// Dominic Rhodes

Fantasy Football Focus: The Starting 11 – Faces in New Places

Let me be the first to welcome you to the boring doldrums of the sports calendar. Hoops are on hiatus, pucks are on ice, and even baseball’s now at their mid-summer snooze. Unless you’re a raging WNBA fan, there’s just very little action to feast your eyes on these days. (And hey, all you WNBA […]

TGIF: Joseph Addai Sucks

Yeah the title is blunt but, who cares. I have hated the Colts RB all season due to his career-low numbers and not to mention his sudden ability to catch the injury bug…repeatedly. In the first round of the SoB football draft, Addai fell to me at position #8. At the time I saw it […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 6

After six weeks, you know where your team stands. I have heard that if you’re 2-4 at this point then there is no chance of making the playoffs. I heavily disagree. In one of my leagues I am 2-4 and there are a bunch of teams that are 3-3. If I can pull off a […]