// Chad Billingsley

2009 Fantasy Baseball Season Wrap-Up

Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd that does it! The baseball season has officially come to an end. This of course means that fantasy baseball has officially closed in the year 2009. If we all want a taste of this game again, we will have to wait a few months until the 2010 draft preparations begin. Congratulations to all of […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 2 (4-13 – 4-19)

Apparently the new Yankee Stadium has become a home run haven. It has always been a well-known fact that Colorado’s Coors Field was the ideal place for owners needing a power fix. If recent trends continue, then I guess we will all have to start putting players in our lineups solely based on the fact that they are […]

TGIF: Players I Targeted (2009 Edition)

We all do it. As part of our draft preparation, we make our own version of “the list.” This is the sacred document that you live by on draft day. It is your list of players you HAVE to have. These are players you justify reaching for with your own insane logic and often receive ridicule […]