// Dr. Craig Morgan

Schilling Gets Cortisone Shot

Curt Schilling has already begun his rehab with the Red Sox, and the first step was to receive a cortisone shot in his shoulder. The Red Sox hope to bring the right handed veteran back before the end of the season. The Sox believe the best way to get Schilling back this season is through […]

Schilling Out Until All-Star Break, Sox Ignore Doc

According to the Boston Herald, the Red Sox have chosen to try the rehabilitation route with Curt Schilling instead of opting for surgery, as recommended by Dr. Craig Morgan. The Red Sox opinion is that if Schilling has surgery, he is effectively done for the year, if he opts for rehabilitation, he could be able […]

Curt Schilling Surgery? Rotator Cuff Tear

With only a week until Spring training begins, it seems as though Curt Schilling’s season may be approaching an end. According to the Boston Herald, Dr. Craig Morgan, who has operated on Schilling’s shoulder before, has recommended surgery to fix a torn rotator cuff. Controversy has ensued over Schilling’s future course of action: The matter […]