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Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 10 (12-29 – 1-4)

With football season over, the time has come for all of my energy to be focused on basketball. If you thought I was doing good before, just you wait. Actually, if you thought I was doing good before, then you are either very flattering or just not very good. I mean, I also have a […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 4 (11-17 – 11-23)

In one of my leagues, I forgot to play one player on Sunday. Thinking it to be no big deal, I checked the box scores at the end of the day and then checked Yahoo!’s Stat Tracker and discovered that if I had played this one man, I would have tied two categories and won […]

Turkoglu Hits Prayer to Beat KG-Less Celtics

The Celtics lost their first game of the unofficial second half of the season (see: Midseason Grades) 96-93 on a last-second prayer by Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu. Playing without forward Kevin Garnett for the first time all season, the Celtics somehow rallied from a 16-point third quarter defecit to tie the game with 14 seconds remaining […]