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Fantastic Mr. Jake Fox: 2011 Fantasy Value

In 2009, utility man Jake Fox was feasting on minor league pitching. In just 49 games for the Cubs AAA affiliate, Fox hit a Ruthian .409/.495/.841 with 17 HRs and 53 RBI, and while those numbers seemed astronomical, they weren’t really an anomaly. Fox had been crushing minor league pitching since 2006, so the power […]

N.L. West Fantasy Preview

Within this division rests the World Series champions, Coors Field killers, ace pitching studs, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The best team in the division isn’t even the one with the most highly regarded fantasy talent, which can only speak volumes for the division’s depth. San Francisco Giants The reigning world champions’ biggest strength is it’s […]

N.L. Central Fantasy Preview

The largest division in baseball is brimming with fantasy talent from top to bottom. This division contains the single most dominant player of the past decade, who you will be drafting first overall in any draft. Even though he may overshadow other players, the N.L. Central has a lot of early round talent worth spending […]

Coming Up With Creative Fantasy Baseball Team Names

You may be the smartest guy in your fantasy baseball league. You took Carlos Gonzalez in the 20th round last year. You let Mark Reynolds slip by you after his 41-HR season. You passed on Adrian Beltre the year after he belted 48 HRs. You knew Dallas Braden and Mark Buehrle had nowhere to go but […]

N.L. East Fantasy Preview

This division is STACKED. Hell, the Phillies alone have enough starting pitchers to lead your team to glory, and no, that’s no exaggeration. Aside from that, there is an abundance of young hitters, some with 30+ HR potential. You know what? Just draft solely from the N.L. East and you actually might win your league. […]

A.L. West Fantasy Preview

With all due respect to the A.L. West, most of the offense you want is on Texas. Now, don’t take that as a sign that talent isn’t elsewhere in the division. Oakland seems to have the market cornered on the best starting pitching, but don’t go there for first choice offense. The Angels have both […]

A.L. Central Fantasy Preview

The A.L. Central is a glass half empty/half full division. Here you can find some of the best and most dependable players as well as bottom-dwelling schmucks. Let’s be honest here and just point out that you want Twins, Tigers, and White Sox players on your team. If you are backed into a corner, you […]

A.L. East Fantasy Preview

As we all know here in Boston, the Red Sox were extremely active during the offseason. Did the rest of the division sit on its hands as Boston spent big bucks? Well, kind of. The Yankees failed to strengthen their weakest area, that being starting pitching and the Rays had a mini fire sale. In the […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 14

Well, the Sports of Boston football league has hit the playoffs. I missed out despite having the league’s 2nd highest point total. I’d like to thank Houston’s Andre Johnson for totally screwing me over and scoring that TD on Monday night with 21 seconds left. Because of that, it made another team win, thus knocking […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 13

The playoffs have officially arrived in most leagues while some of you might have one week left before fantasy postseason glory begins. I personally am involved in both scenarios. With my #2 seed officially locked up (and the high point total for the regular season…thank you), I am in playoff mode. Being in a 2-QB […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 12

For the first time in years, I have secured a playoff spot in one of my longest running football leagues. Please hold your applause. In the SoB football league, I have been on the short end of the stick all season. Despite being top five in points, I am in 10th place. The most recent […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 11

Every season we see a first round bust in fantasy football leagues. I think we are well on our way to giving that award to San Diego rookie Ryan Mathews. It just goes to show that just because you are replacing one of the best running backs in NFL history, it doesn’t mean you will […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 10

You know what’s funny? In countless leagues, Michael Vick went undrafted. Hell, he wasn’t taken in the SoB football league. Even if Kevin Kolb missed playing time, we couldn’t have possibly expected Vick to put up these kind of numbers. He’s gone from most exciting QB to watch, to highest paid QB of all time, to […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 9

It has always been a personal policy of mine to be 100% honest with the readers. This week’s report will be short (like Brett Favre’s penis…are we still doing these jokes?) because as of 5:09pm today, I own Call of Duty: Black Ops. So yes, I need to dedicate a good portion of my night […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 8

I hope none of you were like me and picked the Vikings and Cowboys to make the playoffs before the start of the season. Well, nobody could have predicted such a lackluster offensive effort from Dallas and nobody could have seen a Brett Favre penis scandal coming. Expect the unexpected I suppose. How long can […]