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MLB Expands Instant Replay, Enables Challenge System for 2014

Major League Baseball took a giant step forward on Thursday when it was announced that the league would adopt a new instant replay system in the 2014 season, one which allows for managers to challenge any call on the field, aside from balls and strikes. Assuming 75% of the owners agree to the change, teams […]

Major League Baseball’s Instant Replay Problem

In 2008, Major League Baseball began to review difficult home run plays, allowing umpires to come together and discuss the potential need to check a video replay to get a correct call. While that same rule still applies today, the 2014 season will likely welcome new uses of instant replay for base running, plays at […]

Galarraga’s Game to Remain Imperfect

Everyone knows that OJ was guilty, everyone knows that Barry Bonds was on steroids, and everyone knows that Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game. Through 8.2 innings, the Detroit righty had retired each and every batter he faced. With one out to go, a missed call by the now infamous umpire Jim Joyce cost Galarraga […]

Instant Replay Reveals Need for Greater Oversight of Umpires

I should offer a disclaimer before I even get deep into this article. I’m a fan of instant replay in baseball and am happy that MLB decided to bring it’s decision making into the 20th century. I also think MLB should’ve waited until next season so that every team would’ve had an equal number of […]