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2009-2010 NBA Eastern Conference Standings Prediction

With the NBA regular season less than two weeks away, it is time to take a look at how the Eastern Conference standings may shape up. As recent as 2007, the Eastern Conference’s struggles against Western Conference teams earned it the moniker: “The Least-ern Conference.” Last season, we saw a bit of a power shift […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 15 (2-2 – 2-8)

Chances are, one owner in every single fantasy basketball league is in a foul mood. He/she may be adjusting their “smack talk” (for you Yahoo! users out there). They may be making angry posts in your league’s message board. They also may be making trade offers with owners who have no idea that Timberwolves stud […]

Ray Allen Named to East’s All Star Team

Ray Allen was named to the Eastern Conference All Star team Thursday in place of injured Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson. Ray should have been on the team in the first place, but has been rightfully put on for the second year in a row to replace an injured player. Ray’s numbers are all up […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 9 (12-22 – 12-28)

The holidays and the fantasy football championships had me very distracted last week and as a result, my basketball leagues suffered. I lost one league 8-1 as a result of leaving players on the bench all week. This is one of the most common and classic sins of a fantasy sports player. Like many before […]