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AFC East Fantasy Preview

 Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally arrived. Fall is upon us, and while we’re sad to see the summer coming to a close, fantasy football fanatics across the globe are salivating, as the 2010 NFL season is quickly approaching. If you’re as fanatical about fantasy football as I am, you’ve probably already begun reading […]

Week 17: Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

For week 17, I decided to stray away from the rankings format, firstly because it’s extremely hard to rank one quarter of a star player against a full game against a second-stringer and, secondly, I feel that it’s more important to stress which players will be getting a huge boost in playing time and which […]

Starting with a Blank Slaton?

Continuing my run of creative, pun-intended titles for my Fantasy Football pieces (joining “Running Back to Basics” and “The NFL Quarterback-up Club“), I now bring you “Starting with a Blank Slaton,” which of course refers to that pint-sized running back we all love from the Houston Texans: Steve Slaton. Slaton is a much-maligned back this […]

TGIF: ‘Twas The Night Before Fantasy Football

This season, like most for me, has been full of ups and downs. It is in my opinion that fantasy football is the toughest to prepare for. The players are more likely to get injured in this sport than any other, the season only lasts 17 weeks, and the only consistent thing about this game is […]

Week 16: Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

As we gather ’round the Christmas tree, we must be grateful for the three F’s: Family, Friends, and Fantasy Football (Ok, so 4 F’s). At this point in time, we can think of Chris Johnson as the Red Ryder B.B. Gun of the season while someone like Matt Forte was just a big, disappointing lump of coal. […]

Week 15: Start’Em/Sit ‘Em

Last week, I did the 2009 All-Disappointment Team because in most of my leagues I did not make the playoffs due to a lot of players underachieving or getting injured. Call it a bitter article if you want, but this week I’m doing a complete 180 and am going to list the players who far […]

TGIF: 2009 Fantasy Football Playoff Help

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaaarrrrrr! With no disrespect to Any Williams, I am not referring to Christmas. Instead, I am celebrating the fantasy football playoffs. While it looks like that my teams will be watching from the sidelines this season (thank you Steve Slaton, Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal, Eli Manning…what the hell!), […]

Week 14: Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

It’s week 14 and in most league’s the playoffs will get underway when the Steelers and Browns kickoff tonight. Some fantasy owners will be glued to the TV to watch their fantasy players, some will be glued to watch the riveting matchup between the Steelers and Browns and some (like me) will be glued to […]

Running Back to Basics

Two leagues. Six running backs. Three very bad decisions. Sometimes, people make decisions based on careful analysis. Other times, people make reckless calls based on no thought or on pure gut instinct. Most of the time, I fall somewhere in the middle. I trust my gut instinct first, then consider other options. When it comes to […]

Week 6 Sleepers

How bad is Oakland’s offense? Well, they are the only team in the NFL who have not reached 1,000 total team yds (958). Eight teams have played in one less game, and they have better numbers. Oakland is the only team in the NFL who does not reach 200 yds of offense per game (191.6). […]

Week 5 Sleepers

Apologies to anybody who picked up Darren McFadden solely based on my advice. All he did was carry the ball six time for -3 yards. Ouch! Sorry, but he was facing Houston. I thought he’d at least manage a decent 70 yds or something. This just goes to prove that nobody on Oakland should be […]

Fantasy Football Focus: The Starting 11 – Wake Up, It’s Sleeper Time!

I have never claimed to be “a smart man.” So for me to write an article this week highlighting several of my sleeper picks before four of my five fantasy league drafts are held may not be the brightest of moves. But hey, these are the sacrifices a writer makes for his readers. Now the […]

Fantasy Football Focus: The Starting 11 – Mock Talk

The Boston area finally enjoyed our first official heat wave of the year this week, as long-awaited 90+ degree weather finally hit the Hub. Many flocked to local beaches to soak up some sun. Others hung by the pool to keep cool. I, instead, being a hater of all things hazy, hot, and/or humid, took […]

Fantasy Football Focus: The Starting 11 – Schedule Talk

Do you know who your starting fantasy quarterback is up against in December, when you’re relying on him most? Is your stud running back poised to run rampant this season over the lightweights of the league, or will he get pounded by run-stuffing defenses week after painful week? And what about that receiver that you […]

Fantasy Football Focus: The Starting 11 – Top Tight Ends

Trivia time…ready? What do Full House’s Stephanie Tanner, Home Improvement’s Mark Taylor, Saved by the Bell’s Torrey Scott, The Cosby Show’s Sondra Huxtable, and NFL tight ends all have in common? They all have, or had, prominent roles, but are rarely ever talked about because of bigger stars around them. Stephanie Tanner always had that […]