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College Basketball and Sports Betting: Maximize Your Winning Potential

Nothing beats college basketball. The sense of passion and excitement that it brings simply embodies the American spirit that is why it is religiously watched by sports fanatics across the country. College players do not play for big contracts or shoe deals; they play their hearts out for the fans and basically for the love […]

After Losses to Duke and NC State, BC Will Finish Below .500

Back on Feb. 10, the Boston College Eagles men’s basketball team came within one point of beating fourth-ranked Duke. Then, at the end of last month, in a rematch against the then-sixth-ranked Blue Devils on the road, the Eagles lost yet again but this time in a blowout, falling 89-68. BC then went on to […]

Boston vs. Goliath – The Current State of College Basketball in Boston

More so than any other sport, college basketball is a sport of perennial powerhouses. Establishing an institution to be synonymous with a sport itself takes years, and only a select few have been able to earn the right within the basketball community including Duke, Indiana, UConn, North Carolina and Kansas. In arguably the greatest sports […]

InfoGraphic: March Madness Bracket Facts

The NCAA Tournament, especially on Friday…was INSANE! Here’s a few sobering facts you should know the next time you fill out your brackets (after the jump):

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 18): UNC Proves Superiority Over Duke

1. Kentucky (63) I have trouble seeing them lose another game this season. 2. Syracuse (2) The Orange have a #1 seed locked up, and are 30-1. They’ve proven to be the class of the Big East. Given the grueling nature of the conference tournament though, there is a very reasonable possibility that they could […]

Basketball AP Top 25 – Week 17

1. Kentucky (63) The Wildcats are 28-1. Their only loss was on the road against the #18 team in the country. All of their starters could be taken in the first round of the NBA draft. What more is there to say? 2. Syracuse (2) I would like to know which two writers keep voting […]

Basketball AP Top 25 – Week 16

1. Kentucky (63) Bold prediction of the week: the Wildcats will get a #1 seed. 2. Syracuse (2) Record-wise, the Orange have kept pace with the Wildcats. They’ve navigated a tough schedule and have a number of ways to beat you. With that said, a number of their games are very close. It’s good that […]

Basketball AP Top 25 – Week 15

1. Kentucky (63) The Wildcats toyed with #14 Florida last week, but it was never a contest. They didn’t seem particularly challenged, pulling away at the beginning of the second half. The only doubts that remain with them are whether their inexperience will cause them to seize up in an important game. No one can […]

Basketball AP Top 25 – Week 14

1. Kentucky (63) I would be remiss if I did not mention UK’s obliteration of #8 Florida last night. They are just amazing. Almost too much talent, if that’s possible. Last week Anthony Davis averaged 7.5 blocks per game. Blocks! That’s absurd. Chad Ford has four of the team’s starters ranked in the top 30 […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 13): Murray State Continues to Impress

1. Kentucky (63) Last week was another easy walk through the SEC for the Wildcats. This is the time of the season when malaise sets in though, so watch out for the upset. 2. Syracuse (2) The Orange won both of their games last week, but the absence of Fab Melo was evident. Unresolved academic […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 9): Baylor Enters Into Top 5

1. Syracuse (60) Last week was business as usual for the Orange. They opened the conference slate with walk throughs against Seton Hall and DePaul. Things will get a little tougher this week, with games against PC and No. 20 Marquette. No one gets through the Big East unscathed, so Syracuse’s first loss should come […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 8): Baylor Defeats Paul Quinn

1. Syracuse (54) The Orange played the eclectic duo of Bucknell and Tulane last week, and they will get started with Big East play this week. They will play a school almost exclusively associated with Big East basketball (Seton Hall) as well as a school that people often forget is in the Big East (DePaul). […]

Basketball AP top 25 (Week 7): Syracuse Continues to Roll

1. Syracuse (53) Solid win over NC State. I talked last week about how I didn’t think they were deserving of the No. 1 ranking. While they aren’t the best team in the country, they’ve done nothing to dissuade me from thinking they deserve to be No. 1 right now. They’ve done everything they’ve had […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 6): Indiana Marching Along

1. Syracuse (51) Do they really feel like the best team in the country to you? I would take a handful of teams against them on a neutral court. This No. 1 ranking is more a product of the schedule and other team’s losses than anything. The Orange are a Top 10 team, not a No. […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 5): Kentucky Continues to Roll

1. Kentucky (47) Did you see the Kentucky-UNC game?!?! It was ridiculous. The amount of talent on the floor was absurd, and I was transfixed the entire time. I don’t think there’s anything I can say that’s not already been said, so I’ll leave it at this: this season I’m rooting for whatever will lead […]