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Tiquan Underwood’s High-Top Fade: A Man and His Hair

Coming out of Rutgers we knew three things about Tiquan Underwood: He was fast. He had below-average (to be polite) hands. His hair was — hmm — let’s say unique. Thus far in his brief stint with the Patriots, we have seen all three. In the second quarter with 14:08 remaining and trailing the Philadelphia […]

Tom Brady Hair Update: No. 12 Trims it Off

You can chalk this up to a slow Wednesday, or perhaps throw it in the Tom Brady man crush category, but whatever the case may be the Patriots quarterback has done away with his “floppy” flow. At Sports of Boston we have done our best to keep up with Brady’s ever-changing air styles. In October […]

Tom Brady Hair Update: A Ponytail!?!

First, Tom Brady looked like a guy. Then, he looked like Justin Bieber. Then, he looked like a professional wrestler or rock musician. Appearing in Brazil with supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, Brady was spotted sporting a little ponytail. Yes, a PONYTAIL.┬áNow…with his new hairdo, Brady resembles a European soccer player, or maybe even a girl. […]