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Fantasy Baseball Draft Review

It’s getting closer and closer to opening day, and if you’re like me then you’ve already got fantasy baseball on your mind. Many of you may have even done your drafts by now. You may even have some money on the line. Personally, I’m in a 10-team dynasty league with friends that’s extremely competitive. Every […]

Fantasy Baseball Month In Review: April Hitters

The first full month of baseball is history folks, and hopefully by now you can tell the general fate of your fantasy baseball team. Whether you got unlucky with an early draft pick, or stumbled upon this season’s hot free agent, everyone is affected by a little luck when it comes to fantasy sports.  That’s […]

Fantasy Owners Should Stay With Clay

After Clay Buchholz missed his turn in the rotation with an injury he may or may not have incurred from sleeping on his shoulder in a weird position, alarm bells immediately went off across the fantasy universe. True, the 28-year-old righty was off to the best start of his career with a record of 7-0 […]

Weighing in on David Ortiz’s Fantasy Baseball Value

Always the fan favorite, David Ortiz has been the heart and soul of the Red Sox during this emotional first month of the year. While his value goes beyond the white lines for Boston, the question for fantasy baseball players is, how much value does he have purely as a hitter? Coming off an injury […]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Help: Third Base Pickups

In an already relatively shallow position, third basemen have really bit the injury bug lately. First, Evan Longoria fell in the first week of the season (but he has since returned). Then, it was your second-round pick, Ryan Zimmerman, who will now be out until mid-late June. More recently, David Freese (STL) and Pablo Sandoval (SF) […]

Fantasy News Flash: Joe Mauer Hits DL With ‘Bilateral Leg Weakness’

No, Joe Mauer doesn’t have a sore hamstring, or a seperated shoulder, or broken ribs. The Twins catcher has been placed on the disabled list with “bilateral leg weakness.” Say what? Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said the weakness in Mauer’s legs “is causing all kind of soreness in his hips, and he’s compensating because of […]

Fantastic Mr. Jake Fox: 2011 Fantasy Value

In 2009, utility man Jake Fox was feasting on minor league pitching. In just 49 games for the Cubs AAA affiliate, Fox hit a Ruthian .409/.495/.841 with 17 HRs and 53 RBI, and while those numbers seemed astronomical, they weren’t really an anomaly. Fox had been crushing minor league pitching since 2006, so the power […]

Coming Up With Creative Fantasy Baseball Team Names

You may be the smartest guy in your fantasy baseball league. You took Carlos Gonzalez in the 20th round last year. You let Mark Reynolds slip by you after his 41-HR season. You passed on Adrian Beltre the year after he belted 48 HRs. You knew Dallas Braden and Mark Buehrle had nowhere to go but […]

Fantasy Fast Forward: Pitchers and Catchers Diamonds in the Rough

Today, we wrap up our “Diamonds in the Rough” series with a very shallow position, a very deep position, and a position I hardly want to devote any real time to at all. Catching, as it seems to be year in and year out, features one the shallowest groups of top-tier talent at any position […]

Fantasy Fast Forward: Outfield Diamonds in the Rough

If you like a challenge, sifting through the dozens of major league outfielders and trying to project their 2011 fantasy value should be right up your alley. There are thinner positions in the big leagues heading into this season… shortstop and third base, namely… but I always find the outfield to be the toughest to […]

Draft Day: Who I Avoided and Who I Reached For

By now, most baseball drafts are in the books. I myself took part in three custom drafts this season, and with all of them, I had an idea of who I was going to get and who I was going to avoid like the plague. Whether it be healthy concerns, moving to a new ballpark, […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball First Baseman Rankings

First base has the luxury of being one of the deepest talent pools in fantasy baseball. Twelve 1B crack Yahoo!’s top 50 players, which speaks volumes for the production that can be found at the position. This of course indicates that grabbing a 1B early in your drafts is not essential. However, some of the […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings

We have finally arrived to the fantasy baseball season. Sports of Boston is proud to bring you preseason coverage of all things fantasy baseball. Every Friday, we will post rankings for each position. This week, we start with catchers. The catcher position is notorious for being very shallow on offense. Reigning A.L. MVP Joe Mauer […]