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In Defense of Theo Epstein After Buck Showalter’s Criticism

Also Read: SoB’s Mike Carlucci thinks Buck Showalter brought up some good points about Theo Epstein and the Red Sox fat wallet. Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter is no fan of Theo Epstein. In the April edition of Men’s Journal, Showalter said that overpaying for players because you have the highest payroll in Major League […]

Eric Gagne Brings Comeback Tour to Worcester, Brockton

As SoB’s Chris previously reported, former Red Sox bust Eric Gagne is attempting a comeback to the major leagues after two straight bad seasons in 2007 and 2008. Also not helping Gagne’s cause was his mention in the Mitchell Report in late 2007. Gagne, a newly signed player/coach, is scheduled to pitch for the Quebec […]

Red Sox Consider Six Man Rotation

Red Sox news for today: Oritz looks to be getting back on track with another HR last night, his fifth of the season. He’s now 5 of his last 10. Kevin Youkilis has surpassed Mark¬†Teixeira for 1B balloting, but just barely, by only 1315 votes. Get your votes in (25 max per person) by July […]

View from the Monster: All-Star Special Edition Part I

With the All-Star break upon us, now is a good time to take a look at how 2008 has shaped up for our beloved Red Sox. As we all know, this team led the East most of last year and coasted through the playoff, punctuated by the sweep over the surprising Rockies. To repeat in […]

Gagne to the Milwaukee Brewers

Eric Gagne is headed to the Brew Crew for 1 year at 10 million dollars. Eric Gagne had 30.1 solid innings with Texas and blew up in a Sox uniform. But he’s headed to the NL central now, the easiest divisions in baseball. Fantasy wise if Gagne stays healthy he should get an easy 30 […]

Gagne declines arbitration

Free agent Eric Gagne declined arbitration from the Red Sox on Friday and today looks as if he may have a deal in place with the Brewers. Tim Brown, at Yahoo! Sports was told that Gagne and the Brewers are close to a 1 year deal. Gagne came to the Red Sox just before the […]

The Red Sox are Interested in Kerry Wood

Reported by the Boston Globe, the Sox could be looking for Kerry Wood to be a late inning reliever. This all depends on whether the Cubs can iron out a deal with him. Apparently he wants to return to the Cubs but if he can’t the Sox would be interested. From the source: An interesting […]

Gagne Says He’s Ready

After today’s side session, Gagne announced he was ready to start pitching for the Red Sox again. MLB.com reports: “I didn’t feel any stiffness,” said Gagne. “I felt great. Day off tomorrow, and then start throwing in games.” Gagne be back on the mound as soon as Monday.

Former Sox Players Become Part of History

Last night’s game between the Texas Rangers and the Baltimore Orioles was historic. When I first came upon the score at Yahoo Sports, I thought that the score being shown was a glitch. I only thought this because several times when I check box scores on yahoo to see how my fantasy team did, the […]

The Pressure of Playing in Boston

Is it Myth or fact? Is the pressure so intense in Boston that major league baseball players can’t take it. Examples: Edgar Renteria signed a 40 million dollar contract in the winter of ’04 and played so poorly he was moved the next offseason.

AL East wrapped up? Not so fast…

WHAT is goin on with the Sox? Everyone in Red Sox Nation was told by various sources (coughESPNcough) that the AL East race was over in May. At that point, the Red Sox had a 14.5 game lead on the Yankees. In fact, the Bronx Bombers were in a tight race for last place with […]

Going, Going, Gagne

When The Red Sox traded for closer Eric Gagne before the trade deadline, Boston thought it would be getting an elite reliever to set things up for Jonathan Papelbon. Instead all the Red Sox have gotten in return is nothing. Gagne gave up a game tying home run to Baltimore’s Miguel Tejada on Sunday, raising […]

Orioles Take 2 of 3 From the Sox. And Gagne Still Sux

The Red Sox tossed Dice-K, Beckett, and Schilling at the Orioles over the weekend and only managed to win 1 game. Combined the Red Sox 3 best pitched 21.2 innings only allowing 3 ER with a combined 1.25 ERA. The losses can be blamed on the 10 ER by the bullpen. Five of which the […]