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Halloween Special: Beware of SCARY Patriots Defense

It’s Halloween and we have one of the scariest sights you will see all day. Ready? You may want to avoid direct eye-contact of numbers below.

Bruins Den: Struggling B’s Hear a BOO!

Happy Halloween, Hub hockey fans! You need not look far for anything scary this year! Just check out the NHL standings, where you’ll find the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins (3-7-0, 6 points) dead last in the Eastern Conference and second worst in the league (thanks to the Columbus Blue Jackets, who at 2-9-1 […]

Shaq Celebrates Halloween as Shaqeeta, Jams to Beyonce in Video

Shaq more than made up for his promise last week, dressing in drag and taking to the streets of Boston has his alter-ego, Shaqeeta. He made sure his fans were ready on Saturday, via Twitter of course. Who am I shreq or shamrock Hppy halloween ,and watch out for da tall sexy blak girl shaqeeta […]

Paul Pierce, David Ortiz, Celtics Celebrate Halloween

If you don’t follow Paul Pierce on Twitter, then you might not know he celebrated Halloween with his Celtics teammates (where’s Shaq?) and Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. David Ortiz is a big man, but next to NBA players, he looks like a little trick-or-treater, doesn’t he?

Shaq Halloween Costume: Shaquita?

Shaq, or should I say “Blackie Bulger,” recently posed as a Shaqtue. Why? We may never know. All we care to know is what’s next from the Big Shamrock? Shaq is making Halloween plans, and he wants everyone to know, according to WEEI. At first, he wasn’t going to do another public outing until the winter. “I […]

Top 10 Scariest Situations in Sports

So it’s Halloween and I got to thinking: what are the scariest situations in sports? Here’s what I came up with. Feel free comment below and add your own situations! Honorable Mentions LeBron on the Prowl During a Breakaway Racing Usain Bolt The Goalie on a Hockey Breakaway Defending Shaq in his Prime Dealing with […]

Welcome to Freaky Fenway…Enter If You Dare

Step right up! Come one, come all! It’s Freaky Fenway, Halloween night only! Make your way through this spooky sports stadium, but consider yourself warned. What lies within are among the most formidable, fearsome, forbidding foes known to the sporting world. These men have ruined the livelihoods of many a good competitor, and will stop […]