selig More

Earlier this week John Henry told WEEI that he was fined $500,000 in 2009 for criticizing MLB and their revenue sharing model. Specifically, this is what he had to say: “Over a billion dollars has been paid to seven chronically uncompetitive teams, five of whom have had baseball’s highest operating profits. Who, except these teams, […]

Leak of MLB Team Financial Reports Just Another Epitaph on Baseball’s Tombstone

If there is one sport that didn’t need to be kicked while it’s down its baseball. Across MLB, numbers are down ranging from butts in the seats to viewership at home. Boston is a perfect microcosm for the nationwide epidemic. Not even five years removed from their last World Series championship and, seemingly, no one […]

Galarraga’s Game to Remain Imperfect

Everyone knows that OJ was guilty, everyone knows that Barry Bonds was on steroids, and everyone knows that Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game. Through 8.2 innings, the Detroit righty had retired each and every batter he faced. With one out to go, a missed call by the now infamous umpire Jim Joyce cost Galarraga […]

Baseball’s Power Outage

While most of the headlines since Jose Canseco’s revelations in Juiced have been reserved for steroids, amphetamines have long been influential in baseball, if a little less glamorous in the media. Part of this, as ESPN’s Mark Kreidler said when the ban was first discussed, is because “amphetamines are so old school that many observers […]

2009 World Series and ALCS Earlier Start Times

If you actually have to get up for work early in the morning (who doesn’t?), you know the difficulty with trying to stay up to watch playoff baseball in October. Finally, it looks like we may get some solice, at least to last until the 7th inning, as the start times for weeknight ALCS and […]

The World Baseball Classic is a Joke

We’re already on the second instance of the World Baseball Classic and Bud Selig’s wonderful idea has already become meaningless. I mean honestly, who would have thought that the World Baseball Classic would not produce the best baseball from the top talent? Who could believe that so many teams would keep their players that had […]

Sorting Through the Steroids Mess

Well it’s nice to be back after a short hiatus, and boy did things ever blow up in the sports world during it. I’d like to thank Alex Rodriguez, Bud Selig, and a whole cast of others for giving me quite the range of items to discuss my thoughts on, and all revolve around one item: […]

Hearing on Yankee Stadium Bonds Sinks to New Low

I’ve seen Bud Selig and other owners and front offices stoop to this level. I never expected to see the Yankees there, though. After all, the Yankees are the richest franchise in baseball and have many avenues to obtain large amounts of revenue. Yet, at the Yankees hearing on the bonds issued to the team for […]

MLB to Investigate Final Days of Manny Ramirez Era

Manny Ramirez is destroying the ball since joining the L.A. Dodgers, and since having his final two option years dropped. He’s hitting .565 (13-23) with four HRs and nine RBI in six games. All of a sudden his knees don’t hurt. All of a sudden he’s playing hard. All of a sudden…he and Scott Boras […]

Red Sox Protest Underscores Baseball Labor Issues

Yesterday’s mandate by the Red Sox was historic to younger baseball fans, but to those who have followed the game for at least 40 years, it probably seemed like business as usual. To anyone who has very closely followed how Bud Selig has run MLB’s front office, it was the old used car salesman making […]

John Rocker Adds to Steroids Controversy

Former major league pitcher John Rocker has come out publicly against Bug Selig and Major League Baseball. On an Atlanta radio station, Rocker said that he had taken steroids in 2000 and Bud Selig was well aware of it and did nothing to stop it. He also said Selig is often seen in a glorious […]