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Book Review: “The Greatest Game” by Richard Bradley

The Greatest Game is Richard Bradley’s exploration of the 1978 one-game playoff between the Red Sox and Yankees for a spot in the AL Championship. The game is best remembered for Bucky “F—ing” Dent’s three-run home run in the seventh inning that turned the momentum in New York’s favor. The Yankees won 5-4, beat the […]

Who Makes Up Your “Mt. Rushmore of Hatred?”

Hatred. We all have it, whether we admit it or not. As sports fans, we’re fueled by hatred. There wouldn’t be rivalries if it weren’t for hatred. We wouldn’t get so emotional after big games, win or lose, if it weren’t for hatred of the opponent. This week, two of the world’s most hated athletes […]

The Couch Potato Report: Balls, Bikes, and Bad Reality Shows

After a brief vacation week last week, mostly spent failing to stay cool, I return with a vengeance this week to bring you a hearty helping of weekend TV picks in today’s edition of “The Couch Potato Report,” C.P.R. for your sports-lovin’ hearts. Well the World Cup is finally over, NHL and NBA free agency […]

A Proper Boston Farewell to George Steinbrenner

The era is officially over.  It had unofficially ended previously when George Steinbrenner retired a couple years ago and largely remained out of the public spotlight after. But after his sudden death from a heart attack on Tuesday morning, we, as Red Sox fans, can say it is officially over. And although he was a […]

George Steinbrenner Passes Away at 80

To many in the Boston area, he was one of the most hated men. We despised the way he built his teams and formed a Nation to counter his Empire. Still, George Steinbrenner should be respected as one of the greatest owners in baseball history. George passed away today at the age of 80 after […]

J.D. Drew: Theo Epstein’s White Knight?

Calling J.D. Drew “easy to hate” may be a bit of an understatement. The soft-spoken right fielder for the Red Sox is entering his fourth season with the club since signing a lucrative five-year, $70 million deal following the 2006 campaign. Since signing that deal, Drew has become a magnet for criticism, whether it be […]