// Gulf Oil Spill

Andrew Ference Visits BP Oil Spill

It’s a sticky situation down in the Gulf of Mexico these days, literally. But who better to swoop down south and save the day than the Bruins’ resident green machine, tree-hugging defenseman Andrew Ference. Where there’s a cause, there’s a Ference. Long an advocate for anything to do with the health of the environment, Andrew […]

Bledsoe, Aikman Invest in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe was known for his work off the field during his playing days, and ever since he hung up his cleats after the 2006 season, Bledsoe has been active in his off-the-field business ventures. We already told you about Bledsoe’s new wine business, but now he, along with Troy Aikman, is […]