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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Sports Poll: Most Dedicated Fans?

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon wants to know which sports franchise has the most dedicated fans. So? Well, the reason I’m letting you, the reader, know is that the Red Sox are one of the teams on the list. So are the Yankees. That brings me to my second point: if you care enough to […]

Nomar Retiring with Red Sox Isn’t All Rainbows and Happy Endings

I don’t want to piss all over everyone’s recent Nomar love-fest, but I feel someone needs to pipe up. Look, I loved the guy when he was wearing a Red Sox uniform. When I played wiffleball, I would mimic his obsessive compulsive batting glove routine, just like every other kid (I still do, because admit […]

David Ortiz on Jimmy Fallon

David Ortiz had a pretty rough season last year for the Red Sox. Some suggest his career may be over, or that he may have never had a legitimate career at all (due to the steroid rumors), while others believe he may just be on the Back 9. Some, like SoB’s Mike Sharkey, allege that […]