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Celtics-Heat Series Preview: The Road to the Title Still Goes Through Boston

There are going to be some great second round matchups in the 2011 playoffs, but Sunday’s game 1 between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics will kick off the series that everyone will have their eyes on. The starters for these two teams have combined for 69 All-Star appearances, 10 Championship rings, 5 NBA Finals […]

All-Star MVP Bryant’s Double-Double Leads West Over East

On his home court and on the cusp of history, Kobe Bryant could not be denied. Bryant scored 37 while grabbing 14 boards, powering the Western Conference to its 24th victory at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Sunday, beating the Eastern Conference All-Stars 148-143. Bryant, who collected three assists and three steals […]

Shaq and KG Lead Animated All-Stars

KG, Shaq & co. appeared on Fox’s “The Cleveland Show” on Sunday, and were thankfully as funny as they are talented on the court. During game moments, LeBron James even got an assist on Shaq’s bucket. And between KG, James, and Shaq all deciding not to dribble anymore, Dwight Howard getting emotional, Dirk Nowitzki getting […]

Beat the Heat: Celtics’ 35-Point Third Quarter Powers Them to Top Spot in East

Coaches always stress that to win games in the NBA, you have to “play all four quarters.” But sometimes, all you need to do is play one quarter really well. The Celtics shot 83.3 percent in the third quarter of Sunday’s home game against the Miami Heat, scoring 35 points and building up a lead […]

Kevin Garnett and Shaquille O’Neal to Appear on “Cleveland Show”

UPDATE: Hilarious. The episode’s up on Hulu in case you missed it. Be absolutely sure to check out the last line in the episode. Best ever. ——————– Before the All-Star Game in Los Angeles a week from Sunday, Kevin Garnett and Shaquille O’Neal will make a stop in Stoolbend, Virginia this Sunday. At 9:30pm EST, […]

Celtics, Heat to Kick Off NBA Season

The 2009-2010 Eastern Conference Champions will host the consensus 2010-2011 NBA favorites on Oct. 26. According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, the new-look Miami Heat will travel to Boston to square off against the Celtics on the NBA’s opening night. The Heat have been the talk of the off-season as they have capitalized […]

Why Celtics Fans Should Love “The Decision,” Part II

I’ve showed you five of the 10 reasons Celtics fans should love LeBron’s decision to sign with the Miami Heat. I’m crazy, right? Wrong. Well…right. But wrong in this case. Here’s the final five reasons Celtics fans will be happy to have a big rival in south Florida. 6. Pat Riley continues to cast a […]

Why Celtics Fans Should Love “The Decision,” Part I

If you’re like me, you were sick of “The Decision” before it was even made. The hype of the last two years all collapsed into a 24-hour revolving door of rumors with no validity and endless speculation. “The Decision” came, it went, and I couldn’t be happier it’s finally over. Cleveland feels betrayed, okay I […]

Ten Things I Hate About “The Decision” Pt. 2

(And now, the exciting conclusion:) 6. What We Missed Out On “I couldn’t stop running it over and over and over in my mind: the vague and distant suspicion that we never understood what happened that night.” – Patrick Kenzie, “Gone Baby Gone” Here were the possible storylines coming out of free agency: LeBron goes […]

Report: LeBron James, Ray Allen to Join Miami Heat?

LeBron James has been interested in gathering the dream team, figuring that if one NBA All-Star can’t win an NBA Title by himself, maybe four future Hall of Famers can? How the hell is this even possible? There’s a reason the NBA Salary Cap is the most ridiculous in pro sports — because it ensures […]

Doc Rivers to Remain Celtics’ Head Coach

Doc Rivers told the Boston Globe early Wednesday afternoon that he plans to return to the Celtics’ bench next season to serve out the final year on the contract. While watching his son Austin play in San Antonio in the FIBA-Americas Under-18 Championships, he texted the Boston Globe, “I’m coming back. I want another crack […]

Celtics Cool Off Heat to Win Series in 5; Cavs Up Next

In Boston, we can all be thankful. Thankful that we didn’t get with the two feet of snow that fell in northern areas of New England. Thankful that the Celtics won a series in less than six games for the first time in the Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen era. Thankful that we can finally end our series […]

Heat Torch Boston’s Attempt At a Sweep

It looked like it would be a happy ending after a horrendous start, but the sweep was not to be, as the Celtics finally fell to Miami, 101-92. It was not a good start, as Quentin Richardson hit two threes for Miami, Rondo traveled, Garnett goaltended, and Pierce threw it away. Just 3:56 in, the […]

Fantasy Basketball Roundup: Week 22

Every Monday, I will report on the events of the past week of fantasy basketball. I will go over each position and what particular player that week stood out from all the rest. As always, I will start off with this week’s notable injuries to report on. Injuries Vince Carter (SG, SF), Orlando Magic Carter […]

Fantasy Basketball Roundup: Week 19

Every Monday, I will report on the events of the past week of fantasy basketball. I will go over each position and what particular player that week stood out from all the rest. As always, I will start off with this week’s notable injuries to report on. Injuries Tony Parker (PG), San Antonio Spurs Parker […]