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Shawn Marion-Jermaine O’Neal Trade Impact

The Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat came to agreement on a pretty big trade Friday, and since both teams are in the Eastern Conference, I think that the trade can impact the Celtics. Let us investigate… Raptors Get: Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks, cash Heat Get: Jermaine O’Neal, Jamario Moon, future first round pick On the […]

What is Wrong with the Celtics?

Our reader, Ken, left a very compelling comment in our most recent game recap of a Celtics loss, Wednesday night against the Houston Rockets. I think there’s a lot to be said of the Celtics’ recent struggles, and Ken associates it with boxing, which I think works. The Celtics took few punches in their first […]

Rajon Rondo Triple-Double Helps Celtics Beat Pacers

Earlier this season, Paul Pierce said the Celtics were unbeatable if Rajon Rondo is on his game. Wednesday night, Rondo was definitely on his game. Rondo had a career night for the Celtics with his first ever┬átriple-double, helping Boston avenge an early season loss to the Pacers in a 114-96 win. Rondo finished with 16 […]

Quentin Richardson Still is an Idiot

Last year, I wrote the inaugural edition of “Quentin Richardson is an Idiot” based on dumb comments that the Celtics didn’t scare him, even after they beat the Knicks by 45 points (SoB’s Jeff and I were at that game). Before that blowout, he said that the Big Three didn’t intimidate him and they’re just […]

Will Antonio McDyess-It-Up in Boston?

I sure hope so. If Antonio McDyess joins the Celtics this season, he would have a similar impact that P.J. Brown did last season. Brown was not very effective during the regular season as he worked himself into playing shape, but when it came to playoff time, Brown was extremely effective. He hit huge shots […]

Celtics One Step Ahead of Pistons

On Monday, the Pistons traded Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb to the Nuggets for star guard Allen Iverson. At first look, it appears the Pistons have pushed in all their chips and mortgaged thier immediate future for success this season. But, beneath the surface, it appears GM Joe Dumars has outsmarted us all…that […]

Can the Celtics Reach 73 Wins?

This question may seem absolutely ridiculous, but allow me to pose it. Is 73 wins even feasible? Considering that the Celtics won 66 games last season (just seven off from the NBA record) and had an incredible 29-3 start, it’s possible. It’s going to take a miraculous set of circumstances for the Celtics to reach […]

How Will the Celtics Replace James Posey?

This edition of the Celtics Four-Point Play will be extended over a few days up to the C’s home opener against the Cavaliers next Tuesday. Overall, I’ll pose four questions the Celtics face as they head into the brand new 2008-09 season. As you all may know, James Posey was very good as the Celtics’ […]

Celtics Show Improvements in 90-86 Win Over Cavs

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll take a look back at the Celtics’ win over the Cavaliers, the now-smug attitude in Cleveland, the sad departure of Bob Cousy from Celtics’ broadcasts, and the random suspension of Sebastian Telfair. 1. The Celtics beat the Cavs 90-86 Tuesday night in the return of center Kendrick […]

Celtics Surviving Rough Economy Just Fine

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll discuss how the rough U.S. economy is affecting the Celtics, Tony Allen’s offseason saga, Ray Allen’s renewed focus, and I’ll take a look at how the Celtics fared against the 76ers on Wednesday night. 1. The 76ers beat the Boston Celtics 98-92 in the opening game of […]

Celtics Hold Practice, Focus Set to 2008-09

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll take a look at the progress of Darius Miles, the Tim Donaghy referee scandal supposedly coming to a close, what the Celtics will do if Kendrick Perkins has to sit down with an injury, and Ray Allen’s battle against his son’s rare illness. 1. The Celtics officially […]

The NBA 2K9 Blessing

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll take a look at whether being on the cover of NBA 2K9 (like Kevin Garnett is this year) is a blessing or a curse. I’ll run down four players who have appeared on the cover in the past. Not the Madden Curse, But the NBA 2K9 Blessing […]

Why Sam Cassell Can Be a Good Coach

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll give four reasons (four points) why Sam Cassell will be a good future coach in the NBA. I’ll also make reference to Josh Howard’s stupid remarks about the “Star Spangled Banner.” Sam Cassell will be a good NBA coach. Here’s four reasons why: 1. Sam Cassell was […]

Celtics Finally Give Rivers More Green

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll take a look at the Celtics signing of Doc Rivers, the availability of tickets this year for the C’s, the new NBATV schedule, and a magazine naming the Hornets as the favorites to win it all. 1. Doc Rivers earned a new contract extension to coach the […]

Welcome to the NBA: The Thunder?

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll look into the new NBA team in Oklahoma City. I’ll also discuss how stupid Mario Chalmers is, Ben Gordon’s possible move to Russia, and the Celtics taking yet another tour with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. 1. It was widely reported Wednesday that the new NBA team in […]