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Isiah Thomas Has Found a New Home to Wreck

Don’t you hate it when pests return? Well that’s what happened this week when it was announced that Florida International University hired Isiah Thomas to coach their team. It’s a sad attempt to grab attention. This is after all, the same Isiah Thomas who has failed at almost every post-playing-career job that he has been […]

Knicks Fire Isiah, Keep Him for ‘Advice’

The New York Knicks made their first smart move since Patrick Ewing left, firing one of the worst coaches and especially one of the worst GM’s of all time in Isiah Thomas. New Knicks president Donnie Walsh seems excited about replacing Isiah: “If I could get the coach I wanted right away, then that would […]

Take That Isiah!

Isiah Thomas, above, deserves to be fired after a 45-point loss, but he probably won’t be.(Courtesy of NBA.com) Allow me first to address Quentin Richardson’s pre-game comments that the Celtics’ Big Three weren’t a big deal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That game was the perfect slap in the face to the Knicks (well, more like knockout blow). Not […]