// Edgerrin James

Fantasy Football Focus: The Starting 11 – Diving Deep into Depth Chart Battles

By now, many of your fantasy football drafts probably have come and gone. Sure, your Labor Day weekend may feature a last minute draft or two, but at this point, your teams are most likely drafted and you’re just sitting back, waiting for Thursday’s kickoff to the season. But if you are sitting back, you […]

TGIF: With The 11th Pick, Shark Sandwich Takes…

Does anybody get the Spinal Tap reference? No? Well it’s a great movie, I suggest you go watch it sometime. Deciding on a team name is one of my favorite parts of the fantasy season. The name of the other teams in this particular league can get quite vulgar. However I don’t want to bore […]

TGIF: Over The Edge

Can you smell it? The smell of the gridiron. No, of course none of us will go near a football field anytime soon. We like to play it safe, indoors, where we can’t get injured. Thus, the gods have bestowed upon us a brand new season of FANTASY FOOTBALL!!! Is the game dramatic enough to […]