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Chara Escapes Further Discipline from NHL; No Fine, No Suspension

In somewhat of a surprise move by the NHL today, the league has decided not to suspend or fine Bruins captain Zdeno Chara for the nasty hit on Montreal’s Max Pacioretty in last night’s 4-1 Canadiens win up at the Bell Centre. For the few of you who haven’t seen or heard about last night’s […]

Colin Campbell Responds to Allegations, Puts Foot in Mouth

Recently, Colin Campbell has given several interviews regarding the fiasco he finds himself in. Being asked about everything from the Savard e-mails to calls for his resignation, to what it’s been like in general, Campbell seemed to labor through his answers, that is, when his answers were relevant at all. As Admiral Adama might say, […]

Mr. Campbell, Not Again! A Second Letter Regarding Marc Savard

To: Mr. Colin Campbell, Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the NHL From: A Bruised and Boiling Bruin Dear Mr. Campbell, You might remember a still-unanswered letter I sent you last spring concerning Mr. Matt Cooke’s less-than-legal hit on Mr. Marc Savard, which occurred the night of Sunday, March 7, 2010.  I […]

NHL, Colin Campbell Biased Against Marc Savard

Colin Campbell, the NHL’s senior vice president of hockey operation and all-around disciplinarian, publicly called Marc Savard a “little fake artist.” Really, it was an e-mail conversation with former NHL director of officiating Stephen Walkom, but everything becomes public when you hit send. This is just the next revelation in a long line of completely […]

Marc Savard and Matt Cooke to Meet in the Octagon

In a breaking announcement Thursday, the NHL and UFC issued a joint statement that to settle their differences, Matt Cooke and Marc Savard will step inside the UFC Octagon following the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals. Because league disciplinarian Colin Campbell concluded that hits with the shoulder can not be used as an attempt […]

NHL Headshots Outlawed, Head Hunters Now Relegated to Job Searches

On Tuesday, the NHL’s Board of Governors approved a rule change banning senseless (and indeed any) head hits (likely in response to pressure from the Marc Savard incident), specifically prohibiting “a lateral, back-pressure or blind-side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact.” The logistics and timing of […]

Cam Neely Rips Bruins’ Lack of Passion, Agrees With Fans’ Complaints

On Friday afternoon, Cam Neely, current Vice President of the Boston Bruins and NHL Hall of Famer, ripped the Bruins players on WEEI’s “The Big Show”, following their 3-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday night. Citing “a lack of passion and commitment to working hard”, Neely told host Glenn Ordway that he was […]

Ovechkin Suspended Two Games By NHL

The NHL announced Monday that Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals is suspended for two games following his hit Sunday in Chicago on Brian Campbell 12:16 into the 1st Period. The Capitals won 4-3 in OT. Ovechkin will forfeit $232,645.40 and is now considered a repeat offender for his earlier suspension for kneeing on November […]

A Letter To NHL Disciplinarian Colin Campbell Regarding Matt Cooke

To: Mr. Colin Campbell, Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the NHL From: A Bruised and Boiling Bruin Dear Mr. Campbell, It is with great disappointment that I am forced to write this letter. I am sure that this will be one of many letters concerning Mr. Matt Cooke’s hit on Mr. […]