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BU Hockey Coach Jack Parker to Retire

Legendary Boston University hockey coach Jack Parker will retire after this season, according to ESPN.com. Parker will make the announcement on Monday, the day of his 68th birthday. Parker has 894 regular-season victories, the most by any coach for one team, and third-most all time behind BC’s Jerry York and Michigan State’s Ron Mason.

Report: BU Hockey 2009 NCAA Championship Party Included Penalty Box Sex

An independent task force, formed after two Boston University hockey players were accused of sexual assault, has found that the players generally have a sense of sexual entitlement. In other news, another independent task force has found that grass tends to be green and water is wet. The fact that the top sports squad at […]

Corey Trivino Arrested For Groping Student, Thrown Off BU Hockey Team

Boston University men’s hockey player Corey Trivino is one of the leading scorers in Hockey East, the team’s first-line center and maybe its most valuable player. He was so good so early that he was drafted in the second round by the NHL’s New York Islanders in 2008. Now, he’s off the BU team for […]