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Video: Fan Stabbed at TD Garden During Celtics Win, Man Arrested

During the Boston Celtics’ dramatic 95-92 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, there were some dramatics in the stands as well. According to multiple reports, a fan was stabbed with a box cutter in the balcony area of the TD Garden as the fourth quarter was coming to a close. The injuries were not […]

Why I Hate the Patriots

For the past couple weeks Deadspin’s Drew Magary has been posting his annual “Why Your Team Sucks” series, a scathing (and highly accurate) review of the reasons why each NFL teams sucks. Yesterday he posted his Patriots edition, and while it was pretty thorough, I—as a Boston sports fan—couldn’t pass up an opportunity for some […]

Terry Francona Topless Picture – A Potential Scandal?

So Deadspin.com broke this story of Terry Francona apparently emailing a topless photo of himself to a 27-year-old girl from Tucson, Arizona. The story came to their attention when a reader of theirs, whom they refer to as “Rob”, sent them the emails. Upon doing some research, “Rob” was able to connect the email address of […]

Sports Media Musings: Former ESPN VP Allegedly Exposes Himself In Front of Erin Andrews, Quick Musings

One of the hardest things to do as a columnist is write a strong lede.  I can’t tell you how much this is stressed to me on a daily basis. Above everything else, you need to grab the audience by the collar with a strong pun that says, “Put your feet up and stay for a […]

Sports Media Musings: WEEI to 93.7, Deadspin Invasion, Curran Going Rogue

WEEI Moving to 93.7 FM on Sept. 12 A quick thought: This won’t have any SIGNIFICANT bearing on the next rating book which is released October 4th. Those numbers predominantly will take a look at the summer ratings. Personally, I believe this is a move Entercom should have made a long time ago. WEEI is […]

Sports Media Musings: ESPN’s White Michael Vick, Deadspin’s ESPN Invasion, And More

This Was, uh, Strange ESPN posing the question what the ramifications of Mike Vick’s race had on his life and career isn’t anything novel. On the contrary, the odd decision to transpose a picture of the controversial signal-caller to make him Caucasian certainly is. The Big Lead takes a look at the four-letter network’s curious […]

Podcast: Grantland’s Anna Clark Talks Writing, Deadspin, Randy Moss

Today on the SoB podcast, I had Anna Clark on. Clark is a writer for Grantland, who wrote a piece on Randy Moss this week. In the podcast we talk journalism, the blogosphere backlash against Grantland, her experiences in Kenya & the Prison Creative Arts Project, and – of course – thoughts on Randy Moss’ […]

Deadspin: Mark Sanchez, 17-Year-Old “Hook Up”

If you’re a guy, more often than not, you like ’em young. If you’re a girl, you like ’em older, wealthier, and more powerful. If you’re Mark Sanchez, the 24-year-old bachelor quarterback of the New York Jets, you definitely like ’em young. Early on during the “Hard Knocks” days, 39-year-old backup quarterback Mark Brunell saw […]

With Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Report, Deadspin Has Gone Too Far

A “story” broke on deadspin.com on Wednesday. I say “story,” because in my mind, this does not qualify as journalism. It is a series of videos of a man- likely New York Jets coach Rex Ryan- and a woman- likely his wife, Michelle- engaged in a police role-play where the man says the woman has […]

Deadspin: Your Source for Witless, Misdirected Rage

I just read this on Deadspin, which is generally excellent. It’s by Drew Magary, who is also generally excellent. What do you think are the odds that the article, exhibit number 85,782 in the case of Drew’s irrational hatred of all things Massachusetts, is a pointless screed about how we Red Sox fans are naive […]