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Fantasy Wrap Up: Week 10 (6-2 – 6-8)

Well, what can we say after ten long weeks of fantasy play? Braves 3B¬†Chipper Jones is still hitting over .400 (.420). That is something we didn’t see coming. Braves 3B Chipper Jones missed Sunday’s game due to injury. That is something we saw coming from a mile away. The injury isn’t considered serious and he […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 9 (5-26 – 6-1)

Two months are in the books, and we are just getting started. The big talk of last week was the call ups of highly-touted prospects Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) and Jay Bruce (Reds). If you were lucky enough to snag Bruce, then you are a happy owner. As for Kershaw owners, odds are you are demanding […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 8 (5-19 – 5-25)

Eight weeks into the season, and Chipper Jones is still hitting over .400. If you actually think he will hit over .400 for the rest of the season, then you need your head examined. Jones is a great player, but not this great. Trade him now if you have him and let some moron get […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 7 (5-12 – 5-18)

I am writing this just a few hours after I saw Jon Lester throw a no-hitter against the Royals. I’d like to step away from fantasy sports for a minute and just take in what an amazing moment we saw in Boston. An inspirational story like Lester’s makes you just forget for a moment about […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 6 (5-5 – 5-11)

Have you made that make or break trade like I told you to do? Have you dropped Andruw Jones yet? Remember how Johnny Cueto was this year’s rookie phenom? The great thing about this game is that it is 6 months long. Any mistakes you made now can easily be corrected by the time the […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 5 (4-28 – 5-4)

We did it, we made it through the first month of fantasy baseball! Give yourselves a round of applause. Panic, elation, rage, euphoria and any other emotion has probably¬†overcome you this past April. One month has passed and now may be the time to start thinking of addressing your offensive and pitching needs if you […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 4 (4-21 – 4-27)

The 2008 season has been full of surprises. Tampa Bay is in first. TAMPA BAY IS IN FIRST! Despite having only a total of 15 HR as a team, Oakland is in first place. As for my fantasy team, well, let’s just say that I am no Tampa Bay. Here are this past week’s top […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 3

Well, week 3 has come and gone. Hot players like Nate McClouth continue to dominate real life and fantasy life. However, I am not a happy man by any means. I will touch more on this is my closing comments. For now, let’s do our thing and see who has been performing well. OFFENSE Conor […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 2

Week 2 is over. What have we learned so far? Not much… Nate McLouth remains the #1 ranked player in Yahoo! leagues and the resurrected Ben Sheets is the #1 pitcher. Anything can and will happen in this rollercoaster of a season. Remember people, it’s been 2 weeks, remain tempered to those hot and cold […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 1

Well the first week of the fantasy season is in the books. Odds are owners are going through two emotions: either you have already given up and want to trade half your team or you are already planning your victory speech. We have some unexpected stars and stars that are fading. But this isn’t astronomy, […]