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Video: Brandon Bass Dunks on Nets’ Brook Lopez in Celtics’ Loss

For those of you Boston Celtics fans who have thrown in the towel on the regular season and are looking forward to the NBA playoffs in a little over a week (!!!), I don’t blame you. A likely first round matchup with the New York Knicks is much more enticing than the prospect of Doc […]

David Ortiz, Jay-Z Settle 40/40 Nightclub Naming Dispute

Earlier this month, David Ortiz and Jay-Z resumed the legal conflict that began last April over the names of the nightclubs owned by the slugger and the singer. Jay-Z owns a collection of clubs of the name 40/40 while Ortiz, supposedly influenced by the former’s business, opened a Forty-Forty club of his own in the […]

David Ortiz Swings for the Fences Against Jay-Z in Court

While March is a month of renewal and hope for Major League Baseball players and their fans, David Ortiz is finding some of his spring training in a “rain delay” thanks to a legal dispute with singer Jay-Z. Both men have opened nightclubs with similar names. Unable to reach a settlement rumored last April, the […]